Mystify in a sentence as a verb

Their job is not to make things clear, it is to mystify and amaze and awe.

I read this as an attempt to de-mystify programming as work.

He's a man writing about a man, so the gender of pronouns shouldn't mystify or bother you.

The author is trying to de-mystify garbage collectors.

Hacker News continues to mystify me - getting knocked down for asking for a reference for a statement?

Both of them mystify and intrigue old-media companies.

I hope you come to understand why your declarations about your side projects tend to mystify people, and why your strongly held stances tend to not gain traction with others.

Heck, a lot of things about Finder mystify me when I think further about it: like sorting files, folders, copy and moving folders/files around, etc...My local coffee shop changes the wireless password every day. Ever have to do this on OS X?

I'm getting really sick of companies using binary blobs to obfuscate and mystify what is happening inside devices they produce.

And it has the singular distinction of being the only Free platform in this sector, which would make you think that folks would be extremely interested in seeing it win. Why that doesn't seem to be the case continues to mystify me. I know it's still got a few Big Business cooties on it, but it's got way, way, way less of them than Java does.

Reddit has user-level shadowbanning as well, but I've only ever seen it used when it was warranted, like doxxing -- here, some of the hellbanned comment histories mystify me.

Functional regressions from earlier versions mystify me. Xcode build configuration is so much of a hassle that it's easier to avoid it altogether by putting everything into xcconfigs.

To deconstruct means something like "disassemble" or "reverse engineer" - to reduce something to its constituent parts in order to de-mystify it.

You don't need modes for richness of expression and complexity- Modal errors can mystify even the most experienced of users- and waste vast amounts of time while you're learning to use VIM.

" In fact, I really hate the phrase "beyond comprehension" applied to almost anything because it has a tendency to mystify science, which can always be comprehended and expressed in the language of mathematics.

Having listened to about 100 of them over the years, I eventually came to the conclusion that the most popular ones acquired their acclaim by being as formulaic as possible -- say positive things, don't mystify your audience, build your talk out of a series of verbal bumperstickers.

"start breaking up functionality that logically belongs together and can't be reused in other contexts"I know you said you're in the C++ world, so I don't think what I'm doing fits yours, but I've responded to the same behavior in the Java world in a way that tends to confuse and mystify my co-workers.

Mystify definitions


be a mystery or bewildering to; "This beats me!"; "Got me--I don't know the answer!"; "a vexing problem"; "This question really stuck me"

See also: perplex stick puzzle baffle beat pose bewilder


make mysterious; "mystify the story"