Oust in a sentence as a verb

Do you know what happened to the petition signed to oust Ortiz .

The witch hunt to oust Eich from Mozilla was not just unfair, it was a travesty.

Is there a chance that one of them will one day oust your position because they could do a better job?

Unless people within Mozilla oust Eich or fork the organization, the world may just have to deal with it.

I cannot wait to cast my vote next time to oust every single one of the losers currently in office.

So, a CTO at an early stage startup who can't be bothered to code wants to oust a co-founder?If true, that's beyond absurd.

That's what revolutions are - a lot of people gather together and oust the existing powers.

I think the real bitter irony here is that brendan eich not only helped build, but also protected the platform that helped oust him.

You haven't mentioned formal titles/roles, but unless you're already final-say CEO, you'll probably need the board's support to oust him.

You can change the world by working to oust corrupt politicians, Republicans and Democrats and Libertarians.

If there is, why is its number one priority not fielding a decent primary challenger to oust this authoritarian disgrace to our state?

On the **** side: Is there ever a situation in which cofounders legitimately want to make it impossible to oust a cofounder without his/her consent?

A few years ago it was a radical idea, now it's just a matter of time before it becomes legal nationwide in the US. Ironically, the only reason there was enough political force to oust Eich is because his viewpoints are now in the minority.

If you're a junior officer, you call your higher-ups by their first names, and if you see them doing something wrong, you say so."[1] Neither ranks nor ages matter much "when taxi drivers can command millionaires and 23-year-olds can train their uncles," and "Israeli forces regularly vote to oust their unit leaders.

Oust definitions


remove from a position or office; "The chairman was ousted after he misappropriated funds"

See also: expel


remove and replace; "The word processor has ousted the typewriter"