Papal in a sentence as an adjective

It means to vehemently dislike or a papal curse.

And has taken down a few papal web pages since the attack posting with Islamic hash tags.

To be fair, crossbows were not used in either World War so the papal edict can be seen as somewhat successful.

It's like there is a papal encyclical on the canonical right way to do exception handling.

To go pray at a church in central Rome on Thursday, he hopped into a regular Vatican sedan, not the papal limousine.

Do you have a reference for that papal quote that you can link?I say this because I was under the strong impression no one believed the earth to be flat.

Sorta like papal pardons .Don't know of a better idea though if the content isn't reasonably available in your area.

Tenth-century Rome hosted the development of Gregorian chant and papal charters for the first universities.

But for every "understand the mind of god" faith-driven scientist there are at least one thousand screaming, irrational, dangerously unbalanced regressives who are one papal bull or fatwa or Dianetics away from ushering us into a brutal and stupid dark age. Like many human inventions religion can be a great thing, but it often isn't.

There's been somewhat of a trend in that direction since Pope John Paul I in 1978 kicked it off by downplaying some of the royal-seeming aspects of the papacy: he switched to using "I" instead of the royal "we", and opted for a simpler inauguration ceremony instead of being crowned with the papal tiara in the traditional coronation.

Papal definitions


proceeding from or ordered by or subject to a pope or the papacy regarded as the successor of the Apostles; "papal dispensation"

See also: apostolic apostolical pontifical