How to use Nihilism in a sentence as a noun

There is a terrible strain of nihilism alive in the world. So many lives wasted by it.

Need to be better controlled, but this pseudo-libertarian nihilism about government betrays an ignorance of realities that are much more fundamental than who is tracking phone call metadata.

I mean, if this is misuse, you'd better nix nihilism, liberalism, socialism, and all the rest, as those are also just "opinions".

Communism, solipsism, humanism, socialism, nihilism? If the majority of philosophical and political beliefs, even those with a stated opposition to religion, are now redefined to be religion, then "religious belief" is no longer a subset of "belief", and you've expanded the categorical definition of that word to be useless at anything other than proving yourself correct.

And he gave us a term we can use - "linguistic nihilism" >>Its linguistic nihilism, in which everything means nothing and nothing means anything at all.

This leads into materialistic nihilism and a very unsettling style of ennui in which a person has to get further detached from reality to feel good.

He's nopt expressing venom for people who/are those things, but for those who use such status to justify the sort of violent nihilism on display in this article. I know lots of Burning Man/weirdo artist types who work hard, care about their neighbors, and manage to express their political views without slinging bricks through windows or justifying intimidation by calling it 'direct action.'

Between the truths of death of an individual and death of the universe, nihilism seems all too logical. However, knowing this,I'm in no way a depressed individual.

They have strong ascetic traditions, at the extreme end ressembling nihilism, that underpin the faith and the recommended lifestyle. This attitude flows towards science as well.

It creates a culture of anger, vengeance, victimhood, and nihilism. I think the danger here is to confuse the issue and start talking about who really has a right to be upset or what kind of justice is demanded by current conditions.

This is essentially nihilism, whose conflict arises because it rejects any model that isn't perfectly "objective". 33 years is too long to notice an exception to 50% of the population.

There's a certain arrogant, self-congratulatory nihilism in the "hipster" culture, and if it's taken more seriously than it deserves, it leads to some very bad places. Is it the ***** or the casual sex alone?

All of that is stuff you could reasonably pass laws on, so some of the nihilism in this thread is unfortunate. Maybe we'll get all of those reforms, or some of them, or maybe none of them; I don't know.

That some of these things exist materially, doesn't mean the individual concerned is descending into materialistic nihilism. I don't understand why ***** get singled out as such a particular evil in this regard.

The main difference is that for you or I, even if we slip into nihilism, depression, or hedonism for temporary spells, reality always demands our attention. Even mere millions last at most years if truly spent with the abandon the "**** it all" lifestyle requires.

Making up goals/challenges for oneself, hobbies, all what we do not for sheer survival really, just ways of dealing with nihilism.

Specialness" is in the realm of philosophy and from that perspective, this principle just comes across as a mellow form of nihilism. Telling students to filter all of science through the "we're not special" lens just biases them so that if there actually is something special, they will be blind to it.

> "This environment gave artists few choices: sentimentality, nihilism, or irony." I suppose one could call it art to construct a giant synthetic angst generator and bathe in its effluent.

During disco, coke, free sex, and a general environment of nihilism? My guess is same or less, not the quite significant growth suggested in the slideshow.

Ultimately nihilism is non-prescriptive as to how you should behave or feel. Under nihilism you can very easily turn "Why Bother?"

Nihilism definitions


a revolutionary doctrine that advocates destruction of the social system for its own sake


the delusion that things (or everything, including the self) do not exist; a sense that everything is unreal


complete denial of all established authority and institutions