Opened in a sentence as an adjective

"I hope the specs at some point are opened.

These are they types of results that have opened new fields of science in the past.

Projects like Flynn are the reason we opened Docker in the first place.

With a smile he reached for the letter #3 and opened it to read write 3 letters.

In desperation, the CEO opened the drawer and pulled out letter #2.

They may have been soft on the hardcore science, but they opened up the breadth of my understanding of the world.

They all drop acid while telling me they can't wait to see their amazing creations once their minds are opened.

The new CEO opened letter #1 and the paper inside had the words blame it on your predecessor.

When people arrived, they sat down, opened an envelope and read, Dont Have $100k to spend on seeding a viral video?

Furthermore, I wouldn't be surprised if he just opened himself up to legal action by Samsung.

The former CEO had instructed they be opened in order for maximal benefit.

I did so because it was "powerful" but it opened up all sorts of extra binding trickery I never intended.

On the other hand, if you think of the door as only needing a key when you wish to have it opened on nights and week-ends, you are on your way to trouble.

"When the second restaurant opened, promoting its inclusionary nature and affordable prices, I'd eat there every day for a week, because **** those first guys.

In one example a 75kb Word memo was opened over a simulated link between Indonesia and California.

That was the gamble apparently made by the Winklevoss brothers - that they would be able to exact a much larger settlement as a result of their leverage obtained from having the issues re-opened.

When they got their Mac I taught them that whenever OS X opened up a window asking for their password or asked them if they really wanted to open up a file, they should freak the **** out and be 100% sure of why that box appeared.

> Now, an open question is if Google will make that request when the email is actually opened, which would allow marketers to determine if and when the email was read by the user, or if Google will make the request as soon as the email is received.

This sort of trade-off is not worth it for all companies but, for those that dream to do significant scaling and that need to have doors opened to future VC investors, the YC stamp of approval and the YC resources offer value that is not easily found elsewhere.

Opened definitions


used of mouth or eyes; "keep your eyes open"; "his mouth slightly opened"

See also: open


made open or clear; "the newly opened road"


not sealed or having been unsealed; "the letter was already open"; "the opened package lay on the table"

See also: open