Maelstrom in a sentence as a noun

Mobile is already a maelstrom of apps trying to promote themselves, or getting paid to promote others.

This is no way implies that Destructoid is abusive, but unfortunately, you have been caught in the maelstrom.

I've seen literally one or two people get caught in the maelstrom and be unable to escape, but most people either work around the jerks.

It's horribly Sisyphean and demoralizing to toss one's creative energy into such a maelstrom.

I never, ever, invite seven neighbor kids over and hand out toy whistles as a gift and nerf toys and then sit in the center of the maelstrom and try to concentrate.

It is just as rational to decide that yes, life is a pointless maelstrom of absurdity that never amounts to anything, and keep on doing what you do, just because.

The finding is that despite all the negative comments, the vast majority of the readers actually do like it, but they aren't going to speak up against the maelstrom.

I think some of the comments on that article bear merit towards a contrary position:'Right now, the book is giving way to the screen and hypertext, and who knows - how can we possibly know, stuck as we are in the heart of the maelstrom?

Basically the whole conversation turned into a men's rights/anti-feminist/heterosexist maelstrom.

In a situation like this, it's more important for the community to be supportive or not say anything at all, than to descend into a maelstrom of arguments about who's judgement is clouded by bias or who's sexist/insensitive and "doesn't get it.

Having citadels of security in a floating maelstrom of unprotected Internet is not security at the national level.> I believe that having an international net greatly helps in preventing wars by building relations between entities in different countries and spreading culture.

Our historical view of science suffers from absolutely enormous selection bias, in general we are only ever interested in following the stories which trace the threads of truth as they track through an absolute maelstrom of error, caused by nepotism, cronyism, prejudice, or a thousand other uncorrected human faults.

Maelstrom definitions


a powerful circular current of water (usually the result of conflicting tides)

See also: whirlpool vortex