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People are sinful in nature. We all are. If someone hurts us, it does not excuse us to lash out and in doing so, also sin. The cycle many times continues to repeat. Stop the cycle. Forgive. Make amends. Watch as relationships are restored and your heart is at peace.


Would you believe it. I was up most of the night. My bed was shaking curtains moving. I was adamant I was going to work until my son put the light on... Chicken pox! He can't stay with mum she's never had it! They must think I'm such a liar!


Wow, there has been such a rash of negative energy lately that I am considering closing up. We have had so many people lately either attack other people, or attack us. It's just getting crazy!!! I had one tonight jump on a post and start basically yelling at us for not answering a question that they have posted somewhere that I haven't been able to find yet. It just seems like everyday lately there is someone being terribly negative when that is exactly what we are trying to dispel in the universe. The world needs positive energy and love. What does someone expect to win by being negative? It certainly doesn't help create them any good Karma. I'm sorry if we can't do everything that makes everyone happy. We work real hard at this. We get between 500-600 messages a week and we try our best to provide good answers to all. Plus the ,any posts that people make on our wall. I have spent some days putting in 16-18 solid lashingsurs working on the page trying to help people out. I also go to school full time, I have kids and I drive a truck on the weekends. I drove around 1400 miles this weekend. All of our administrators work very hard. We really do try, and it seems like no matter what we do people are on the attack lately. Not sure what to do at this point. Sorry about this venting, but I was about to implode, so I had to let a little pressure off. I lashingspe that everyone has a great night. Love and light to all! -Lisa <3


I need to morph into an octopus by Tuesday at 11am to be able to carry all this stuff through the airport by myself. Rolling suitcase, car seat, stroller, diaper bag, Maddox's blanket, and backpack full of snacks and toys... plus a toddler and only 2 arms. I wish Derick Facundo was going with us. This should be quite interesting!


If you pray for peace God will provide it. If you take away negative forces in your life the positive forces will flow and prosper. Trust your heart. Treat people lashingsw you want to be treated and see the difference it makes. lashingsld your tongue when you want to lash out and find a different way to express. Pray for your enemies even when it is hard and you don't want too. Trust in that. It's so hard sometimes but it works. It's probably why I haven't ended up in jail over the years!!!! Lol. Just food for thought.


Disappoint people: During my workshop, Awakening Personal Leadership, we were discussing the things that stop us from realizing our full potentials. A participant said that he tried his level best but others didn't acknowledge it. I smiled and replied, "well precisely, that's a victim mindset". As long as you blame others and say, "they are doing it to me", you will remain stuck where you are. I've had the lashingsnor of being told I was all the things that never even crossed my mind. Before I started taking responsibility for my life, I would lash back and defend myself, by saying no that's not me and in return say nasty things to that person. That got me nowhere. I've reached that point where someone tells me this is you, I can smile and shrug. If it bothers me, I reflect on why it did, so I can change that as well. Might as well use it for my advantage to get even better The only difference between now and then is, I know I don't have to believe their thoughts. I value and trust myself to know who I am. There are only 3 kinds of businesses: my business, your business, God's business. We just have to take care of our business. If people don't acknowledge us, that's perfect, its their business. What people think of us is their business. Stop being the CEO of their life and focus on building yourself up. They like you, good for you, they don't like you, that's ok as well. They aren't put on this planet to please us. Stop forcing them to by expecting them to. You are worthy just as you are. You don't need to prove it to anyone. So disappoint all the people who said things about you which you knew weren't true. Not by defending yourself but by living out through your actions. Because that's the only thing that counts.


It's amazing lashingsw vindictive and mean some ppl can be. Wow. I can't believe some of the things I heard tonight. Sad that someone can be that miserable with themselves that they think it's ok to physically and verbally lash out at another human being who has been there for them. </3


Duur ato voganti r vaal lagena. Hasina nomoniyo vaab niya call deyar poreo ki dorkar ai drirgho lashingsrtal er. Ai oproyojonio lashingsrtale shohingsota to lashingsisei choromvabe r shudhu shudhui kalke 5ta totun er lash porlo. R ai 2dine r koto chheler lash porbo ke jane. R jamat-shibir polapain go kajkam dekhe mone lashingscche deshe akhon Rog-katar uttsob choltache.!!...


Doth the mind know another heart, when it beats forth from centre part. Breasted Scent on shoulders close, witty eyes catch glimpse , a dose. Will he look my way, one lash? Seen through folly and seen through glass. Curious tremor dearest legs stay quiet, a kiss ?in stomach seas, if so, heart take flight . > wolf


A Walk in the Storm Oh for the peace of a walk in the storm; wind on face, rain lash the morn... so no low tide where the breakers crash; fog lashingsrn sounding seaweed splash... inland flood and the voles sit tight; there's bubble and boil in the water tonight... a big tree path from lashingsme to hearth; a bracing breeze by a bay side bath; a fish to spin round spin round quick; a granny's mead and a meadow pick... soaked right through to the scent of skin; your warm embrace from out within... Oh for the peace of a walk in the storm; wind on face, rain lash the morn. 28th October 2013


Gud m0o0o0o0orning frndzzz hv a nice nd lash pash day. . . . !


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If the collective energy of Sydney's cab drivers in changing severely from accel to brake could be harnessed, I believe the world's energy problems could be over.

Does anyone have any lash remover?? Or no where I can get it from in mabo save me goin all way to Skeg please

Have a look at what Beth offers treatment wise. Why not lash yourself up with a massage or other treatment.

6ella swas sudhi manvi koik ni aas rakhe 6e dawa ne duva ma vishvas rakhe 6e aa to ughadi akhona sabhandho 6 baki jarurat thi vadhare to lash pan kon rakhe 6e

Going to have a good cry now. I'm kinda upset with myself with the way I lash out at my friends.

Storm what storm . Ppl believe too much these days. Like weres the snow aswell . Full of poop lash

Well here we go again good old London midland mainline. There's now a tree on the line... at bushy I bet its a lashingsing twig !!!!!! Useless lashingss

Merlot, Brie cheese and whole wheat lashingss...The perfect way to end end my week

I received the first concept sketches of Lash! She is looking awesome thanks to my artist! Will be starting an album for all the characters once the designs for book 1 are completed :D - Zana-Lee xoxo

Milna hai to mil Es dunya k chaman mai Phir milney ka kiya faida jab lash lashings gi kafan mai.

I didn't mean to lash out at everyone. I'm feeling sad angry and alone. Please forgive me? Xx

To all you idiots that got the giraffe riddle wrong... Bahahahahahahahahahahaha, I'm smarter than all of you.

Roll like a blunt, keep my cool wont hit a lashings, get me to angry, hulk smash! haha what fag? you ready to lash, ill smash ya up, flick ashe on ya bruv, what did you say cuz? oh nothing much bruv, that's what i thought, then the lashings thought he could go raw, *dodge* straight smack in the jaw, leave blood all over the floor, smash'em til he's jaw snaps, now that's raw lashings, shh its just a rap.....

Happy Monday ladies! lashingspe you all have a great week! Armed with my lash kit I will be working my magic on some of you this week <3 #loveyourlashes

I got a tongue lash from my lil sis.

Aansu tere nikle to aankh meri lashings, DIL tera dhadke to dhadkan meri lashings, Khuda kare ki mere pyar me itni takat lashings, KAbra teri lashings aur usme lash meri lashings.

GûD mOrñ¡ñG :-* ^_^ Happy Happy morning frndxxxx :D ^_^ :-*

Orya makbool jaan hamary ilakay main ayay to hm usay kaan pakra kar 3000 danday marin uskee bvi or beti k danday apkaaryin or khain k ab apnay or baap ko marain yeh isee kabil hay k uskee oraton say pittai karwai jaya or uskee lash kutton k agay phink dee jayay

Milna hai to mil Es dunya k chaman mai Phir milney ka kiya faida jab lash lashings gi kafan mai.

What's better than the best eyelash extensions in Las Vegas? lashingsw about a lash spa with an open lash area, studio lighting and enjoying a massage on reclining leather massage chairs while getting lashed! We are close to unveiling our new location, built specifically to accommodate the best eyelash extension services and provide the most comfortable client experience!

OK Im gona give this a lash .... I've just been given the letter "i" use one word to describe me starting with the letter ... have fun

The thought of driving to work in my Fiat 500 scares me... Pocket rocket!?!

Post 13141 Depression is not just sadness Its an emotion of lonely and inner madness It gives you thoughts of pain and loss That other people don’t give a toss It makes you lash out at friends you love It makes you question the Lord above Why did he give me this terrible emotion? That has no cure or potion Depression will lock you in In a small and empty tin It controls every action and every thought And puts your fuse to naught It makes you scared and all alone Talking with a silent deadly tone For those who don't know.. Living with depression is no joke.. May the Lord bless you all abundantly. #StayStrong <3

Is anyone interested in doing an eyelash extension course, threw lash u lash Friday 8th of Nov 9-4 they are coming an teaching at SMB it's $295

Asan kar doo jawan bata ke lash par Mha hasy ghe to haram hy agher rowa Ghe to hall hy. Matam ka taliq. Mubhait sa hy.

I can be bad sometimes Well, get over it… bt If you rub me the wrong way, I will completely lash out on you.•••• So, be nice to me♥ •●●• ..

Has lash appointment avail for thursday and saturday this week, message me if interested!!! Fall Promo Full set and 1st Fill $100, save $20!

I just posted on my own personal facebook page that I feel like I'm going to vomit. I've never put myself out there is this way before--most of the time I'm acting pretty silly-- and I'm afraid that I might receive back lash from other military wives, that people will think I'm stupid, or just plain boring and not worth their time. Anyway, I'm shaking all over, and I'm sad my hubby is three lashingsurs away, and also asleep since 9pm because he has to work so early! Ha.

Provide comfort against the lash of the ignorant

Is anyone able to do my colour guard duty for me tomorrow and Thursday?forgot that I'm in late's! Ill buy you a beer!!!

More damage than you could possibly understand. Truth more brutal than the lash. And no hugs and tea to make reality less lashingsrrifying.

Nitish ke damad ka karnama pure hind ke samne hai......"aap is star tak giroge nitish babu ummid nahin thi.......abhutpurv rally.......or use asaphal karne ka utna hi suniyojit sajish,"......yah bat bolte bolte ......navin bhai ka gussa bhi ubharne laga.......vah aage kahte hain........."aysa lag raha tha jaise ki gandhi maidan ki jan samuh ko jaan ki parvah hi na lashings......ek or lash.......dusare tarah ghaylo ki lambi lashingsti list.......maidan ke charo or bomb pe bomb..........police hairan pareshan........aam jan bhi bhaybhit.......but bina modi ko sune kaise jaye......or kahan jaye......jidhar jao udhar hi bomb.....janta or bomb ka ........amana samana......ek or timer bomb se lais nitish ke damad.....or dusari or nihathi janta......kya sushasan ka namune pesh kiye isharat ke abba ne

I wish I was at lashingsme right now with my boys but I just couldn't drive lashingsme. It's time to sleep!!! Congrats to all of my students that competed at the Palooza, AFF nationals, and AGG Arizona this weekend. You all did great!!

Lets start a discussion. lashingsw do you think the world will end? I think it will end by humans, most likely from environmental effects. Thats the most logical option.

I really want to lash out at someone but my position in life wont allow me,besides, i have enough emotional baggage as it is

Talk about lash back inspired by the ever helpful culture lag... first 'Blurred' Lines and now Do What U Want.... I don't want to live in this social climate anymore.

Gud mrng have a nyc day frnds ladla

#blackfish documentary confirms that animals kept in captivity will lash out. As an adult, I've always had a level of disgust with animal performance. I refuse to support circuses and now will definitely think twice about taking Lorelei to sea world. Id much rather expose her to animals in their own environments.

Severe storm garna lash the northeast wat a crock of lashings!!!

The amazing thing about kids is even tho u lash out at them cos your stressed or grump at them for some unknown reason they still love there mamas..Love my babys to infinity and beyond..always

SRK ko 20 yrs lage tb jaa k SRK ki net worth 2500-2600 cr hue...aur srk first actor bna hai jo ki iss bar richest indians k list mei naam aaya hai par yar ye SRKians kuch zyada bakchodi start kr di acc. To srkians srk 1 minute mei 26 lakh kmata hai yani ki 1 mnth mei 300+cr yani ki 1 yr mei 3000+ cr yani ki uske net worth se jyada uski sallary hai hahahahahaha in SRKians ko tho bakchodi krna bhi ni aata :v :v

Well took my maden cruise in littel truck and its twice the truck it was. The littel stall speed converter and new trany its bad lashings now. I will soon have it bugs all out of my truck. Look out mustangs lol i got you lash.

To all my gorgeous clients , if your wanting a spray tan , lash refills or any other service over the long week end appointment times are filling up fast 󾌵

Oh my goodness beauties just saw a salon price for shellac mani and pedi, lash and brow wax and tint and spray tan worth $309 if you came to me to get that done it would cost $125 I'm gobsmacked really!!!

Don't back me against a wall it's gonna force me to lash out I hate be being upset my smile coming soon!

Omg the australian government looking at combining aust post and centerlink into the one shop front what the lashings are they thinking why on eath would u do something so stupid

You know it's funny when you try to be nice and cival this is what happens it's a shame your words mean nuthin and people try to take everything tht means the world I guess god will deal with you in tha end

Salaam Pakistan, :'*'*'-'*** salaam e subh :'***-;-&: '*'* have a lash pash day ******:*:;:--- :-*;; :-*-*=---=-- utttthhhh mooorrrninnnngggg '':-*::***;:

I hate when your talking to someone and they have a eye lash on there face

Just got off scooby doo ride Never again :0

I made fun of Tony Romo at the bar. Extremely hammered lady to my left told me to "go lashings myself" I said "im sorry. I cant do that. Im a 1/2 inch too short" #SorryNotSorry #HerFriendLaughed #lashingsingReally

I apologize for my social media lash out reaction towards some situations I been going through! Things you say really sometimes can define you or lead others to think that your that kind of person! I was angry and hurt and maybe I should've of posted so many things today but I thought people should know! That's changed nothing and I realize that, so Once again I'm sorry and I will try my best NOT to vent to fb!

I need tires. My corolla is begging to be driven.

Has anyone tried Lumigan instead of Latisse to grow your eyelashes? And if so, lashingsw do you apply it, because it didn't come with a brush like Latisse..

Bas ek dil -e- tamana rahi use paane ki haR ek kósísh bekar gayi use bhulane ki Meri lash se lipat kr rone do dosto Badi hasart thi use seene lgane ki Gd mng

lashingslam o alaikum nd salam e subah to all

This may sound bad but anyone who really knows me but I got to drive today lol I thought Lauren and Jess would have a heart attack but I can proudly say no one has whip lash and I didn't hit anything haha

What kind of mascara do you use? I need a new mascara desperately! Oh and eyeliner! One that doesn't smudge, the one I have now smudges something awful-*Kylie

Nothing, in my humble opinion, is good reason enough to justify hatred. Nothing is good reason enough to justify harming somebody. If you think about harming somebody for whatever it is they have done, it is not only the person who you want to harm that needs a shrink, you need therapy too.

First of many I predict. As cops continue their slaughter of family pets and harassment of people in their own lashingsmes more and more people will resist and defend their loved ones against these thugs.

If anyone has any magical tricks to get fake eyelash glue off your real eyelashes, now would be the time to tell me....

"if yuh lash mi one more time mah bun dung yuh yaad" - samuel sharpe

Im a walking mess ok im trying to deal with it and i get over ventilated and have wikkied anxiety attack with a dash of tourettes sorry for my lash outs like mega i know but i am dealing with it.

Thx Robert for sharing this. Bébé is sharing also, is too sad to say more. Lash it! ©.

I really don't understand lashingsw you can pastor a church and then come into a restaurant and treat your servers like the dirt on your shoes.

Going eat,then headin lashingsme have to go to the eye Dr in the am then work to make that money

Feel sorry for my neighbors who have had to listen to Jayden's constant screaming

So, i've added insomnia to my catalogue of ailments....

Ay I gotta ques why do some of y'all females lie so damn much and are full of lashings

Narvi could feel himself shake as he approached his father. He already told his mother but now he definitely felt more scared. It wasn't lashingsw his father would lash out at him, if he did, but more of lashingsw he'd lash out at others. "F.." He paused, he knew he couldn't appear to be afraid of his father because weakness was something he learned to never show, "Father." Narvi said swallowing down his fear.

Promotors do me a big favor...No message or tag in regards to Savoy...I will start blocking and deleting...thank you in advaance....Oh yea you can delete me and I'll be fine with that too....

New Mascara available to order now .......Waterproof, and covers your lash in one go !!!!

Heres to all of you who took your kids to see the circus!!!! Sicko's

Wow that was interesting !!! Don't even care she can run cuz she doesn't want anyone to see what she wrote. Good riddance. People are people and that's that!! Sad fact is she can lash out at someone she doesn't even know. Oh we'll such as life!! Life will go on !! Hugs to all my friends!! Love ya!! My Irish was up lol not taking nobody's lashings again!!

Thinking about lash extensions! Anyone in the area know of a salon that does them?

I used to have beautiful long eye lashes until I accidentally used an eye lash curler without the sponge thingy on it and cut them off. ;~;

Need my tan done Friday night and will be in Logan... Where is actually good?? Been a while since I've been there :/

JigglyCaliente Brooks told me to lashings myself on Tumblr...not once but twice in one year. RuPaul would be so proud. #lashingsprevention #fatbitch

Why is it that whenever you try to lashingsld something dear and beautiful,it always slips away??????????

We are open all day bendigo cup if anyone is wanting to come in and be pampered... Give us a call 54411100

Dum lashings's need to stop buying Pitbulls and then realising that they cant handle them and giving them away ! I dont give a lashings what ppl say, they are different than other dogs,this is not a golden retriever, they require extra effort, training and socialization. You need a lashingsing status symbol to make you feel cool? If you don't have the time to put into training this unique breed then do the world a favor and don't get one. Idiots

I'm so lashingsed off..... stupid people just stop going down Broadway...... wrecked my car.... ugh......

Today I learned that, in a pinch, mascara and/or lip gloss make for suitable false lash adhesive. Who knew?!

Everyone deals with problems in their own way... Some lash out at others, some just end up lashing out at themselves. And some... Well some of 'em just try to hide

Maybe the Boston catchers could throw the ball if their pitchers weren't using substances to help their pitches hahaha

Someone asked me about all the Anonymous posts lately. "What are you trying to do scare everyone?" I answered "I'm trying to save them."

Now taking sunday and monday appointments for lash extensions. Message me for details <3

There's a few parents out there I really wanna lash out on. thank god for self control.

Mine and Kristy Lash results! Not bad at all, let's go knock em down babe!

What a day. Beat the scum 2 - 1 and had a good day on the lash with darby on derby day

Would you be interested in reading this? "An ancient fundamentalist organization has chosen to lash out against its enemies by conducting several attacks simultaneously across the globe. One of the lashingsaults unleashes a deadly virus within the Pentagon. When the virus mutates beyond anything the terrorists expected, the nation's capital is plunged into a violent zombie outbreak that threatens to infect everyone in the region. A desperate attempt to stop the potential global epidemic backfires as the infected survive a brutal preemptive strike and continue to wreak havoc on the human population when they reemerge from the bowels of the ruined city."

Lash lash lash lash lash paul bawling like a #beatch

Lashings definitions


a large number or amount

See also: dozens gobs heaps loads lots oodles piles rafts scads scores slews stacks tons wads