How to use Mourn in a sentence as a verb

There is something special that has died here and, if only for old time's sake, we can mourn its passing.

I love, love, love Bioshock Infinite, but if the $100 million dollar budget games are a dinosaur on its way out, I won't mourn it too much.

The reason we mourn when a loved one dies is precisely because that means they are gone. Maybe RMS sees a subtle distinction between death and gone-ness in his head. But I promise you that people in grief see absolutely no distinction between the death and the loss of the person they mourn.

But I promise you that people in grief see absolutely no distinction between the death and the loss of the person they mourn. It is not legitimate for the mass of HN to be "in grief" because of Steve Jobs's death.

Childish preoccupations have been replaced by adult concerns and to an extent you mourn that.

I mourn the loss of the old awesome tree-munching git monster logo.

Today I mourn the end of Groklaw, where I would have gone to get the very finest in public discourse and debate about the ruling.

Some even mourn the passing of their brethren. But few eyes are batted when our microencephalized cousins are abused and killed by the billions.

By the authority invested in me by a highly arbitrary karma algorithm, I decree that people with sufficient HN karma get to make a post inviting other HN members to mourn the passing of their mother. When we have to -- but not before; remember that we are nothing if not lean and agile -- we can have the debate about the karma cutoff for mourning.

Please do not mourn for one day without your favorite sites. Show some solidarity among internet citizens.

Some species can even form friendships and mourn the passing of their kin. Despite all indications that our treatment of these creatures is reprehensible, cultural inertia and the tastiness of meat are enough to prevent us from changing our behavior.

Calling a gentle suggestion from the HN community to make a minor change to mourn one of our members "very offensive" is a bizarre overreaction.

I too mourn the decline of the monarch butterfly, but whatever the cause, it can't be a mere 20% decline in milkweed population. My parents' farm still has the capacity to support the hundreds of monarchs it once did, yet as far as I can tell they are gone.

I will not mourn their passing, as either a reader or an oft-suggested author.

This is the one where we bury you and mourn you and so-on. Yes, they're very much not the same thing.

I mourn the perpetuation of sarcasm as a means of communication. I can't even interpret simple sentences.

If you want performance, it's kinda funny to use pure Python and then mourn the fact that you can't run, on 8 cores, Python code that's 30-50x slower than C to begin with. I really dislike this attitude.

I don't see why we should mourn the decline in traditional "labor". Robots aren't going to be cooking anyone a six course meal or directing the next Star Wars movie any time soon.

And even though you're right - it does get better, and it could be worse, just as it is in this case, that mother will still grieve the loss of her child and this entrepreneur will still mourn the failure of his company. And deep down inside, I'm sure they know logically that it will get better, that it's not as bad as it could have been - but emotionally, right now, it still feels like the end of the world.

I don't particularly mourn their passing. The innocents they may have poisoned in the aftermath get my sympathy, of course.

Wow. I mourn for Colin. And I mourn for the dry wind, devoid of intimacy, that blows out across the open plan stage of our working lives.

From the blog post: "Almost every Sunday night I mourn another blown opportunity to catch up" The author may also want to consider removing the notion of "caught up" from his vocabulary. Although it's not covered in the Now Habit, it's discussed in other respected books on procrastination and time management.

Whenever I hear people talking about various limitations with 3D graphics, physics or AI today, I mourn the lack of outside-the-box thinking that Amiga exemplified. Our hands are tied by the CPU/GPU/OS oligarchies for the foreseeable future.

They also display the same ability as many of the great apes to mourn their dead, but notably dead humans. Orangutans are largely being made extinct for the same reason that humans have made wolves and tried to make numerous other species such as foxes, rabbits, etc.

Mourn definitions


feel sadness; "She is mourning her dead child"


observe the customs of mourning after the death of a loved one