Ovum in a sentence as a noun

We eat the ovum of lots of animals, but why not the sperm?

> How would the ovum develop and be nurtured?

Do all of her ovum contain the same DNA or will some ovum have DNA A while others have DNA B?

I was saying that the bacterium is -larger- than the ovum.

The ovum has a layer of protection that prevents access.

In the picture, they look as big as a human ovum at 120um, but obviously that's not accurate.

What about destroying sperm cells or preventing an ovum from implanting or being released?

The real question, that will take more and more importance in our society is Do I want to screen my sperm/ovum/embryos when I decide to have a child?

I would be interested in reading some literature about the current problems of plopping a synthesized genome into a vertebrate ovum.

Thus, once a zygote is formed, then you consider abortion ****** -- but if the ovum or sperm cells are destroyed prior to that then that is an acceptable method of birth control, right?

Ovum definitions


the female reproductive cell; the female gamete