Placate in a sentence as a verb

I am too old to placate this and someone needs to bring this young man under his wing.

Even though we have NO other job than to placate the public after we mess up.

My guess is Putin requested this to placate the US rather than out of concern.

They placate people by throwing some money at the issue while it is in the media cycle.

No one should apologize 'genuinely' just to placate people, if they feel they did the right thing.

Seems like a weak article intended to try to placate people who are concerned about what the leaks revealed.

To provide a feeling, an illusion, of safety in order to placate the middle class.

Embarrassing and useless, but just enough to placate the placid and ignorant.

If you issue an apology but don't really feel sorry, then you're just doing it to placate others, and you really are a jerk.

We're the people who are actually trying to placate the population, yet you paint us as disingenuous, calculating, and shallow.

You're thinking about dodging bullets and managing up, hoping to find the best 'compromise' between a great creative solution, and the need to placate the fragile egos of people who probably don't belong in their jobs.

Also, and I don't have a lot of experience with NDAs, isn't that something you usually sign before a project?You might be thinking that all of this stress isn't worth a measly little school assignment and that you should just placate her by giving it all away.

Will wikipedia accept a citation like:[1] Widely-known result, probably in Jackson's Electrodynamicsas enough of a citation to placate the reversion police?

Of all of the unconstitutional things Obama has been alleged of doing, blatantly disregarding the Constitution's allocation of the power of the purse to the House and unilaterally raising the debt ceiling to placate the "international financial community" would undoubtedly be the most egregious.

Placate definitions


cause to be more favorably inclined; gain the good will of; "She managed to mollify the angry customer"

See also: pacify lenify conciliate assuage appease mollify gentle gruntle