Labored in a sentence as an adjective

The only drawback I noticed is that my browser seemed labored in scrolling.

Believe me, not one person who has labored to start, launch and run their own business would make the comment you have.

Great poets and writers have labored in obscurity, died unknown, only to be discovered a hundred years later.

There's a great Drucker quote here:> The greatest of modern economists, the late Joseph A. Schumpeter, labored mightily for twenty-five years to find the cycle.

I don't like Java either, but there are a lot of very smart people who worked on it, and many of them labored under constraints I do not envy.

"Removing my name from a document I have painstakingly labored over for three years and over two dozen drafts was not easy.

When you labored over all the clicking and dragging, you pulled together this monster of a graph that you can only see a small portion of at a time in a given screen.

Contrast this with the situation several years ago, of multiple teams of Ruby syntax "study groups" that each labored many months to produce parsers outside of the Matz Ruby VM.

One way to look at it: years ago, we dreamed that all of the menial tasks that we do would be done by robots, and that we could enjoy endless leisure while our robot servants labored under us.

YC's application was something I labored over for a couple weeks and feel I got a great deal of value from that process alone... this is no different and I would have hoped that everyone applied.

I suspect his - rather labored - point is that there are multiple use cases to show that the design of Linquist's configuration is flawed as a rule and not an exception, and the lack of attention paid to this particular issue is perhaps indicative of a more general Github attitude towards the less trendy languages and technologies out there.

Labored definitions


lacking natural ease; "a labored style of debating"

See also: laboured strained


requiring or showing effort; "heavy breathing"; "the subject made for labored reading"

See also: heavy laboured