Philanthropist in a sentence as a noun

It's just like how Carnegie wasn't spoken of very well until later in his life, after he became a philanthropist.

> Noted he's a philanthropist ... > There's nothing noble hereshrug

He's proven probably the most significant philanthropist in history, this isn't new.

You might dislike Microsoft the corporation, but Gates as a philanthropist deserves praise.

And yet, the cynic in me will go 'Yeah, everyone will turn into a good guy / philanthropist if he's so rich he doesn't have to worry about anything, ever'.

Gates isn't being measured as the most significant philanthropist because of how much money he is giving away, inflation adjusted or otherwise.

He's made more wealth by running and owning businesses that make the rest of us less healthy, then he wants to be painted as a philanthropist -- which is something he can buy, anyone can buy, at that level of wealth.

Why do you prefer that model?In fact, I would say your model has it backwards -- as a philanthropist, rather than devote my money to a cause, I should coerce/influence politicians with money, so as to compel through force of law other peoples money to flow to that cause.

" And indeed, if a philanthropist's goal for a competing project were improving the quality of online encyclopedias, licensing the competing project's articles in the same way Wikipedia's are licensed would mean that good articles could work their way back into Wikipedia--a very disruptive strategy indeed for improving content.

Philanthropist definitions


someone who makes charitable donations intended to increase human well-being

See also: altruist