How to use Monolith in a sentence as a noun

But without little touches like this, the company would move closer and closer to the IBM-esque corporate monolith.

Quoting one of the comments from Techcrunch which I think should be upvoted:"disgraceful that they spent their whole life as a company arguing that they were the next big thing in open publishing only to sell out to the most unethical monolith in closed publishing out there.

It's a incredibly complicated monolith with a lot of historical baggage.

The sierras are something of a geological monolith, not unlike a giant bathub [1].

I agree, big news to most people from mars would be the discovery of non-microbial life or a big *** monolith with strange writing on it.

If investors don't like it, they're welcome to buy an Alcoa or P&G or any other bluechip monolith.

Hackers would generally avoid the weasel-words and centralization: "virtual incubator" and reliance on a site that presents itself as more or less a monolith.

The sudden love for C is the logical backlash caused by the abuse of lasagna layer upon layer of enterprise oo mvc enabled, xml configurable, orm supporting, osgi friendly huge monolith frameworks.

Rather than trying to push around a monolith, I learned how to keep things lightweight and use only the pieces I needed.

It's not foolproof, but at least with Android you own the software and can install it without having to go through a corporate monolith like Google/Apple.

Instead, using something like component[5] you get true dependency trees, so you don't have to go monolithic anymore.

Monolith definitions


a single great stone (often in the form of a column or obelisk)