Outwit in a sentence as a verb

If kids outwit their parents and spend their money then that's the parents fault, not the servers.

Sometimes you can outwit the test with a massive intellect or a knack for test-taking, but those sometimes are seldom.

They didn't outwit the dealers, they "outwitted" other people looking for flats by crowding them out via spamming the dealers.

They routinely have a single man with delusions of grandeur outwit the entire Klingon race and nobody thinks this is odd.

When tag-turfing can swing thousands of dollars an hour I have less hope that the host can outwit all of the possible parasite variations.

Cows are bred to be fat, and they don't need to outwit prey, so it is hard for them to show the fact that they are conscious intelligent animals as well.

It could be scary to try to outwit hackers, but even if you don't tackle the problem head on, a website backup and recovery service could be a big help.

This is what McLuhan called the "agenbite of outwit", riffing on Joyce:"With the telegraph Western man began a process of putting his nerves outside his body.

However this article was published in March 2011, and I imagine the advertising world has evolved slightly to prevent this fraud from happening, so your scheme would have to be clever enough to outwit any changes.

The actual, private object of the most skilled investment to-day is 'to beat the gun,' as the Americans so well express it, to outwit the crowd, and to pass the bad, or depreciating, half-crown to the other fellow.

Instead of playing a game of constant one-upmanship with financial regulations, forever trying to outwit the "financial hackers," we should start by drawing clearer divides between money and politics.

Outwit definitions


beat through cleverness and wit; "I beat the traffic"; "She outfoxed her competitors"

See also: overreach outsmart outfox beat circumvent