Pin-up in a sentence as a noun

Would like it if I could pin-up images, custom flyers, memoes, etc.. as well.

A police pin-up board with strings linking labels to features on maps and photos, perhaps?

It's not like Linda Liukas is a pin-up model trying to trade on her sexuality.

Sexy cars and pin-up girls have gone hand-in-hand for generations, and probably always will.

The world needs something like this to remind ourselves why centralization of any kind is ******* evil, regardless of the pin-up CEOs involved.

To be fair, it is a reasonable criticism of Aaron Diaz - he frequently posts feminist-commentary and lambasts others for using sex to sell comics, but he throws a lot of pin-up worthy cheesecake in his work.

Pin-up definitions


a very pretty girl who works as a photographer's model

See also: lovely