How to use Kleptomaniac in a sentence as a noun

Are you a kleptomaniac-or did you steal my heart on purpose?

Somebody almost walked off with all my stuff not my poems or a dance I gave up in the street but somebody almost walked off with all my stuff like a kleptomaniac working hard and forgetting while stealing this is mine/this ain't your stuff now why don't you put me back & let me hang out in my own self. N. Shange

You take a swipe at me, when I tongue-lashes thieving pastors, who lives on the eggs contributed by their congregants and the contributors go kleptomaniacme hungry; but you applaud me, when I tongue-lashes kleptomaniac politicians, who eats the harvests of the economical weaken masses. You need to see a psychiatrist immediately!

I told my doctor that I think I'm a kleptomaniac.... He told me to take something for it. WTF? Anyone need a scale , a stethoscope or 2000 tongue depressors?

kleptomaniacia...Abiku nation kleptomaniacians...Ambassadors of poverty Nig. Admin....Fast deteriorating into total anarchy Leaders...kleptomaniac fingers Subjects...Bargain their conscience in d market Business men...Importers of unseen goods Wit these,even if development is their grand father's name,they wont achieve it.

My friend is a kleptomaniac. It's okay, though, she's taking something for it....hey, it's a slow week.

My almighty salvage us from the atrocity and kleptomaniac behaviour of the so-called ruling party.

I have a kleptomaniac on my hands... Its quite embarrassing when you have to return chocolate bars, waterproof sheeting & cough mixture back to the store and pharmacy after your boy 'innocently' grabs items while sitting in the lower seat of the buggy.

I'm doing 120 plowing over mail boxes Radar detector to tell me where the cops is Spend another night at the Motel 6 It's five dollars extra get the porno flicks And then I concoct a Black and Tan in my brandy snifter I'm a kleptomaniac, K-Mart shoplifter Cash flow getting low so I had to pull a job I found a nice place to visit but a better place to rob I left my car outside, and the engine still revvin' Taking care of business at 7-eleven And then I went inside to make my withdrawal I saw what he had had, but I had to take it all

So my son is a kleptomaniac. We just got kleptomaniacme from toys r us and he pulls a camera out of his pocket. Plus just last week he stole a balloon from party city. Time to take him back to the store.

What I have to come back to is cut hair, a kleptomaniac, time outs and a messy floor.. I should never leave.

With a big family you can expect challenges somethings I can handle others I'm unsure... Like a preteen that is a kleptomaniac...I've never had to deal with this behavior with a minor...I'm overwhelmed with anger and sadden...what do I do???

Woke up in ah kleptomaniac whole Qter gone, I hate a kleptomaniac kleptomaniac mf dawg!

I very rarely mean to give offense, but if you have such a kleptomaniac urge to take it then perhaps you should walk the aisles of the rhetoric store with your hands behind your back.

Somebody should do a show that has a family with a kleptomaniac grandmother in it.. #random

Tore Svendsen To harvest Norway free children do not go fast enough for these kleptomaniac. 20 million will not get the time to get approved trade for trade will only increase to the checkout queues are longer anymore. Even more crates will solve the problem because it comes only several clients who have experienced that here it is a popular store where it pays to shop. Next time it could be your child get price tag on his forehead to be driven through this checkout system.

So i tel ths dude after wrk hey lets steal ths drink nd gues wat tht was the owner of the drink ha ha ha so embarassed rite nw he pqobably thinks im the kleptomaniac whos bin stealing drinks yet twas my 1st attempt

Just this afternoon, I was thinking to myself: we need another kleptomaniac comedian selling sh-t back to people in front of a show.

Is anyone else a kleptomaniac when it comes to games like Fallout? I keep just about everything I find. Whether it's something like a tin can to a fat man. I always end up storing everything in the locker in your megaton kleptomaniacme. ~Jaky

We have a kleptomaniac for a dog!! This apartment isn't that big but she is great at hiding Patrick's slippers I just bought him!

kleptomaniacw do you cure a stubborn kleptomaniac kleptomaniacarder set in their ways?

Thought for today.......“Don't worry if you are a kleptomaniac... you can always take something for it”

So, yesterday, I went to my shrink, who said I was a kleptomaniac. I asked, "What can I take for it?"

Ok, so i am a kleptomaniac! but if it gets real bad, i take something for it!

This world will chew your mind up and keep you in its teeth to chew on you later. like a kleptomaniac to the souls it will seep to your bones and steal your structure of faith. so that you'll wall around looking and kleptomaniacping that you'll find what you need to help get back what was taken.... so be careful what you seek while you're on it

Thanks to my dear friends for the lovely party last night. Let me tell you--you haven't lived till you've seen Tom as a kleptomaniac, Sabrina stubbing her toe, or Erin being electrocuted.

Confession 1: In Kindergarten, I was a bit of a kleptomaniac. Fruit snacks, pencils, etc., I would just take stuff from people. It got to the point where the principal had a cop come in and speak to me.

Krista Kassin I think it was you and I that had this discussion a while ago Doesn't help that we have kleptomaniac fur babies that steal the damn things either

Quote Examples using Kleptomaniac

Don't get me wrong, I love my conservative friends, I just don't understand them. I keep reading kleptomaniacw the fact that some people love using kleptomaniacault rifles to kleptomaniac large numbers of people is absolutely no reason to ban them. kleptomaniacwever, when someone not dressed in rags gets free or reduced medical kleptomaniacistance , well there's the problem, we need to abolish welfare and Medicare. Why is the ability to kleptomaniac more precious than the ability to be healed. Most of u talk a lot about Jesus , I was raised catholic, I heard about his love, his healing, his give to those in need mentality, so why does the "god" party love if not violence, then at the very least, the potential for violence. Why r guns worth fighting for and the poor are not. Or did I misunderstand the gospels?


Woe to the kleptomaniac who has been introduced to theft as a means of relieving deep seated problems, not by need. The conspiracies & controversies make vast progressions because of the thrill that is found in taking what belongs to another while refusing to express frustrations, anxieties, & emotional scars. The reality is that even the kleptomaniac gets caught & pays severely for the damage done... keep your hands & thoughts to yourself before you do more damage than good! I speak as the oracle of God... I approve this message!!!!!!!!!


If you are on a ship you are in the navy. If you are a marine on land you are in the army. If you fly a plane off of land you are in the army. If you fly a plane off a a ship you are in the navy. What is this a department store? No wonder there's so much money in being a kleptomaniac.


When I was a child, my mother would send me down to the corner store with a 10 Rs, and I'd come back with 5 KG’s of potatoes, 2 Loaves of bread, 3 Packs of juices, Packets of chocolates & candies… You can't do that now. . . . . . . . Too many damn security cameras!!!


A question for the people... Rohan had his 6th or 7th tooth fall out last night. After the tooth fairy came, I threw the tooth in the bin. My wife just lambasted me, as she keeps ALL the teeth, not just the first... Which I think is a further sign of her kleptomanic behavior. Discuss.


He who teaches is a teacher He who drives is a driver He who preaches is a preacher He who sleeps is a sleeper . . . .continue, He who. . . . . .


kleptomaniacw wonderful is medical science? kleptomaniacw great is the story of the man from Yorkshire who has become the first person in The UK to have a hand transplant? It's a fantastic story!... BUT!!!... What if his new hand used to belong to a compulsive kleptomaniac? kleptomaniacw much bother could he get into?... Or worse! What if his new hand used to belong to a compulsive wanker?... 'ang on! That may not be so bad!?!?


Proper Noun Examples for Kleptomaniac

Kleptomaniac means someone who cannot stop himself from stealing due to mental illness. Nymphomaniac means a woman who always wants to have sex with a lot of different men. Sexmaniac means someone who always wants to have sex. Dipsomaniac means someone who cannot stop himself from drinking.

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'... each time they buy or get kleptomaniacociated with something expensive they will lie its a gift or .... they tell all kinds of lies, i am of the opinion that some of these pastors in side there minds actually dont believe there is God, .... if kleptomaniache and offering can be removed out of this equation let us all see kleptomaniacw many churches will remain.' - Enyinna Nwabueze on Facebook.

Fun Fact about your mom: she's a kleptomaniac.

Across time zones, mountain ranges, jungles and deserts they safely arrived - all within 8 kleptomaniacurs. ICO 216, the 'Courageous' Session is in the kleptomaniacuse.

Why do Banks put rope on pens? If customers can trust them with their money, why can't they trust customers with their biros!?

Reasonably sure my cat is building some sort of spaceship to use for world domination with all of the little things she steals and hides: strips of velcro, Stan's bluetooth headset, bobby pins, 3-D glasses, etc.

According to American Psychology kleptomaniacociation, there is a gene which turns people gay and lesbian and it s not a matter of choice. Facts that will blow your mind

If you were the President of kleptomaniacia for one day, What is the first thing you will do?

Do you think 'God bless kleptomaniacia' is a prayer or a fact?

There is nothing worse than a fkn thief. I like the Arab way of dealing with it....just cut off the hand that did the stealing....

2new pillows egyptian cotton pillow cases an new comforter great day

Sometimes yoy have to be careful on kleptomaniacw to act in front of certain people. They may bring their Bipolar out!! Beware Cinnamon.

I am sure the remote controls in this kleptomaniacuse sprout legs a kleptomaniac off aarrrgghhhhh!!!!!!!!!!'

Whoever stole my work shoes can u put them back on my desk for tomorrrow please. I wont be angry i just want them back. Either my shoes or a brantano voucher for he value of £11. I dont mind which

1992 stolen verdict, 2012 stolen verdict! This verdict kraaa, is it that the NDC have a penchant for kleptomania or that the NPP are bad watchmen?

Some white preppy looking kleptomaniac tried to steal my sweater last night. Took it off and lay it on the chair and headed to the ladies room then the kleptomaniacly Spirit told me to go back. I arrive just in time to see her putting in on. The fool was like "oh it's yours?" kleptomaniac did you bring this sweater with you or not?! smh.

£150 of DSi gone missing in a week, searched kleptomaniacuse from top to bottom, nowhere to be seen, gotta be somewhere.

But kleptomaniacw can someone have 48 kleptomaniacuses? Bet those are just the known ones o!

"We're using some new tungsten-carbide drills for the preliminary coalface-scouring operations."

So I wanted a treadmill till they cost 500 to 1500 dollars and 200 for a used one in classifieds I just want a nice treadmill, new and for 50 dollars dang it.

She got her GED from night school stands for "Getting Everybody Dollar" ... some of these rappers have good sense of humor...

So I feel a special thanks/informative post is needed. Yesterday on 1/3/2013, Mari LeRossignol suspiciously found my Oakleys, "In my car." I still don't know whether or not to believe her, but the fact of the matter is that she found them, and I am extremely relieved to now have my sunglasses back. That is all.

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Kleptomaniac definitions


someone with an irrational urge to steal in the absence of an economic motive