Perishable in a sentence as a noun

They don't deliver perishable food to my door.

It's perishable, it's eaten by rodents, it's hard to transport, and more.

I just hate what HP do to try to force you to buy more ink. Whenever have non-perishable goods required a "use by" date?

Clothes and shoes are 2-3 times more expensive than in the US. Ditto for furniture and most non-perishable goods you would buy in a store.

There are lots of non-perishable goods here which are imported but are a lot more expensive than they are in the US.

In 1907 oranges became the first perishable fruit ever to be advertised.

They used to be overflowing with goodies, many perishable.

" - Alice In WonderlandThe resources of which you speak are, on the whole, perishable consumables.

Perishable in a sentence as an adjective

> I eventually realized that for perishable goods, they put the new stuff in the back of the shelves, so now I just head for the back of the shelf when I need to buy perishables there.

From the Instacart CEO: "We dont have to build warehouses, lease a fleet of trucks or manage perishable inventory, which substantially reduces our operational cost.

However it's only fractionally perishable: unlike an plane about to close its doors, a barber's seat that is unoccupied in any given minute can still get a client the next.

It doesn't surprise me that they had tons of expensive possessions and services, but I would've thought the perishable nature of food would make getting the ingredients for gourmet cuisine nearly impossible!

Foods manufactured using these technologies have the following advantages: cheap, high mouth appeal, non-perishable, convenient.

There are two things that make eating out the most viable option for a whole meal when you're poor:The first is that when you have a refrigerator that's sub-par and don't have a freezer, you have to buy the smallest quantities of anything perishable; that means it's expensive as ****.

Pollution was an unavoidable side effect of the Industrial Revolution, and spoilage is an unavoidable side effect of long-distance transport of perishable goods, and heat is an unavoidable side effect of pretty much everything, but all are still legitimate problems.

"the notion that the governments raisin-administrators ward off chaotic gyrations in prices far-fetched: walnut and citrus farmers, after all, have abandoned similar systems in recent years without any ill effects"This issue has been studied extensively - "agricultural central banks" are a bad way to deal with a perishable commodity because they shift demand volatility onto the government's balance sheet and so dull the incentive for supply to adjust, or find ways to become more versatile.

Perishable definitions


food that will decay rapidly if not refrigerated

See also: spoilable


liable to perish; subject to destruction or death or decay; "this minute and perishable planet"; "perishable foods such as butter and fruit"