Navigable in a sentence as an adjective

I really wish he would have made it navigable by more than just click & drag.

But even as a field of vast moral hazard, I've come to view it as "navigable and worth the risks.

I wouldn't use rails for a new project these days, I got bored of the un-navigable code a while ago.

"There is also a federal law that makes all navigable rivers open to the public up to the high water line.

Yes, you are correct, however that's a different sort of straight line: it is the shortest distance between two points, but it isn't the most easily navigable line.

Maybe there is a ventilation system which is easily navigable once you know how to get in; or maybe all of the rooms have unlocked windows for no good reason; we haven't been told yet.

We would all very much like to be sagely and reliably advised by our own private genie; we would like the genie to make the world more transparent, more easily navigable.

Windows RT however, being essentially the same as Windows 8 in this regard, is efficiently navigable via keyboard and mouse input alone.

This is exactly the kind of visually appealing and easily navigable Vim plugin directory I've been searching for ever since I started using it last year.

The navigable ones are lines of constant bearing, since a ship could/can set their compass and make adjustments to hold it "straight" rather than having to do the computations required to follow a great circle.

These aren't just "UIKit-inspired layout classes" - it's a full complement of remote-navigable controls: text input fields, buttons, detail disclosure views, scrubbers, sliders, keyboards, so on and so forth.

If you value the service they provide like making an easily navigable website and providing helpful links to compatible products and providing products that hobbyists use then you should support them

But it treats humans as emotionless agents, and the "punishment" as an abstract, theoretical, rationally navigable scenario.

Thomas Sowell points out that Africa has exceptionally few rivers that are navigable all the way to a harbor on a seacoast compared to other continents, and very few rivers that are navigable at all.

However, as far as I know there isn't any database that contains a list of all the rivers that are considered to be navigable, meaning that actually using this protection might require an expensive affirmative defense.

Burp has a lot of features, but at it's core it's four things:* Proxy records, categorizes, and makes searchable and navigable all the requests you make through Burp, and includes an internal CA to generate on-the-fly SSL certificates.

That constrained the development of trade networks in Africa and the development of many other learned cultural attributes of what countries with navigable rivers call "civilization.

High fence does not give you a reasonable expectation of privacy Even within the curtilage and notwithstanding that the owner has gone to the extreme of erecting a 10-foot high fence in order to screen the area from ground-level view, there is no reasonable expectation of privacy from naked-eye inspection from fixed-wing aircraft flying in navigable airspace.

Navigable definitions


able to be sailed on or through safely; "navigable waters"; "a navigable channel"