Lubricant in a sentence as a noun

Etc. I get it - it's a social lubricant.

As a kid the omni-presence of social lubricant was great!

They find alcohol a decent enough social lubricant, but it doesn't work as well as they hoped.

Some sort of new organic lubricant, or something in the gears that self lubricates.

Just one single "lubricant atom" had a profound effect on the turbulent particle flow within the "tube.

There's a long history of alcohol being used as a 'social lubricant' in European cultures.

When the heads "landed" on a spot where the lubricant had migrated away from they would bind so tightly the motor couldn't break them free.

It has forced me to develop that "social lubricant" internally which people use as the most common reason for drinking.

You can't just get a bunch of random people together and hope the conversation works out, you need some common cause or interest to act as social lubricant.

It's a wonderful social lubricant but it also leaves you occasionally cringing the next morning as you remember what you said.

As a free, open-source piece of software, it effectively acts as a lubricant in the consumer electronics market.

Touch is a powerful social lubricant[1].Is that psychology experiment now a hatefact that we must unlearn?

They must already be using the best lubricant in the world, because they've been screwing the American public for years without anyone realising.

Humans sell lubricant specifically marketed for introducing foreign objects to their lower digestive tract.

You stay an extra couple of minutes to let a friend babble on about a story you don't care about because you're socially tactful and tact is the lubricant that preserves our social relationships.

Anecdotally -- and again, social lubricant is a great way to get fun stories from your SaaS peers because darn if we're going to repeat many of these stories while sober [1] -- there's a particular segment of customers who you don't want to be in a relationship with at all, and these customers are disproportionately drawn to your/the market's cheapest offerings.

Lubricant definitions


a substance capable of reducing friction by making surfaces smooth or slippery

See also: lubricator lube