Pathology in a sentence as a noun

"This is an example of a social pathology on two levels.

Sociopath is a bad word for it, because it implies some sort of born pathology.

This is a simple issue that's been blown out of proportion by message board pathology.

I think you are largely correct: it's an emergent pathology.

It is likely that psychopaths are on one end of a bell curve rather than being a distinct, binary pathology.

If you somehow manage to avoid that pathology, you will eat your competitors' lunches.

I worked at a speech pathology clinic that specialized in autistic spectrum disorders for a while.

The final pathology will be the best place to get detailed information about what the tumor, where it is, the pathologic stage, etc.

So get the biopsy pathology report, the pathology report from the mastectomy, etc.

The winner of the "who is more ****** up" medal goes to those without a good support system or those whose underlying issues / mental illness / pathology are harder to treat.

The pathology is emergent, not by design, but our tolerance and even encouragement of it is definitely ideological in basis.

They "make people into men," etc. So imagine if we let the "projects" pathology that evolved in many cities in the 20th century go completely unchecked because we semi-secretly liked it that way.

Health care policy, campaign finance reform, gerrymeandering, lobbying, and every other major administrative pathology of our society.

I can't believe the discussion about this article has devolved into a discussion about whether a particular writing style, which has been a witty and entertaining vehicle for argument for thousands of years, should be expunged from the programming community as if it were a pathology.

Pathology definitions


the branch of medical science that studies the causes and nature and effects of diseases


any deviation from a healthy or normal condition