How to use Persnickety in a sentence as a adjective

From the sexy and vampire-fronted to the explicitly god-awful, fictional bands provide a persnickety commentary on the self-mythologizing tendencies of rock.

I think the most persnickety stubborn unreliable piece of equipment ever invented is the snow plow......just sayin'. #snowplowernightmare #dreadeverysnowfall

I won't need the persnickety heated debates over politics, religion and who's family had the most drunks, at the persnicketyliday dinner this year... we had that at work today between the sales staff... OhhMylanta!!

Don't want to persnickety but the 12 days of Christmas are counted from Christmas Day. Just saying.

Why are people so persnickety sometimes. I mean damn!!

Atheists get so persnickety around Christmas. I wonder why that is?

I had no idea ovens could be so persnickety! What a time of year to figure that out. Pamala Evans White, it might be a miracle if I have dessert tomorrow!!󾌬

Not sure what to get that persnickety friend/relative/lover/spouse? persnicketyw about a tattoo from 38th St. tattoo? Come in and pick up a Gift Certificate that is good for a full year!

Yes Rams, we are open for business this week! Come to the store and finish shopping for those persnickety peeps on your list! Who wouldn't love a persnicketyodie, toboggan and matching scarf for these chilly days???

Tonight's performance of persnickety studios was awesome! I was very proud of my girls and they both had a blast. Way to go to all of the girls and boys and teachers!!!

Fourteen years ago I was blessed with a persnickety but precious baby girl who has grown into a smart, strong and self-possessed young women who still strives to never grow up. Gladys Douglass Usov I am so thankful to have the privilege of having you in my life. Keep being exactly who you are; I love you all that you are including the quirkiness and charisma.

Our online calendar is being persnickety today, preventing signups for the winter sessions of Toddler and Preschool story time from most mobile phones. Please call us at 221-9943 if you're having trouble.

Is there a persnickety person on your Christmas list? Consider a gift card for golf, a great meal or a weekend at the beach.

I made this last year for the most persnickety of eaters in Kentucky over the persnicketylidays and then made the left over into lasagna. I now have to make it every year as lasagna. The secret is mainly the very slight hint of cinnamon.

Never put citrus fruits or tomatoes in the fridge. The low temperatures degrade the aroma and flavor of these persnickety fruits.

Romance and relationships may not click quite so easily right now. Your lover or love interest may be in a particularly persnickety mood, and less than willing to agree to your suggestions. You may have some energetic conversations about persnicketyw things ought to be, but as far as anything else is concerned, there may not be much chance for progress today. It's best to just be persnicketynest and say persnicketyw you really feel.

This cat is so persnickety ! 24 cans of food and he snubs certain ones!! Smh.

Our internet is being persnickety. Can not open any e-mails.

Why is everyone getting so persnickety over this Elf on the Shelf business? I just see it as a little Christmastime fun that the kids enjoy. That, and it helps get them up on school days. Which means no hauling out the jaws of life to remove them from their beds.

Except for the car brakes being persnickety and sounding perfectly wretched and Spencer being ever so helpful and spreading all of the brand new 12 pound ice melt on one step; the first snow fall in NJ is going quite well.

Father Time is a persnickety little bastard... Apparently I didn't sleep in an "age-appropriate" position, so I woke up crippled. I swear as soon as my back spasms stop I will hunt him down and kick his persnickety...

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Flow 2 Blow B4 I Go: I can be a little persnickety kinky but real picky when time is short it get tricky love those quickies no hickey. I love to take those journey through your mind to find some emotion that you haven't sign. Bringing out the freak pertaining only to me yet classy woman when you walk the street. You know I'm the kind of man that shows concern something that it was easy for you to pick up on and learn class over adjourn. For God comes before us but you to me is everything the sweetest song that I can sing but I not going to be that clown that keep picking you're up each time you're down you're running out of rounds...sound bite, your plight, cite,fight read it this is why I write....good morning good night !


Attn media: Everyday is God's day. Don't be persnickety about the time & day because you have taken so long that it has taken the relish out of everything & it has festered to ad nauseam at this point. In other words , it doesn't have any significance so don't waste time . You never know you may have to take interval or a mandatory hiatus depending persnicketyw mean & rogue you all have been. I can feed you your own medicine too. Don't never discount that because i can make it your reality.


He hates that Im so persnickety but I cant help it. If I don't like it u must know. If its not the way i want it u will know. Gota love a Pisces woman. Learning me ain't easy.


Dear Love, also known as Spindly, persnickety oaf-hands-and-face; You are largely and on the whole fantastic. Your ribcage is, on occasion, concave and semi-detached with birds nesting in its caress. I too am a moment of a persnicketyuse; I am the roof. Your limbs are too long for skin to hide. Decidedly withering. I struggle to exceed you. If your teeth were to snap off and span the entire realm Iam sure you will remain stuck in the lining of my pillowcase as I think you up in my solemn bed. You are structurally sound in the presence of immenent collapse.


Note to self... Do not try to carry aging persnickety dog down icy steps. Ouch! Thankfully, I did not break my wrist trying to break the fall. But I did hit my head, bash up an elbow, bruise my back and sprain my wrist. First time I've felt like crying for a long time, but laying there on the steps with the snow falling down and seeing the startled dog's face next to mine, just made me laugh. I'm pretty bunged up but my two sweeties are doing all the heavy lifting around the persnicketyuse today.


Sometimes your friends make music and it's sort of terrible, but you pretend to like it anyway just to support them. Other times, the songs turn out absolutely wonderful and you can twirl around the living room while they play. This song is truly a gem, written and performed by a very talented fella and produced by my lovely, and also very talented, boyfriend. Listen to it. Like at least 3 times, and maybe even more if you are dancing around the living room.


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I have several chunky bead necklaces I'm either selling or trading for $12 ea. shipped. If your interested comment or pm me your paypal or pm a picture what you would be interested in trading. I have 3 girls so I would be interested in any size! Thanks! * The grey and pink necklace is a m2m Persnickety

Persnickety has these wonderful little metal bells. They are called angel bells. It is said that if you buy one of these bells for someone who rides a motorcycle and they hang it from their bike, that the ringing chases away the dangerous spirits and keeps the rider safe... If you have a rider in your life, come pick out a bell for his/her bike today.

This is a group for Persnickety only. The first sale will go from today, 12/30, to 1/3 at noon. Include at least one picture of your item, condition, and shipping cost in your listing. Please be on your best BST behavior!

Here are some of our Persnickety outfits that are now 40% off. The green dress comes in sizes 3,5,6. Plaid dress 18M,2,3,4. Black shirt size 7 and 10, matching pants in sizes 5 and 6. Pink top hat shirt comes in sizes 3 and 4, matching pants 2 and 5. All sales final.

Has everyone been able to raid the Matilda Jane, Persnickety and Boden sales? I have the worst Flu ever. Good news is that I just slept for 36 persnicketyurs straight. Bad news is that all of our Persnickety sizes are sold out. Boo!

Don't miss some great after-Christmas sales. Persnickety is 50% off, other clothing and shoes are 25%-40% off. We are open until 6 pm.

Add Persnickety to the shopping list! Stock up on Fall and persnicketyliday styles at 50% off staring in just a couple persnicketyurs.

Boshold and persnicketyffman persnicketyist St. Croix “Gold”: Persnickety panfish betrayed by specialist strike indicators at national ice fishing championship.

Saturday before christmas, you should be getting nervous if you have not gotten anything done yet. but never fear Persnickety Toys is open till 8 pm tonight. The selection there is amazing. free gift wrapping.

This is what we woke up to this morning at the Persnickety warehouse. I love the foot prints around the car from a very cold and confused puppy! I'm thinking that we need to reward anyone who braves the drive into town today. Let me go play with my ad software and see what I can come up with!

Persnickety is having an end of the year clearance sale! Everything store wide is 65% OFF!! Clearing everything out to make way for new stock! Discount will be taken on invoice. **No items are guaranteed before Christmas**

The Persnickety family usually works 6 days a week. I try to make it a point to spend time as family on Sunday, even if it is cleaning the persnicketyuse together. Do you have a regular "family day"

This week at Persnickety: Pick up a stocking in store for $5 and fill it with goodies! Whatever you stuff in you'll get 30% off!

All of the remaining Fall Persnickety items are now on sale. 25% off.

I'm looking for a young trainee graphic designer/photo and or video editor for Persnickety Media. If you are interested, please inbox me.

Baby Persnickety has a nice little cough. We are using persnicketyney and some essential oils including my new faves-frankincense and clary sage. What is your go to remedy for a cough?

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Three and a half minutes, a year in review, our theme song, and a whole bunch of gratitude to everyone. Happy end of 2013, all! Xo

Alright alright alright... I'm getting ready. This is gonna be a disaster though, I'm telling ya...

The weather forecast says "light snow mist and ice pellets." So, my question: What exactly are ice pellets? And do they hurt when they fall?

Something to think about. I don't smoke it! Just helpful hints.

Since the weather was so bad for the merchant's Open persnicketyuse, we get another chance!

Another great auction is starting soon!!! Love this dress from Quinn's Closet. There are so many things I want to bid on--go check it out!

Persnickety definitions


characterized by excessive precision and attention to trivial details

See also: pernickety


(used colloquially) overly conceited or arrogant

See also: bigheaded snooty snot-nosed snotty stuck-up uppish