Metaphysics in a sentence as a noun

Classic case of a visionary genius crossing the blurry line from physics to metaphysics.

However, I don't propose to discuss politics, sociology, or metaphysics with you.

Clearly the author has no idea what they are talking about, as by their own admission, "I’ve only taken 1 metaphysics class" and has a "suspicion" about the entire field.

Mindfulness presupposes that the "Three Fundamental Characteristics" exist, and have the form described by Buddhist metaphysics.

This served as a fundamental contradiction of the Aristotelian metaphysics that anchored the Ptolemaic scheme, and which the Church had, by then, adopted as canonical.

"[1] Off topic, but I think this proposed cognitive bias enables the existence of most religions, because religion soothes people's uncertainty about metaphysics.

He puts together an interesting argument about the pros and cons of ancient Greek philosophy and their discussion of metaphysics, and includes modern perspectives, but then titles it "How to Do Philosophy".

The unique properties of you exist at the boundary of possibility, in the space historically occupied by philosophy/magic/religion, now supplemented by scientific research and metaphysics.

"The big problem with Hughess essay is that despite his claim that there are other ways of apprehending truth beyond scienceways that involve the three areas of ethics, metaphysics, and epistemologyhe gives not a single example of a question that those disciplines have answered.

There is a lot of physics that suffers from "bad metaphysics" precisely because of its practitioners reinventing metaphysics, in the guise of "interpretations" of physics, when they are unaware of obvious problems that arise, which even a small amount of reading would've made them aware of.

Metaphysics definitions


the philosophical study of being and knowing