How to use Lanky in a sentence as an adjective

The algorithms prof was a shy lanky dude who went straight to the blackboard and wrote "computers are to computing what telescopes are to astronomy". at that point none of us knew who dijkstra was, so we just looked at each other like "huh?"

Marfan syndrome makes you tall and lanky, so they actually have to watch for it carefully in highschool basketball teams. The build it gives them makes them a natural at the sport, but the stress of the game combined with the heart weakness caused by Marfan Syndrome can be lethal.

I'm a tall, lanky guy. Most medium shirts are too short, and my shoulders swim in a large.

A lanky guy with pick will produce more.

I'd be willing to bet someone with a higher BMI that is muscular is going to be healthier than a lanky person who is actually pretty unfit.

A lot of girls in high school are lanky or not entirely busty, and when girls "break out" at 14 or 15 that's the hot look for them to have. Those girls very often burn out or don't worry so much about maintaining their looks, while the girls who were awkward-looking grew into themselves and suddenly turned very lovely.

I used to be tall and lanky, great for a suit. Then age happened, and now I'm much more round that beanpole.

- Kermit notoriously has lanky arms, - Kermit never has eye lids - His eyes sit way on top of his head. - He often has his weird neck decoration.

- Kermit notoriously has lanky arms, - Kermit never has eye lids - His eyes sit way on top of his head. - He often has his weird neck decoration.

It's also lanky and lopsided because it's trying to get more light.

I'd actually suggest it's easier to be a good dancer if you're tall and lanky because the movement of your limbs is more apparent.

As a cis man, I know that even if I trained 24/7 with the world's best trainers, I'd never be as good a runner as some Kenyan dude or as good a basketball player as a tall and lanky dude. I have no chance due to genetics, even though I have a male body.

I saw him in an airport - this tall, lanky man walking very slowly with his suitcase behind him, head down. He looked so weary and worn down with a heaviness over him and a face that looked much older than his age.

He was tall and lanky and talked like goofy the Disney cartoon character. Picture goofy explaining graduate level organic chemistry, strange and wonderful at the same time.

Just as my lanky and bony arms are never going to lift as much weight as someone who has tree trunks for arms if we hit the gym the same amount of times. Point three: Yes there are scrawny and scrappy, the "brainless" that have strokes of genius, the people who overcome improbable disadvantages to achieve greatness.

He's jacked, compared to what the lanky physique he used to have.

Hi, fellow lanky dude here. I blame everything on having a shitty appetite.

Lanky definitions


tall and thin and having long slender limbs; "a gangling teenager"; "a lanky kid transformed almost overnight into a handsome young man"

See also: gangling gangly rangy


tall and thin

See also: gangling gangly