Nozzle in a sentence as a noun

* What happens if feces end up on the nozzle?

Thus the nozzle can't produce much thrust for the propellant flow.

It always seemed to me that, if the nozzle got dirty, then they could cause more problems than they solve.

I love that little roll correcting nozzle twitching

I'm going to put in half a gallon of gasoline, hang up the nozzle and start driving to the next station.

One could probably compare vs the video to see if the pieces look like that, the nozzle, or other engine parts.

Does anybody have an account of how unleaded/diesel fuel cars came to have a standard nozzle for filling up?

In return they would get a giant vacuum cleaner nozzle for gamblers from southern California.

I was replacing a nozzle every 4 weeks on a relatively small 12 nozzle spraying system.

The odd thing is, in Turkey we universally have a nozzle on the back of the toilet that just is a stream of water that falls in an arc forwards.

Now calculate the thermal energy of that nozzle assuming perfect combustion in megawatts.

If you need 4 more nozzles just like the last 100, you walk to the nozzle guy inside the SpaceX facility and ask him for 4 more nozzles, and he makes them for you just like he made the last 100.

Then given that the gas nozzle is about half an inch, look up what diameter copper wire would be required to transfer that kind of energy if it was electricity.

" If there's any bacteria on that nozzle, and since it's been in a toilet for any number of years I'd guess there might be, surely there'd be a risk of it causing UTIs and the like?

This position is now changed as a result of the [51-B] nozzle joint erosion which eroded a secondary O-ring with the primary O-ring never sealing.

There seems to be a generation of designers who have a nozzle-shaped hammer and see everything as an additively-manufactured nail.

When the device detects sheep panic, it turns an exit nozzle for the tank toward the direction the sheep is looking, releases the stored methane while simultaneously applying an ignition source.

In exerting a downward force upon the air, the wing receives an upward counterforce--by the same principle, known as Newton's law of action and reaction, which makes a gun recoil as it shoves the bullet out forward; and which makes the nozzle of a fire hose press backward heavily against the fireman as it shoots out a stream of water forward.

Nozzle definitions


a projecting spout from which a fluid is discharged

See also: nose


informal terms for the nose

See also: beak honker hooter snoot snout schnozzle schnoz