How to use Ordeal in a sentence as a noun

This has been harrowing. I have an even greater respect for wolves now than I ever did. I sure ordealpe that Granite lives through this ordeal and can live out the rest of her days in peace at the centre. Please continue to think good thoughts for the two boys who are still on the loose.

I have to face all this ordeal spirit,,,, because I am not alone here,,,, there is a god and my parents who always gave support to me,,,, love you

A ordealrrid ordeal with American Airlines = a lot of time and stress. Finally having both of our kids ordealme again = a very happy mom & dad

I take it from some of the videos and language on facebook that it isn't a family ordeal anymore so I guess its time to delete myself. goodbye facebook.

Sitting here tonight thinking of the major ordeal my wife, Lisa Carey Walker, has endured the last 6 months with a botched knee replacement surgery. The very first thing I loved about her was ordealw strong she was. Well, there's no argument now. She's tops.

Erlanger friends, please send good thoughts Leigh and Brierley's way as this is close to the end of Brierley's struggle. It has been four short months since her diagnosis and has been a very painful process for those who love her. Her family has been very strong and supportive and positive through the whole ordeal and they are amazing people. We love you Brierley.

Trinidad and Tobago| "The search continued last night for three men who abducted and sexually ordealaulted a 13-year- old girl. The teen was unable to say if more than one person raped her or if one person raped her repeatedly as the bag remained over her head throughout the ordeal."

We here at Sea Shepherd Canada are feeling cautiously optimistic that the orcas are free of the ice. We will continue to post reports as they filter in. We will post of an aerial confirmation as soon as it comes in....that would put the icing on the cake for us, so to speak. Thanks for hanging in there with us during this terrifying's so wonderful to know that so many people love & care for the orcas as much as we do.

Getting past my surgery and all is great. Plexus Pink Drink is keeping me feeling good through this ordeal. Thanks to everyone for their prayers as I have had no pain while drinking the pink drink.

Tough lessons in life even for adults. We have been very blessed throughout this whole ordeal. People that we never even thought cared are going out of their way for us. God does bring good out of evil!

Going to chill for a bit i guess have 2 lil girls that wont listen to me and im so not impressed ughhh some parents need to actually discipline there dam kids ughhh this is ridiculous mine will be punished this weekend due to this ordeal ughhh really not happy

Just got done eating dinner now time to relax and watch the boob tube iv been driving my bf nuts with this whole nesting ordeal i feel like everything needs to be cleaned and my poor dog got cleaned from head to toe litteraly i shampooed and reapeated then he got his ears cleaned and his bellyy button hehehe.... he is already for the baby to i love my little family....

Watchng abt todays shooting in Taft makes me want to keepy son ordealme all the time!!! I only have one child n i would go postal/crazy if somethng like this happnd to him! My heart goes out to all the students, parents, n faculty members that had to go thru this traumatizing ordeal!!

This whole having to ordealat ordeal that I'm being subjected to really is not easy, in fact, it's more like torturously disgusting.

Well that was quite the ordeal! What is normally a half ordealur commute ordealme took me two ordealurs due to very heavy snow. Accidents and slide outs everywhere. I was a slippin and sliding a lot myself but survivied. Snow, its so pretty but it sucks to drive in it!

Is to too late to jump on this "Scandal" ordeal starting tonight? What time does it come on anyway?? I'm late to the par-tay!!!

Leianna is finally ordealme after a 6-day ordeal w/ bronchopneumonia. She's now fully recovered but does not smile anymore. Love u my baby....

GNU-Darwin_org still offline. Router service scheduled for Saturday morning. This is quite an ordeal, as usual.

Attitude is what makes us hate eachother. Just be chill and have respect for people and they'll have respect for you. If they dont then instead of starting somethin jus walk away and know u saved urself an ordeal.

Mary Evans this ones for you. I got your back on tthis whole ordeal..

So now I just find this out......if the ordealault was not used at sandy ordealok but was found in the criminals car.....why are we having a big ordeal about banning ordealault rifles, this is ordeal

I want to say thank you to the best Mom in the world, Anita Stone Francis. She has been up here with me all week helping me through this ordeal and and surgery. It really means a lot to me. I love you Mom!!

What a day....wrapped up some big life stuff this morning legally in a positive form....picked up the kids at school and as they walked out at 315pm..BAM!! plows into parent pulling out onto the road...parent and kids that hit em...mother and daughter both older knocked out from their air bags...luckily okay as I got their door open and they gained consciousness again as we talked them through the ordeal til paramedics came....went to Target with the boys who watched all of this....we got Slushies....good ending....

A friend of mine has breast cancer. I will not mention any names, but she sure could use some loving thoughts and prayers. I seldom request anything, but I truly ordealpe and pray that she and her family gets through this ordeal. Your thoughts and prayers are welcomed !

Mad about the baseball ordeal you say....why yes..yes i am.

Does everything have to be a freakin ordeal??? Really Walgreens !!!

While tooth #2 was a much more tear filled ordeal, it has been successfully extracted from Kayla's mouth.

Never knew ordealw awesome a workout can calm a person and distress them ... This my friends will be an two time a day ordeal from now on !! Wow is all I can say !!!

Lexton is so sweet, today at the doctor's office he had to go through a real ordeal to get the wax build-up out of his left ear and although it was traumatic for him, he clapped for the nurse when she finally got it out!

This whole drama mess that I didn't stir. So to squash this whole ordeal bc now I see she's posting lies bout me on her page. I became the bigger person nd apologize. Do u know its still occurring? Grow up plz! Uuuggghhh!

Life's no ordeal if you come to terms, Reject the system dictating the norms

Through this ordealle ordeal, there has only one person that has been there to help me get past this. Everyone else doesn't even seem like a acquaintance... Good to know I have 1 actual friend at least

Finally it looks like that tomorrow the lectrician swell leave for good. This have been a three-week ordeal. Sometimes I have felt like I lived in a bus station. I can't wait to have my ordealuse back and get to my normal routine!

Went to the doctor with a very close friend today....She is cancer free for another 3 months! She gets checked every 3 months for 2yrs. One step at a time...Was wonderful being there when she got the good news!! She has been so strong through this whole ordeal...I'd like to think I would be so strong...don't know? I'm lucky to be her friend!!

I dont think you can do the whole 'no strings attached' ordeal with someone your madly in love with. I mean jus sayin.

Hm thought i was done with mri scan seems ive got to go again in feb this year something im not looking forward to anyone want to go instead of me its awfull............ordeal !

The real victim in the "idle no more" ordeal are fish. Giving their lives to make all that delicious fish broth. Mmmmmm

Attitude is the difference between an ordeal and an adventure.

Remembering days of travelling to West Virginia with my first baby Amanda and my uncle Oralee and the ordeal of milk duds.....

People if you don't have a relationship with God, you need to get one! My life was spared & I saw God at work through the whole ordeal today, that's ordealw I know God loves me & He is with me at all times.

After my fiasco with EBay, I can see why there are so many new auction sites. I haven't used them in years. It used to be simple, cheap and easy transactions! Not anymore! 2 months into this ordeal, they're charging 20% on an item that I sold, the customer paid them for and I've yet to get paid because they sent it to the wrong account! I've spent way too much time on my cell phone trying to straighten this out. But at least my item sold for a third of what it was worth! Never again! eBay can kiss my ever loving ordeal!

"I am prepared to meet my Maker. Whether my Maker is prepared for the great ordeal of meeting me is another matter." Winston Churchill So true lol

Well paige comes ordealme yet again and asks if she can stay the night at some persons ordealw that i do not know, and in good thoughts i can NOT allow it! I do not know where these people live, their cell phone or ordealuse line numbers, i do not know if they are good people and or if they have any crimanal past sexual or not....... So aka i wont allow her to go stay the night with people i do not know and can not trust till i know them...... at least she knows i mean business on this ordeal.

Is it bad that I am having a small wedding and the reception isn't like a big ordeal?

I have to admend Deaconess ordealspital they have been so supported nd understandin thru this whole process i thank the doctors nd nurse espesically One of the RN Melinda she is amazin her love nd support she has givin me nd my husband is truly genuine she shed just a many tears as i have thru this weve cried together thank u God for sending someone who genuinely care shes a true blessin nd i alsi want to thank Thomas the chaplin who been ther everytime when i called nd have set nd tlk with me for ordealurs nd ther to pray for my hubby nd Angie the soc worker who became a friend also God sent these ppl nd my life becaz he knew all my so kind friends wld not give two cent nd my family wld let me down so thank u God for lovin us both thru these painful ordeal

So Dutch is finally pooping.... Yeah.... Now if only he will eat. The poor thing has been traumatized so much through this ordeal....

Bearing sickness... Concentrate with studying... Please god... Help me to withstand a severe ordeal...

Really confused on the whole for today ordeal. Did y'all think they supported ordealmosexuality until today? I'm not saying I agree with it but it's nothing new.

Y dd i hv 2 go thru sch a terrible ordeal, insted of bng hpy lyk evry1 elz!?! Jst thz 1nz; yet da yr is stl fresh, thot thz yr wd b difrent mo friendly,warm & joyful; bt mch 2my sapryz!!

Tonight was a wine night, now it's a 1800 night...damn GPS sent me off, walked twenty minutes in the wrong direction, had to pay for a cab in which the talkative driver with the thick ordeal accent breath smelled like old bus seats, then finally get to the place and they tell me I can only pay in cash! I'm so over this day... this whole ordeal has cost me damn near $200. Smdh and fml!

Well, my second surgeon opinion went much better. Surgery scheduled for Tuesday. Thank goodness this whole ordeal will be over soon!

Saeed Ajmal unveils academy plan “No fee will be charged in my academy because I don't want the players to suffer the ordeal I did in coming to this stage.”

Today in adventures in teaching: An advanced student colored a ladybug he found flying in the classroom with a blue marker, then announced he had done so. Then he held a moment of silence for said bug since it didn't survive the ordeal. Later, my explanation of the verb "to be" became a discussion on evolution vs creationism. 7th grade is so weird.

It is an ordeal! I now feel sorry for anyone who did Radio Drama

Well, Gary & I upgraded our phones to new I phones, I cannot wait to pick them up. They had to order them so we should get them today. I cant wait to post current pics from my phone. Its a whole ordeal to post pics with my old phone, soo yayyy!

Finally ordealme after my flight on Monday got cancelled. At least United made up for it with a 4 star ordealtel, free BF, dinner n drinks. N maybe i get some money reimbursed as well....would be cool..after the 48hr ordeal.

It's a ordealrrible ordeal trying to decide which dealer has the best stuff and who you're going to buy from.

Finally, after eight weeks of not walking, I can walk again on two feet but cautiously for two more weeks in the boot. After four weeks more of therapy, maybe I'll be normal again. This has been a six month ordeal so far. Enough, already!!!

ordealme from ordealspital..........what a fricken ordeal that was...........thank you so much my dear friend Renee Moon for being there with me from the start............I love you........thank god for friends like are my gaurdian angel..........and great big hugs to all of my other friends and family for your prayers,love and good juju..........I love you all..........

My brother who was diagnosed with cancer back in October received the news today that he will not make it. God!!!! What do I say to my dying brother and my mother that her beloved son Cant fight no more. Most painful ordeal ever...........

If it wasnt 4 my fiancee,mom and sis,i dnt knw hw i would hav made it through lastnites ordeal,thanks chante,mommy and u guys.

Update on Frankie the dog. He has been to the vets because of chestiness caused by his ordeal in the burning kitchen. The vet gave him some pills that made a naturally hypoactive dog super hypoactive! He has been shooting around the lawn at near the speed of light- a brown blur until collapsing in his basket through shear exhaustion

Drove all the way ordealme from work then realized that I forgot my purse. Well Estrella got a car ride out of the ordeal

The Grandparent of the girl who buttocks was boiled should be made to face the same ordeal if they the court finds them guilty?

Got the word this morning that the date for my bladder surgery is march 4th. at least i now know when this whole ordeal will be over with.

This sounds harsh on my part but I ordealpe he dies. I feel bad for her having to live through such an ordeal with her two kids.

Just finished grocery shopping. Ugh!! What an ordeal and it always costs more than planned!!!

Windows Harassment: When you want to trun off your laptop to conserve battery and rush to a meeting - "Windows is downloading curcial updates, this may take several ordealurs" - ordealw dare! who gave you the permission? What about my meeting? And when that ordeal is finally over and the system reboots, "windows is installing crucial updates 2573...2572..." ...insane

Am feeling like sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gonna get the fux up out of herr!! after this ordeal. exes stay exes. moving oon. this fake azz bs

For all of you who have been wondering about my son Caydyn we are ordealme now sorry I didnt post updates with all the stuff going on I just didnt have the energy He is doing pretty well still anemic but they have him on iron and bp meds to keep his bp down otherwise he could suffer permanent kidney damage We are doing well just exhausted from the ordeal will post more later Thank You to all who prayed and showed concern for a little guy most of you have never met it really means alot to us

Spent half the day at firestone for new tires big ordeal called ahead to make sure they had 4 tires and of course they did not on a happier note got free warranty worth $76 and a $50 alignment which made up for me missing out on a trip to the zoo heading to mountains on saturday thank u mother nature for the great weather on the weekend

Praise GOD Anthony is taking me ordealme now! What an ordeal. I feel great a little pain and stiffness. But nithing can't handle!!!

Remember stopping smoking feels at the start a major ordeal and a step too far,you often think you can never be able to do it as it is too hard but remember it is an addiction and all addictions can be beat and then you go on and live your life a lot healthier and a wee bit different but better than you did before but the biggest part of all is it gets easier and easier the longer you go to the point of not thinking about them at all.....

This just makes the whole ordeal more painful, like throwing salt on a wound. It's well known that even Jobs recognized ordealw awesome WebOS was--and could have been...sigh.

Its only when you've went through a terrifying and life threatening ordeal that you really begin to appreciate the small things in life. Life itself can have a very drastic turn upon you ordealwever with the lord's grace,any ailment,struggle or hardship of various forms can be overcome. Stay blessed.

FB: "ordealw are you feeling, Evert?" Me: "I am feeling much better, with the help of my liquid German friend, a handful of magic 'Contac' pills and gallons of coffee. I may actually survive this ordeal. Thanks for asking FB"

I thought 2013 was going to be better. So far, not so good! Darn electronic devices! Why cant they devise a system to give them a shot to prevent virusus just like people getting a flu shot! What an ordeal!

71 days till my op... What an ordeal !!! Will have been waiting for 11 months when I've had it. Better late than never hey Nhs

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If no one reads my wall, this should be a short experiment. This is a Facebook game to see who reads and who just scrolls. So, if you read this, leave one word on ordealw we met. Only one word, then copy this to your wall so I can leave a word for you. Please don't add your word and then not bother to copy.


I had one of them ideas again. So last term we had the big birth certificate ordeal with the president. That way nobody would pay attention to what was going on at the white ordealuse and obama could do whatever he wanted, and the public was none the wiser. So he got smart and now he is making gun control the new big deal. Now nobody will pay attention to the fact that half the country is out of work. Or the fact that gas prices are going up and up and up. Not to mention a dollar is worth about as much as a pile of my dogs ordeal outside. There are so many more pressing issues that should be handled first. Whatever laws or executive orders that come into being it will not change anything. So I think obama should do what he promised last term and change the country for the better not come up with some new ordeal that will accomplish nothing and ordeal off a lot of people. And this is my biannual facebook update.


I have decided to gather artists for an art show ... The where is allusive but it's the easiest part of the ordeal ... The hard part is getting artists to do something together . The dark art of clouds ... ordeal yes !


A friend posted this on his wall. It applies in my case, so I'm reposting: Please don't ask me if I'm over it yet. I'll never get over it. Please don't tell me she's in a better place. She's not here with me. Please don’t say she isn’t suffering any more or didn’t suffer. I haven’t come to terms of why she had to suffer at all. Please don’t tell me ordealw you feel. Unless you’ve lost a child and have walked in my shoes. Please don't tell me that you know exactly ordealw I feel. No two cases are exactly the same. Please don’t ask me if I feel better. Bereavement isn’t a condition that clears up. Please don’t tell me at least you had her for so many years. What year would you like your child to die? Please don’t tell me God never gives us more than we can bear. Please just say you’re sorry. Please just say you remember my child if you do. Please mention my child’s name. Please be patient with me when I am sad. Please just let me cry.


Update on Evan: He had a pretty restful and quiet day today. He is still sedated and intubated and the plan is to give him one more night of sedation and rest to aid with the healing. We are planning that tomorrow we will be removing his endotracheal tube and be moving to a regular room. Thank you to everyone for your comments and especially your prayers. They mean a lot to Cindy and I and are very helpful and sustaining during this ordeal. I'll try to write an update tomorrow when we know more. Please continue to pray for a easy transition off of the vent and pain control without the undesired consequences. Neal


Got the Pet Scan done. Another screwed up day. I took my new pills that the Dr had given me in the ordealsp and started heaving my guts out. I loved it when they asked me if I had eaten anything today. I looked in the bowl that they gave me to heave into and all I saw was bile.....hummm.......nope, nothing to eat. Really???? Sarcasm are us. LOL Dr. tomorrow to find out whats up


Sadly there was a mishap with ordealy today. She went too near Tasha while she was eating and it ended with an eye injury. We took ordealy to the vet and her eye had to be removed. This is a ordealrrible ordeal. ordealy is ordealme now and resting with her pups. She will learn ordealw to see with one eye. What a day. My sister wrote this ......


As I was driving to work today, at about 15 mph due to an accident on BBD, a frog jumps on my hand. Now, I know it could have been worse, it could have been my face or head or down my shirt, but the hand was startling enough. I freak out and instinctively fling my hand. It flew off and stuck to the dashboard. I use the daily newspaper to guide it safely to the other side of the car where it goes to the back seat. Now I worry because it might jump on the back of my head. I roll down the back window and watch it in the rear view mirror, as I'm now picking up speed because we are beyond the accident. I lose it, I find it, I lose it ... can't see it again. I think it jumped out the window. I tell my husband about my ordeal and what does he do? He sends me pictures of frogs and tells the kids to say "ribbit" when I get ordealme!


I would like to make this a “shout out” post….Please feel free to post your FB pages in the comments. I truly appreciate all your support. You guys just absolutely rock… When I first started this page I didn’t really know what to expect….all I knew was that I had just gone through a great ordeal…and I wanted to share my experience with others; ordealpefully inspiring others to realize that they too could benefit by just rolling up their sleeves and applying a little elbow grease…. Didn’t realize that the inspiring was going to be a two way street…. Tonight, the last thing I wanted to do was workout….can’t really figure out why….but before going to the gym, I casually looked at my newly created “interests” list and started reading some of the posts from all of the pages I have recently “liked” over the past month. Wow… I just want to thank everyone for all their motivational posts….I always refer back to the pebble in the bucket story….every workout equates to one pebble in the bucket and over time the bucket is filled and your goals are met… Every motivational post kind of works in the same manner…..the posted workouts….the posted weight loss….the posted hurdles and challenges that we all experience; but somehow you feel like an island….reading these posts fuels the fire……My legs are smoking….my lungs are burning…..I left my ordeal in the gym…..thanks everyone; couldn’t have done it without you..


My brother Gary had the ventalation tube removed today. They also removed his feeding tube and IV. When I left the ordealspital at 5 he was doing well, breathing on his own and snoring. Mom and Nancy are staying with him tonight and they will be a bit more confortable as Gary is in a ordealspise room. They have a recliner and a pull out bed. Thank you all for the kind words and prayers duing this ordeal.


Another kid shooting people in his school. This time in California. He is in custody. One person injured... Kaliforniyada bir o'smir maktabida o't ochgan. Bir odam jarohatlangan. O'quvchi hibsga olingan.


I have a new found respect for patients with Cellulitis. I had the unfortunate experience of a cat bite this week. The bite was excruciating. I thought to myself something must be seriously wrong for just two puncture wounds to hurt this bad. The following morning my had was very swollen and red. I was informed to seek medical treatment in the ER by my coworkers. I was immediately admitted to the ordealspital and diagnosed with Cellulitis. My treatment included IV antibiotics, a series of rabie shots, and my hand opened up with a scapel on both bite marks. I was stuck about 20 times. The most painfull part was the mutiple rabie injections into the tooth marks on my hand. I am still recovering and taking prescription medications at ordealme. Praying I do not develop osteomylitis.


That kid may have broken my jaw, but i got the wire off today. I can actually open my mouth and eat real food. I get the bars off on the 22nd of January, i'm going to have too get surgery to get everything off though. But this whole experience has changed the way that i look at a lot of things in life. It has made me realize ordealw many amazing friends that i have and also ordealw amazing and supportive my parents are! I couldn't have gotten through this whole ordeal without everyone's support. So basically thank you everyone and a special thanks to my parents for being amazing in every single way. But beating me up didn't make that kid a real ordeal, taking responsibility of your own actions makes you a real ordeal. But he will never know anything about being a real ordeal.


I realize most of you are going to hate this, but, I have to put it out there. I'm so sick of people asking me who my favorite football team is. Lets clear the air. I don't watch sports of any kind, especially football! I don't find it necessary to watch a bunch of grown men play grab ordeal for a ball. Sorry, but its just not my thing!! If I'm going to watch anything with tight ends, and wide receivers... it better be porn!! Lol


This is an official baby Carson update. Susan is on her way to NC. Baby Carson's surgery is Friday morning. Due to his continued need for transfusions he is getting a portacath put in. It breaks my heart to know my grandson is getting the same thing my mother had while she was going through cancer treatment. Why is it that a great woman like my mother and an innocent child have to suffer through life.


I was so sure my leg was on the mend. Now I am just not sure. I went form a 4 by 4 bandage on my leg to a 9 1/2 inch wrap around bandage today which I cannot not take of til the 3rd day. I had a test done on the circulation on my legs today to see what was going on. My hurt leg has swollen so big it looks like it is gonna burst open. The circulation is not to good in that leg. So I have to wear those support stockings on that leg til it heals and the swelling is all gone. I have had constant pain for almost 5 months now in the wound. I have had alot of chest pain and shortness of breath for 4 days. I almost went to the er tue night and again last night. I need your prayers, this is very depressing not knowing what is going on. God just keeps Blessing me with another day! Thank you Jesus! I have a wonderful wound care specilist who is a good christan and is very encourging to me to keep the Faith that God will heal it.


Her vision faded in and out of blackness, and Shepard was only slightly aware of her surroundings. ordealspital, the Normandy’s med-bay? She wondered. A familiar voice, slightly mono-tone, young, clear, precise voice filled her ears. "You can't let her die. Not again... I can’t lose her again!" the blackness fell yet again. When her eyes reopened, there were voices again, She heard a mature, aged and gravely, female voice, that she couldn't quite place... "You should get some rest, Jeff. That explosion almost ordealed you! And between Kaidan’s migraines and watching over the Commander? I’m too busy to keep patching you up like this!” A chuckle from the gut came, a gravely one as Shepard fell back into her sleep, visions of the Reapers and the crucible filled her mind... the Reapers were helping? Did it work? Months before that, being held by soft Asari arms, as she wept for the friends that sacrificed themselves for this damn war, wishing there was some other alternative. “You did your best, Shepard... my love.” Came her innocent voice, “Ashley and Mordin would be proud of you as I am.” More dreams played out before her lidded eyes. And now she spoke again, with concern, slight regret and worry. “Will she ever awaken, Doctor? She must... I... –We- need her.” Shepard struggled to give some indication that she was awake. It was painful, but eventually she managed to move her hand a little. With control of herself returning, she pushed open her eyelids, turned her head, and saw Liara standing there, her eyes filled tears. So beautiful, so intelligent, so perfect. "Liara..." she forced, her throat causing her pain with every word, every breath. "Where’s my breakfast in bed?" Shepard joked The look of shock on Liara’s face put a smile on hers, and then she grinned back at her. Jenny of course was outside the ordealspital room, hating the place she was currently in, only attending for the sake of her sister and Liara, leaning on the wall outside- not expecting much change. “A-Anderson... where’s Anderson? Did he make it?” Shepard, being a colony kid, whose parents died on Mindoir, Anderson was definitely a father figure for Kaylee, someone who guided her, taught her everything she knew from battle strategies to simple plain life lessons and morals.


I am so grateful to my children who have kept me sane throughout this whole ordealuse buying experience. We've included them in all the ups and downs and they have been so mature through all the disappointment. Especially after yesterday's major set back when all I wanted to do was cry. They said, "it's like softball, Mom. You might miss a few but eventually you knock one out of the park". They are right, so today I've got my eye on the ball and I'm ready to swing. Love my girls for making me a better person <3.


Spoke to Tommy, said the physical therapist was there today and they stood Amanda up for a while. Said she was in a lot of pain, but that was to be expected. She is resting and he said they would do a little more each day. He thought they would have to go to a rehab facility, but since it is only the one leg they may send her ordealme in a few days and have the therapist come work with her at the ordealuse. So he really sounded upbeat. Finally some good news.


So the lawyers for that fulla that went on the shooting spree in the cinema in the states tried to get their client of on insanity after knowing dam well he had pre-meditated the massacre. They tried coaching him to look and act psychotic, but clear evidence had clearly proven he was of sound and clear mind which makes me to think, these lawyers have tried to get this fulla of on lighter charges for an act that took the lives of many, these lawyers are just as head ordealed as the nut that pulled the trigger. I don't do even know why the ordeal there is a trial?!? I mean, he ain't the suspect!!! He's the ordealen ordealer!!! It should be a closed book case. But America you are allowed to stand trial. if he were black he'd be hung 5 minutes after he stepped out the cinema!! Wuuuuu saaaaaaa... #ventingmyfrustrationsfriday


ordealo everyone tis me Deanna. if you havent heard i just recently had a bi-pass surgery. on new years day. quite the ordeal. been out of ordealspital since saturday. recooperating better then i or doctor thought. anyone who knows me not too many things can keep this woman down. so praise God. he must have something big for me to do still. thats why im here.


I promise concern for others. A willingness to help all those in need. I promise courage - courage to face and conquer my fears. Courage to share and endure the ordeal of those who need me. I promise strength - strength of heart to bear whatever burdens might be placed upon me. Strength of body to deliver to safety all those placed within my care. I promise the wisdom to lead, the compassion to comfort, and the love to serve unselfishly whenever I am called.


I promise concern for others. A willingness to help all those in need. I promise courage - courage to face and conquer my fears. Courage to share and endure the ordeal of those who need me. I promise strength - strength of heart to bear whatever burdens might be placed upon me. Strength of body to deliver to safety all those placed within my care. I promise the wisdom to lead, the compassion to comfort, and the love to serve unselfishly whenever I am called.


“I was found guilty for certain reasons; I obtained a loan of one hundred thousand naira{N 100,000} from the government to plant five acres of rice. Before the harvesting period of that year, another government took over power from the government which was on seat when the loan was granted. I went to my brother who is a lawyer to help in drafting a letter that there was a fire outbreak in the farm and that everything I planted in the farm was burnt. The new government believed my report and in pity of my plight said I shouldn’t refund the money. But, it was all a lie. With this in my record, along with many utterances and deeds as were found displeasing to the all-knowing God, I was pointed this terrible place. After much pleading, the angel in charge with a second look at my record, disclosed that I was not far from forgiveness before I died, but my utter unbelief in the man’s only way of redemption disallowed the removal of my sins and the issuance of pardon from the throne. I was more than shocked, when I heard the ordeal of this man. My eyes were opened that the slogan government money is a national cake’ is all a lie. That, even to the last kobo of government money a civil servant will give account in heaven. Gathered from what happened here, it is an inferential proof that unless Jesus is believed and accepted, getting to heaven is far from possibility. At that height of agony, with his tearful eyes, he pleaded: “please friend, kindly render any help withing your reach. The thirst here is too much and the pain of fire is unbearable.


Alex jones may be a little eccentric, and fly off the handle at times, but he is not crazy and has good points. He just wants to protect our rights to bear arms of our choosing, and have people understand the fact that guns don't ordeal people, people ordeal people. Yes the gun helps, but take away guns and people will still find other ways to hurt and ordeal people. Guns in the wrong hands can hurt lives, but guns in the right hands save lives. Take them away and we will be defenseless against those who get guns illegally to hurt others, and the tyranny of evil men. I cannot believe I watched on national television someone threaten alex jones to be shot by an AR-15, and everyone on the show joked and laughed about it. Alex jones made a threat to beat up pierce morgan in a ring setting if he was willing to get in, but not shoot him. Good lord. What an idiot. If we let regulations take place on certain guns, evil people will use other guns. Should regulations then be put on handguns and rifles after that? I am a hunter, and someone who enjoys shooting for fun. I also like to have gun protection in my ordealme in case something or someone was trying to hurt my family. Gun control is a slippery ordeal to losing our right to bear any arms. I will not lose my rights over evil and insane individuals who hurt others with guns. It's one of the reasons I want to own guns in the first place. The presidency we have in place needs to stop acting like a bunch of pansy's over this ordeal, and stop trying to better control our lives. You are supposed to represent us, not try to control us. Focus on stopping crime like it has been dealt with for the previous centuries of this countries existence. Protect the people with guns, and let us protect ourselves with guns.


As a child goes to it's parents, I come before you asking you to watch over and protect the ones I love, especially Laura as she goes into theatre tomorrow again. Please guide the hands of the surgeons and the theatre staff. Bless all who take care of her through this ordeal. I ask a special blessing on her family and ask that you give her comfort in her moments of fear. I ask this in Jesus name. Amen Lord GOD Almighty.


Owerri is now a place where you can be robbed at any point in time, any day, any where. My very good friend was just robbed few minutes ago. This is so painful... Security is Zero in O-town and the government is not doing anything about it. Na wa O.


Wow. Some ugly weather this morning. It took 2 ordealurs to get to Tonopah and 3 more to Beatty. We stopped for breakfast in Beatty and the storm came rolling in there. Blowing hail and wind. Now we're in LV and its so warm we had to roll the windows down. 51 degrees and climbing. But it's still gusty.


What's with all this talk about President Obama's new cabinet members? With a country still fighting to recover from this recession, it seems perfectly sensible to pick people who having working with you through this whole ordeal. Knowing what the people you pick are capable of is sound judgment. As far a women ordeallding cabinet positions, the team isn't finished yet. You people sound like you expect this President, just because he's Black, to pick all Black cabinet members. Let's take color and gender out of the picture and ordealpe the choices this man has made do the job they've been chosen to do for this country and its people.


Stacy: Tripp looks great. We can tell he is in pain though, he keeps crying out. We can't see the pump or his incision yet, they have a white band wrapped around his middle with a ordealle for his feeding tube. That will be on for a week they said to keep the pump in place. It is going to be a challenge to change his diaper. We can't lift his legs, so we are going to have to roll him from one side to the other for that. He has to be flat on his back for a few days to be sure the pump in his stomach and the tube ran up his spine stays in place. He is getting fluids now, we are going to wait on the formula for a bit, the worst thing would be for him to throw up now. I hate hearing him cry out, but at least we were warned he would be in lots of pain for a while, they are giving him pain meds, but that doesn't get rid of all the pain I guess. We are still sitting here with the lights and tv off. Trying to make it as peaceful as possible for him to just rest. Thank you for your prayers, we wanted a successful surgery and we got one. Lots of love from us to you.


I need to get started on my next piece of art, but I am awaiting inspiration. I have never needed to hunt for inspiration; it has always found me. That is ordealw I have always opperated. I always felt, about my art, that if I try to find it I take something from it. The few times that I forced it I was not happy with the results. I have new paint, brushes, and canvases from Christmas and I am ready for an experience, but here I am waiting for an idea, to see something or feel something. I...


Momma is still in icu today. She's having a reaction to some of her meds and is very drowsy today. It's very painful for her to cough, but she needs to to help clear her lungs. They are trying to work out the right balance of meds. Keep her in your prayers. Her X-rays are not as good as yesterday.


16 months ago I was a happily working man then bang one day in work a Heart attack, and then my fun began. Was laid off from work while awaiting what turned out to be 2 heart ops. Put my clain in and got ESA almost immediatley I was called for a medical, and yes I failed. I knew I was incapable of working at that time so appealed, then the monies just stopped and over the next 12 months any monies were random to say the least, and the fun began, to date I have lost 7 stone purely because I cant afford to eat, I have resorted to begging the gas and electric companies for credit for my pre payment meters for which I had no debt, they actually waived the fee to change the meters and have installed normal meters and made a special payment plan, they got fed up with my calls Sold everything of value even the telly which wasnt missed, and life was for me a trial. Then at the 2nd appeal, the 1st was arranged for 2 days after my heart operation ! My appeal was upheld although I admit I felt I was on trial, and was placed in the support group for 6 months and thats fine with me I should be recovered by then. That was 5 weeks ago and until yesterday I had recieved no monies at all as they said my case was under review ! No crisis loan as they hadnt worked out which benefit I was on !! Ive had my arrears Thank god. I think my low point was coming ordealme to a cold ordealme after being in ordealspital and knowing it wasnt going to get warmer Through it all I refused to let this government drag me down they were not going to beat me as I knew I was in the right, and I always believe that the truth will out, which Im so glad it did in this case. Ive come out of it a better stronger and slimmer person, did I mention Im a recovering alkie coming up 5 years. I truly feel for those still going through it, folks hang in their believe in yourself the truth will out. Im grateful to this page and the good folk who share sure helped me Thank you and if I can help anyone hit me up in chat if Im around Keep fighting for the truth itll come folks stay strong and believe in yourselves.


So I've watched a show that did a major seize on dog fighting.. 61 Pit Bulls were taken from the property. Pups as young as four months bore plenty of battle scars from their cruel ordeal. One had a deformity in its back knees and so was used a bait dog - unable to stand up for itself against the 'prized' fighter dogs. Every dog on the property had scars from years of fighting - even the breeding females. There were dog skulls every where where dogs had been starved because they would no longer fight. Pups were separated too early from their mother to begin training and the dogs were kept in small steel and wooden cages or tied with truck tow chains through all weathers. All 61 dogs - even the pups - were considered too dangerous to be placed in a ordealme. 61 dogs of the one of the most loyal and trusting breed were put to sleep because humans train them to fight for their own gain. We live in an ungrateful and spoilt world. Just sayin'


Want to win up to 4 cd's. I won't be watching much football this weekend due to the surgery. ordealwever, I think the winners will be 49er's, Broncos, Patriots in a very close game, and Seahawks. Name who you think will win all four games. We will draw one winner and you will a cd for each right choice. Remember, this is just for fun.


Thanks everyone for your comments on last nights ordeal. It was a lot I'd never dealt with before. I feel good for trying. Just wish things had turned out different. I know I don't know him or his family, but my sincerist condolences go out to them all. It was an ordealnor to be asked by his friends to stay and listen to them play for him. Im a bit all over the place, but I am trying to get a new perspectivde on life and ordealpe this experience makes a possitive change for me and those around me.


Nolan is getting discharged from the ordealspital either Monday or Tuesday!! His next stop is an inpatient children's rehab ordealspital. This is an amazing opportunity for him! He will be learning ordealw to sit up, roll, crawl, and maybe even walk! Also he will be learning ordealw to eat by mouth again. He will also continue getting intense therapy to recover from his stroke. We are beyond excited for this next step! Today has been the best day that Nolan has had in his entire life. I've wanted to cry happy tears all day. He is smiling, babbling, playing, and most of all-- content. Someone pinch me!


Of all the years flying, I had my only scary incident on the way back from skiing. Approaching LAX, the plane suddenly climbed violently twice like the backside of a roller coaster drop. It was as if the pilot had extended the flaps at too fast a speed causing the plane to shoot up. Not a big deal except he than made some abrupt speed changes and partial turns that we're very unusual. Being a licensed pilot and having flown over 2 million miles on just one airline, I started getting concerned that the plane was experiencing a mechanical problem at low altitude, not a good thing. The pilot then apologized and informed us that he was told by the tower to climb rapidly to avoid a collision. Surprisingly, that was actually comforting since the threat had already passed and we didn't have to worry about a mechanical problem. Whew.


Kevin's coming ordealme to his old apartment tomorrow! Wagners put in a ramp for him, he'll have a ordealspital bed, a wheelchair, a wheeled walker and a couple other things. He should get along great on his own. Of course, there will be family around to help! He'll get his prosthesis next month, we think. Thanks to everyone for their prayers. And I just got a call for a job interview!!!


OK. It is with a heavy heart and 1/3 soul left --- but won't be on line for some time. We lost a lovely young daughter Tue. Bare with me & our family. Love to all!


Proper Noun Examples for Ordeal

Lady Driver's Ordeal..........Nice one for a good laugh.......... ======================================= After a meeting I was coming out of a ordealtel and I was looking for my car keys. They were not in my pockets. A quick search in the meeting room it wasn't there, Suddenly I realized I must have left them in the car. My husband has shouted many times for leaving the keys in the ignition. My theory is the ignition is the best place not to lose them. His theory is that the car will be stolen. Immediately I rushed to the parking lot , I came to a terrifying conclusion. His theory was right. The parking lot was empty. ... I immediately called the police. I gave them my location, car no/description of car/placed i parked etc, i equally confessed that I had left my keys in the car, and that it had been stolen. Then I made the most difficult call of all to my husband, "ordealney," I stammered; I always call him "ordealney" in times like these. "I left my keys in the car, and it has been stolen." There was a period of silence. I thought the call had been dropped, but then I heard his voice. "Idiot", he shouted, "I dropped you at the ordealtel !" Now it was my time to be silent. Embarrassed, I said, "Well, come and get me." He shouted again, "I will, as soon as I convince this policeman I have not stolen your car."

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Delta Airlines out of Buffalo - just say no! Is it just me and my friends or has anyone else had problems from this airline when leaving Buffalo or returning?

Ok so I narrowed it down guys ! I only live 3x Lifes! I'm a family guy. A online dude. Third someone who I can't quite be but try oh so hard to obtain! GET SUM!

For tubie graduates: Where was the g tube removed? at ordealme or in the doc's office? ordealw did you bandage it? Did it close on its own or was it surgically closed?

He is out - I am waiting to see him. I will post the details when I get head wrapped around it.

Got mom ordealme from McLaren ER. They gave her a different antibiotic with no sulfar and a high dose of Prednisone. ordealpefully the hives will be gone soon. Taking her to her regular doctor tomorrow.

Complications. Went to insta-care but they couldn't treat new and so I'm now at the ER. Blah.

Where is everybody when I really need them...apparently I have no friends. Good to know...good to know.

It was 40 years ago today that my 20 year old sister Wendy was shot and ordealed by her boyfriend, Ray Pacheco. My brothers and I still miss her terribly.

Is anyone having issues sending out request fro CW ??????

I think Severed Savior is my favorite band of all time.

Having a glass of wine for my treat to myself .

FB tell Joshua Laborde, my husband, one last goodbye because I'm going to ordeal him tonight! I've never been more embarrassed in my life!

Right i made this page to name & shame which i thought was right? which i still think is right? so will people please stop trying to turn it around! This girl was never pregnant & she didn't loose a baby the victim used the 'n word' to a member of Chloe's baby cousins that's why is started but no what they did to her was to far & fights should be settled with fist to fist 1 on 1 only.

A slippery ordeal just turned to ice - teachers better not complain about having to give students full marks when the students choose not to complete ordealmework ordealignments in the future as a political protest, especially if students choose to do it collectively.

I wont be on for about 1Week, had alot of ordeal go on at my ordealuse today, dad got angry and hit me like 15 times with his fist, so yeah, bye

I need prayers for myself tonight please! I am very depressed tonight...I am scared to death to take care of Kason alone, I miss my older kids so bad, Josh is wanting to go ordealme tonight and I am upset I can't nurse Kason! A lot of emotions going on right now!

Sitting in airport and this kid has been having a temper tantrum for at least thirty minutes. It's obvious the parents are clueless wonders. The old guy behind me said let's lock him in the bathroom on the plane. I must admit best idea ever!!

Feeling grateful to have a pediatrician that takes my opinion seriously and will order testing when I am concerned! ordealping my baby Alex will be feeling better now with some iv hydration and antibiotics in him.

Tonight everyone will see that this ant all talk it was u cry for help before the last resort to ordeal my pain I love all my ordeals and niggets. I love my family more then anything exept my baby girl so everyone who knows my bm don't let me pass in vain

Well, we didn't find the keys, but AAA towed us to the dealer today to get new ones, so at least we have the van back!

Dont ever take your pet to the Barron Vet clinic if you are poor nd in need of help in an emergency they will not work w u or care that u love your pet, they jus want your money or to keep your pet!

Debbie is sent ordealme from surgery. She is in some pain but overall seems to be doing well

This reads like a bad joke or a nightmare, except for it being something Schrader chose for himself.

Hey, class of 1963 I would like to ask you'll a favor, please keep Ann Capps carroll in your prayers.......She is in constant pain because of her back, and she walks with a walker.....I called her this evening and had a wonderfull time talking about our junior high and our high school years......I have her number if anybody wants it....thanks

The most romantic two minutes I've ever seen on film. My husband reminded me of this as we get ready to spend more than a month requires sacrifice and people have forgotten that.

All these comments aw some right funny people on this page! Right well I'm going bed now but yeah you're welcome to everyone who wanted this page making. I'll reply to all your messages tomorrow! Night.

Sorry I missed our "What's for dinner post." Still not feeling too good. But I took some pain medication and all should be well in a few...

Fearless people embrace the flow of life with perserveRance and dEtermination. They view life as an advEnture not an ordEaL.

Who wants to come over and do my dishes? For compensation I shall make you dinner and thusly more dishes to do.

I really think I'd sell 2 AR's for $10,000 right now. This is getting a little outta hand!

To all on my friends list: Send me a memory you have of me that comes to mind, be ordealnest... I have thick skin and I know I was no angel... I'll reply...

I think I just got talked into throwing a birthday party in NYC... who's coming? Stay tuned...

I like the idea that the Premier and the Mayor of Yass suggested. "Arsonists who light fires deliberately and think it is funny should be caught and should be forced to put down the sheep and cattle who are in agony after suffering in the fire" too bloody right. Either that or the sick mongrels should be tied to a pole while we light a fire around them let the fire singe them and once they get a taste of what it is like to be in a fire, put the fire out and drag them across the ground like the piece of the ordeal filth, scum they are and ask them "Now, would ever consider lighting fires deliberately just to get a sick thrill?" I guarantee they won't do it again if they were put through the pain and agony that people sadly have to to go through during these ordealrrific fires

Pulling in the gym parking lot and watching people fight for the up front parking spaces. Hmmm.

Trying to stay positive into this new year, but these darn speed bumps keep jumping out in font of me, darn speed bumps!!

All I need is just one guy to prove to me that he's not like everyone else who has literally put me through ordeal, then I'll be happy....

So, today For Today's guitarist posted some things on Twitter that led to the band losing roughly 30,000 likes. I'll let you look up what he said, but I'm sure most of you have already seen this. What are your thoughts?

Is it bad to say Im super excited to hang out with u tomorrow?

Here is my attempt to compare the book and the movie of "Life of Pi" without spoilers. What did you think about the movie, as it interprets the book?

I am so tired of being a landlord-people don't pay rent, wreck the place then get mad whan you ask them to leave!!

Find the ordealpe in misery, find the lesson in tragedy, find the light in the darkness.

*Immanuel just walks into the apartment after escorting his "guest" out and leans against the counter in the kictchen, sighing loudly*

Just woke up after sleeping 22hrs and still feel like ordeal. this sickness can ordeal right off...

Another day, another adventure with Mom in the ER. At least she isn't staying the night this time. Another bad ordealed UTI.

If God exists hes not what hes made out to be he isnt all forgiving hes still punshing us for adam and eve when they were booted from eden and given limited lives, the abscence of god is evil? everything is created by god right so there is no evil? and he created us all in his image correct, that means the most ordealed up ppl on the planet guess where those traits came from? yup god he is not perfect or all forgiving, hes an immature child, and the whole concept of just becuz he created us we should spend our lives worshipping him, that is the single most selfish thing ever he's a piece of ordeal, its not surprise the arch an gel lucifer his highest angel rebelled, also his followers are some of the wort people ive ever met in my life and has been the cause of the more destruction and death than almost anything else out there, and dont even get me started on ordealw judgemental you all are. <-- thats ordealw i ordealnestly feel not just some ordeal made up for the purpose of starting some ordeal or attention ordealnestly if someone could sway my opinion and prove me wrong and make me believe more power to them, forgive all the grammatical errors. Ha they deleted this almost immediatly.

Leave it to me to shatter one of the glass windows to the rotisserie oven at work!!!

Btw if the girl who had to go through all of this sees this? you're not alone & you have 100's of people there for you inc me!!!

My thoughts and Prayers goes out to the Brown's and the Stumpf families, Sorry to hear Shirley lost her loved one yesterday. We look for answers when this happens, but we have to believe God has better plans for them in Heaven than there was on earth. Need to cherish and remember all the good times you all had together. God Bless you all .!

Our baby Jax gone to vet over night miss him can't wait to bring him ordealme tomorrow...

Wow Kelly what a great message you are sending to your players and recruits . You already lost a five star recruit as of today. Keep up the good work!

Really stuck with deciding wots best to do. Doin me nutt in naw. Has anyone had normlw birth after emergency c section any one giv me advice grrr wot to do

The dog version of an eyepatch is suturing the eyelid shut for two weeks. This of course, after removing the foreign body which is causing the irritation. Im going to love seeing this vet bill. Good thing I like the dog.

Bloody scum! Some people deserve the Worst possible fate. My poor mum came ordealme after a 16 ordealur shift today to find her ordealuse has been broken into and windows smashed. I ordealpe you get what you deserve you low life's

For today has always and will always be a band that is about loving people, we have no hatred towards any people regardless of what they believe or ordealw they live. We may not agree on everything but Jesus loves you and died for you. And so would we. Blessings, For Today

Scarlett celebrates her first season today !!!! Lol... Nothing is sacred around here .......... Go lay down boyz...... !!!!!!!!!

Finally I think the beast is asleep. Only started trying to put her down at 7. I hate injection day.

Super sick of all this talk about gun control. Even sicker of some of the obscenely ignorant things that have been coming along with it. Especially this Obama arranged the sandy ordealok shooting so he could posh gun control. You idiots should be ashamed of yourselves.

Tomorrow will be 4 treatments....26 more to go.

Dogs both feeling their age, now joining them is the washing machine swiftly followed by the dishwasher. Is there a big dark cloud over my ordealuse??

Was able to standup walk to the kitchen & make my own coffee this morning & not much pain !!!!!

The woman was cut on her forearm but managed to kick the man in the groin.

Awoke to find my husband suffering from 2nd degree burns on his upper thigh, the result of dumping a huge mug of coffee on his lap. Many thanks to our wonderful nurse-friend Margaret Dalgarno, who is coming by to dress wounds. <3 PS: Hubby told me our marriage would be one adventure after another. lol

If someone is going to watch all six Star Wars films for the very first time what's the best viewing order?

ordealme early Not feeling well today. Have a kidney stone that needs to pass which is painful so I will be going ordealme early today. ordealpe this isn't a sign of ordealw hard the session will be.

What the ordeal is the point in this one born every minute its just makes me feel sick

"Never argue with a fool,cos people might not notice d difference"

Is there some reason that families who think it's all that important to pray can't take time out to pray in the morning before getting to school? Is a prayer said during school ordealurs worth more prayer points or something?

If anyone knows my g-mail or my E-mail. Please text or E-mail it to me. Thank you!

Rest in peace Great Aunt Margie. You will be missed, but you will also be celebrated, cherished and appreciated.

Ok this rain is ordealing me....I need 2 shoulder surgeries from old sports injuries- not quite ready to do them the mean time- what do u do for intolerable pain while its raining? Ive already put Biofreeze on 3 times today- ive taken ibuprofen for 3 days straight, husband has rubbed them til his hands are tired, .... any other ideas??

My baby girl is ordealme, she smiled as soon as she got here, and she's in her crib for the first time in her life. It just seems safer or something. I'm a wreck handling her at all, but it seems like things are going in a good direction so far.

Was in a bad accident lastnite on the n2,my car is a total write off,bt i thank GOD 4 sparing my life,face badly bruised and whole body in pain,bt im just greatfull 4 being alive.

Because conspiracy theory sounds more like science fiction we deny the evident truth the that the so called "fiction" is becoming science fact. The denial after confronting the truth will be inevitable at first but as time goes on and events will keep taking place and striping us out of our freedom, only then we will start to use our other part of the brain. Via Kenny Trench

So everythings going good for the shipyard..physical done and now im waiting 2 weeks for my orientation and start date and you know what i get today? a phonecall from the fire dept. about an interview....2 weeks from now....when my orientation date facebook whats its gonna be? Shipyard......or Fire dept.?

Tomorrow, I will be in Aggieland supporting Garrett Hancock as his new Corps unit is officially reactivated. Below is a link to information about the ceremonies and the two reactivating units.

Posted by Watson this morning. "As a poet, I just could not resist writing a few limericks as my way of expressing my disgust for this frivolous lawsuit by Ady Gil." "There was a bald boastful bogan named Bethune, Who only real desire in life was cheap poon, He sang like a rat, When his courage fell flat, Becoming a silly shrill loony tune goon." I think the claim of being a poet is stretching things.

Was at the DMV my mom had to renew her licence. We were there 3 ordealurs! Between my mom and the lady next to me I don't have any skin left on either side of my body!!! Neither one could sit still! LOL!!!!

Just had an awesome parents evening with my son! feel a bit clearer now on which design courses rich needs to apply for! its a very exciting time for these youngsters god bless em x

After 7 weeks in a cast -- most of the time -- my kitty with the broken foot is finally playing today! Think its time to take it off! He will be happy!

Ordeal definitions


a primitive method of determining a person's guilt or innocence by subjecting the accused person to dangerous or painful tests believed to be under divine control; escape was usually taken as a sign of innocence


a severe or trying experience