Nascent in a sentence as an adjective

I consider this post part of a nascent trend to de-******** the startup and technology scene.

When Google bought YT it was a small team of people and a pretty nascent product that people really loved, and the usage numbers were out of control.

Granted, I might want to start using the nascent .NET, but Managed C++ and COM interop makes that pretty easy to accomplish piecemeal.

[1] Both of the companies pulled out of the Indian market in a move that had widespread impact upon the nascent Indian economy.

As an EE working as a, and with other programmers, I hear a lot of these arguments whenever the matter of "why CPUs aren't evolving" comes up. There's a lot of misconception here.> Hardware design is still in pretty nascent stage, technology-wise.

We probably don't have any nascent Hitlers, but we certainly have people who will abuse power if they get it, and ignoring people with good intentions will make them impossible to detect.

It is regrettable that although there are Muslim democracies, the first attempts at specifically Arab democracies so far are nascent and struggling.

This claim is brought under the rubric of antitrust but the impetus behind it is found in the nascent movement seeking to subject search engines to principles of so-called "search neutrality.

There are any number of ways we can think of for interstellar communication networks to exist and yet be undetectable by us at the moment, and then there are no doubt all the ways that we can't think of.- Agents responsible for the Fermi Paradox through suppression of nascent intelligence are a popular science fiction trope.

Nascent definitions


being born or beginning; "the nascent chicks"; "a nascent insurgency"