Paired in a sentence as an adjective

$40/month for 20mbit DSL, $70 for 40mbit paired DSL.

But maybe it's paired off with say R2.

Look at some B1 marble, what's it paired with?

They run at 1-2GHZ while paired with fast RAM that's not that much slower than their CPUs.

Any sock can be paired with any other.

I've never paired for more than a couple of hours, which is draining and becomes stressful before long.

To the majority, the unpaired T-Test is the only test that is needed.

If that R1 you found was paired with B2 or B3, then by exchanging you just made things better by making a new B1-R1 connection.

Each would be paired with a second such tube and both would rotate in opposite directions to create gravity.

Doesn't matter if you have one or two tails, paired or unpaired trials, normally distributed population or skewed.

You can't just say - take any B1 nor paired with R1, look for another R1 not paired with B1, now exchange the reds in these two pairs, and carry on in this fashion until you're done.

Make these optional events.+ Code reviews, paired programming, tech talks, hackathons - These exercises not only strengthen the skills of your team, but improve team bonding as well.

But be modest and don't always insist that you're changing the world on a grand scale.....because when you get paired up with, say, oncologists and Red Cross volunteers, you'll seem kind of silly.

This seems reasonable, and then you find that the contents of a bag with two copies of the natural numbers can exactly be paired up with the contents of a bag with 3 copies of the natural numbers.

No one in 1988 could say "a dynamic, prototype-based, garbage-collected language paired with a simple event model will allow developers to create simple real-time network applications easily in 2011".

There was a lot of hype about the best new testing methods with RSpec and this new thing called Cucumber, 100% paired programming all the time, 100% TDD, and 110% test coverage, fat-model, skinny-controller, decorators and service-based architectures, and on and on.

Paired definitions


used of gloves, socks, etc.

See also: mated


of leaves etc; growing in pairs on either side of a stem; "opposite leaves"

See also: opposite


mated sexually