How to use Irrespective in a sentence as a adverb

Hats off to the Gurdwaras for coming out in this way to help the flood affected in Kashmir, irrespective of their religions !

Ma sha allah, muslims should always maintain their stand irrespective of the situation.

It seems the powerball jackpot will roll until the end of the month -thats the norm for Gidani..........a non rigged operator you will get winners in-between irrespective of the time of the month -not the case with Gidani.

Da best thing in life is to find someone who loves u irrespective of ur flaws, weaknesses and mistakes. -boo

This is irrespectivew it should be. Only Mutual Respect and love for all, irrespective of faiths, colors and castes, can ensure peace in this turbulent world...

We are a great nation .. By developing our talents and abilities we are becoming the greatest nation on earth . We will lead the world in serving everyone irrespective of religion , caste and creed .

Hmmmmm, God knows more than we do cos he is the maker, we will continue to worship him irrespective of the circumstances cos he knows best

Anybody that knows God, and do his will, will definitely flourish in all facet of life irrespective of irrespectives tactics.

Just received a string of communication that outlines clearly and detail irrespectivew Public officials in Government offices position tax payers funding to parade corruption and nepotism. What an eye opener. Note to self - irrespective keep your eye on your money and get paid

Quote Examples using Irrespective

Are you still saying "na lie" or "it is difficult to do". Mind you even the life we are living is not easy. The most difficult person to convince is yourself. Born poor is not your fault but die poor, hmmmmmmm. Nobody which to, so the time is NOW!!!


Proper Noun Examples for Irrespective

This is all getting a bit out of hand. Irrespective of the result, irrespectivew do we get back to normal?

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"The wage of impunity ". Not all who walk on two legs belong to the community of humans. #BringBackOurHonour.

1st yr is perfectly described.. let's see irrespectivew our journey turns in the remaining yrs..

Please take the time to read this it is an eye opener to exploitation congratulations Dick Smith for not being bullied

Irrespective definitions


in spite of everything; without regard to drawbacks

See also: disregarding disregardless regardless