Narcissist in a sentence as a noun

I think this is more geared towards the narcissist in all of us. You read your own timeline, not your workmates'.

Having actually known John in real life, I disagree with your description of him as a narcissist.

It smacks of the superiority complex and has the shiny flawless gleam of the narcissist in the psychopath.

Obviously we will never know, this cannot be science, but Jobs went through life burning everyone down, filtering out everyone who wasn't a born narcissistic enabler.

It's then pretty logical that the narcissistic part of the pair gets all the fame, spotlight, power, and the co-dependent part gets used, squeezed, depleted and thrown away once not useful.

> As far as I'm concerned, a top-poster is either a narcissist or very inexperienced in Internet communications.

Although this will make me sound like an absolute narcissist, I needed a haircut when I took the pic, so I photoshopped my twitter pic onto my own body rather than get a haircut and retake a bunch of pictures.

As long as we don't assume either side is narcissistic and allow the possibility that we're not experienced in every possible scenario of Internet communication, we may just get along...

If they look like contemporary business and governmental organizations, the captain will be a narcissist/psychopath and his immediate subordinates fawning codependents.

It's probably common in technology area that due to Dunning-Kruger effect many super talented engineers have low self-esteem and real-life skills, and are attracted by "magical" personalities, forming narcissist-codependent pairs.

Narcissist definitions


someone in love with themselves

See also: narcist