How to use Pacifist in a sentence as a noun

So he got in touch with various people, including myself, and said, I want to put this on a basis that I as a Quaker and a pacifist believe in.

Ghandi was not a pacifist in the lay sense.

Has the US Gov't and its justice system degenerated so far as to label pacifist as terrorist and incarcerate them?

An unfortunate turn of phrase, but it's not about pacifist white washing... his release from prison was into a society where apartheid had yet to be removed and he advocated that in many circumstances people need to use force to defend themselves against oppression for most of his life.

Their decentralized legal system, which despite being famously strict, is pacifist and arguably anarchist.

>"It seems to me that Snowden is the greatest pacifist.

Mother's Day in the US was originally conceived as a pacifist holiday for mothers to organize for disarmament.

How to use Pacifist in a sentence as an adjective

The word "struggle" occurs 16 times in that speech, and while it is not "pacifist", it is not "guerilla" either.

As a former nuclear submarine officer, and current complete pacifist, I completely agree that the threat of nukes is WAY overblown.

I used to be a nuclear submarine officer, but left the US Navy as a complete pacifist and conscientious objector.

What the pacifist movement needs is books willing to engage nonviolent strategy in the same way that military tacticians do it.

I could add also the large number of pacifist liberal vegan types I know who work for the DoD or whatever.>Non-fing-sequitur straw-manIt's obviously not, if by your own theory his philosophy is what drove him to develop bitcoin, then it is sequitur to examine that philosophy and how it's expressed.> I could spew the same sort of such outrageous examples about liberals/leftists/progressives/socialistsWhat example did I provide that was outrageous?

Mandela, unlike Western pacifist activists, has never claimed violence should be ruled out as an option.

And while you may be a pacifist, Americans are decidedly not.

Pacifist definitions


someone opposed to violence as a means of settling disputes

See also: pacificist disarmer


opposed to war

See also: pacifistic dovish