Periodontal in a sentence as an adjective

Agreed, the cause and effect between heart disease and periodontal disease is not well proven.

“Perform oral practice periodontal surgery on the jaw or mouth.” Dude!

Clinical trials of treatments for periodontal disease have thus far not shown any benefit in terms of these outcomes.

I'll give you an example: the periodontal ligament is like a very precise shock absorber attaching bone to tooth, and gives some flex to the tooth.

Me and thousands of dollars in periodontal treatments are a living anecdotal testimony to that fact.

Without the periodontal ligament, implants just don't behave, mechanically, like natural teeth on the bone.

It was all through my periodontal cavity, but apparently aside from the primary tumor my cancer cells are too small to be seen on imaging, PET or CT.

The calculus surface itself may not induce inflammation in the adjacent periodontal tissue.

People with periodontal disease have a 2x greater chance of coronary artery disease than people without periodontal disease.

However, the beneficial effects of flossing in preventing periodontal disease is well understood and you're welcome to read the literature yourself if you don't believe me. I believe this is exactly what I said in my original comment.

Oral microbiomes and susceptibility to cavities and periodontal disease is another big topic.

"There's no good evidence that flossing is effective for preventing dental carries and periodontal disease vs brushing alone" is not the same as "flossing is not effective for preventing dental carries and periodontal disease vs brushing alone.

Vascular disease predisposes you to infections of the limbs; why would we not expect the same in the mouth?If offered the ability to bet on one vs the other, this is the situation where I'd use my assets as collateral so I could put the maximum possible wager on the line in favor of vascular disease being the causal entity here, not periodontal disease.

Periodontal definitions


of or relating to or involving or practicing periodontics; "periodontal disease"

See also: periodontic