Pontiff in a sentence as a noun

Com/pontiff/2009/12/in_defense_of_d-wave... But it all boils down to this, as Scott replies in the comments "...

And, yes, I'm aware that more recent pontiffs have expressed different views.

It is said that when Cesena complained to the Pope, the pontiff joked that his jurisdiction did not extend to ****, so the portrait would have to remain

It should also be pointed out that the notion of 'reform' here only applies to one portion of christendom, the western portion under the roman pontiff, and so is already a self-selecting sample subset. .

Unfortunately, in such issues, it is very fragmented and 'decentralized' with multiple different sects, castes, pontiffs etc. Uttar Pradesh, where Ganga mostly flows has a lot of water heavy low-tech businesses.

The day the pontiff gets up, tells his following it was a sham all along and apologizes without reservation for all the past and present misdeeds, and then abdicates will be the day **** will - proverbially speaking - freeze over.

> The Holy See has had rival claimants since 1,000 but the current pontiff derives in a direct line from that of 1,000 AD Only in the sense that a convention later grew of describing a particular line through the period of two and then three competing lines of popes that were ended with a common replacement as “the” line of popes, but that's an after-the-fact rationalization, not actual continuity.

Pontiff definitions


the head of the Roman Catholic Church

See also: pope