Overhear in a sentence as a verb

There's often times an undertone of ridicule in the writing that I cannot overhear any more.

How on earth can you expect privacy in a conversation that people literally cannot help but overhear?

The chances of me overhearing that group of people on my way to the bathroom are comparable to the chances of me overhearing the penis jokes.

I live in SF, and I can confirm that I'll walk past people and overhear the same fragments of conversation, talking about the buses and gentrification.

It's awesome to have a place where I can snoop on Waxy's tty as he's chatting with someone, and overhear secret things I really shouldn't, and yet I'm not actually doing anything bad.

I can't really say things to my group that I'd normally say in private because with all these people on the field with me, someone would certainly overhear us!With Google+ the structure is different.

It's not so bad if there is someone in the far corner having an argument that you can just barely overhear or something a few tables over having a cell phone conversation.

Having spent a good deal of time in cities, I see absolutely no connection between being able to overhear a conversation, and that conversation not being private.

They were both made in a professional environment but one was a private conversation that happened to be overheard, the other was a public broadcast to a portion of the tech community.

Seems enough happening for an inappropriate but rather tame joke in an overhear-able private conversation.> And the CoC is pretty obviously directed at presentersYou're high as a kite.

My team luckily happened to sit next to one of the guys who designs Google's datacenters and we happened to overhear him say something over the phone about not being able to make sense about enough power to power a small town just disappearing from our usage.

At that level, when people are talking about something, what they're talking about is almost always relevant to you, so it's not necessarily a distraction: they're talking about your code and your project, so it's a good thing that you can overhear and participate in the conversation if you wish.

Similarly, when you happen to overhear co-workers talking about something important and you go join the discussion and it turns out to be very fruitful you have that same post hoc rationalization that how things happened is the best and/or only possible way for productive work to happen.

Yea, I get that no one wants to overhear someone having a long chat with their significant other right as the plot line thickens, but a doctor on call or a parent who's kid is just got hurt at the baby sitter might appreciate being able to receive a call or text while their phone is on silent.

How can it be a fireable offense to make a penis joke in a room where a few people may overhear it, while it being completely ok to tweet the penis joke to the whole room?I know you would only receive the joke if you follow her, but most people are following her because of her status in the tech community, not because she has great dirty jokes.

Overhear definitions


hear, usually without the knowledge of the speakers; "We overheard the conversation at the next table"

See also: catch