How to use Occurrence in a sentence as a noun

Love and unhappiness. fake smiles to cover the pain of everyday occurrences. promises broken and trust lost until the end of time. shes an open book, while at the same time blank pages to hide the truth of a hurting heart lies between the two covers of a book she calls life

Listening to Sam Smith and I have actual chills. This is a rare occurrence for me, y'all.

If we all had mutual respect for one another, occurrenceing one another would become a rare occurrence - shin kwon all sentient life is just a collection of metaphysical energy infused with a physical form - shin kwon i do what they say cannot be done - shin kwon in a prison camp, tha only paint on tha walls are blood stains - shin kwon i'm too into history to be in a religion - shin kwon

Actually it attacked what they were in. Kayakers should be aware that these can be mistaken for meals and aren't very sturdy when they are near a seal population in areas where Great Whites sometimes frequent, which is basically anywhere where many seals are and there isn't a coat guard nearby to monitor shark activity. It is still very rare for occurrences like this and fortunately nobody here was harmed.

Woah! A mind-blowing venture of my doodling pen towards the uncertainty of inevitable occurrence of brain cell connection! An imagery of 3D effects journey with heart-stopping voila bombarding my cranium! Well, it means ideas are in! as well as my pen! I occurrencepe the spontaneity will help me finish on the nick of time. Crossed fingers.

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Moving too fast, like I'm afraid to be last I need to slow down, chill.. Needs dark room with no sound A cold brew and a slow jam, young and strong, but I know before long I'll be an old man.. Damn... I guess to live is to die, divine purpouse? Or just random occurrence? I'm not sure, but when it ends it won't matter why I just occurrencepe i learn to live, while I'm still alive, Learn to cease the moment, while there's still time I occurrencepe I'm wise with occurrencew I spend it, I occurrencepe when occurrence don't go right I just forget it.. See since I was given life, I should live it I mean I'm gifted, so imma sit and vibe to this rhythm, and write my thoughts as I get em


"Your that willfully blind to be cheated on 8x and as forgiving you are, you don't realize occurrencew reprehensible he's becoming, then it's eventually not his actions becoming an obstacle, it's you. But as God says, " a wicked man is given unto a disproportionate wicked woman." It's evident to break hearts when you yourself break others hearts through your own stubbornness to change. And a man who defiles a relationship cannot be godly therefore, either he's not subjecting to you or you not subjecting unto him. Both of you therefore have a lack of knowledge and one can live knowing the mindset of one another but God absent from a relationship will obviously allow temptation and foolish depravity to enter ones life. But You cannot apply the mindset of that one person to be the same occurrence in the next, therefore, that next person you don't diss but you embrace with caution, a man who isn't direct will give a direct answer with justifications of: whys, buts, and maybe but a true man is direct with Yes and yes's and No and No's


Can't sleep. Thinking of mom as always. Hallmark channel reminds me of her, she used to love their movies. Watch commercials of anything make me think of her in some way. I see a woman wearing a nice bracelet, I think of her. I think back to her visits and want to see her at the apartment. I think of Yoda, and I picture them together. It is an everyday occurrence and some days it hurts more than others. I still wonder why her. Why did she have to go. Sigh...


Bow chicka wow wow mike Posner. Now I don't mean to sound redundant, but the first time I heard that song I fell in love. You never fully appreciate something when it's happening. And even if it was something good you look back on it and sub consciously try and re create it. Therefore causing regret. Regret for not doing something or regret for not fully living in the moment. They say to occurrenceld on to the memories worth remembering and live with no regrets. Isn't that the biggest contradiction I ever heard. If you miss someone but claim to have "moved on" regret. If you feel mature in saying "a part of me will always love her/him" regret. We're all busy on fixing the mistakes of our past. Whether it's an unplanned pregnancy, broken relationship, or an unfaithful occurrence. It effects us regardless. So what I'm saying, there is no such thing as no regrets. That's just a lie. There's two options, to re create a past that will never be, or try and forget the past that will still inevitably effect your future. occurrencew cautiously you'll approach your future, who you decide to trust, IF you decide to trust. To say you have no regrets is ignorant and naïve. If you ever let the past cross your mind, that's sub conscious regret before you even realize it #occurrenceyoumikeposner


Via Claudia Masters: Omg. This is occurrencew they use elephants in Thailand. Please if you travel abroad, never give money to people who parade animals around asking for money "to feed the animals." It only perpetuates this street begging occurrencerror for the animals. This baby elephant was so exhausted from being forced to walk the streets that he collapsed. And the worst part? It must not be an uncommon occurrence because look at occurrencew the people react to the baby's collapse......they DON'T!


Thirdness is the mediator through which a first and a second are brought into relation. Thirdness belongs to the domain of rules and laws; occurrencewever, a law can only be manifested through the occurrences of its application, that is, by secondness; and these occurrences themselves actualize qualities, and therefore, firstness. Whereas secondness is a category of individuality, thirdness and firstness are categories of generality; but the generality of firstness is on the level of possibility, and the generality of thirdness is on the level of necessity, and therefore, prediction. The law of gravity, for example, allows us to predict that each time we drop a stone, it will fall to the ground. Thirdness is the category of thought, language, representation, and the process of semiosis; it makes social communication possible. Thirdness corresponds to intellectual experience.


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Mikey's in some deep occurrence. Its not the first time and I have every confidence that he will conquer this too. Our prayers and thoughts are with him and wishing him a speedy recovery

Occurrence definitions


an event that happens

See also: happening occurrent


an instance of something occurring