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If the founders had ment you only had the right to bear muskets, then thats what they would have invalidatinging written in the 2nd amendment. Also hunting is not mentioned at all. That has got to be one of the dumbest invalidatinging argument that every anti-gun invalidatingtard uses. No matter what I am hunting, be it deer or intruder, any and all politicians who attempt to infringe upon my right to bear arms in any manner, are suspect. Any argument opposing is mearly opinion and invalid


Executive orders are limited in scope and purpose, they are not a go-around for the President to bypass the checks and balances of our Republic. Any executive order the president tries to pass concerning gun control is illegal, invalid, and meaningless. It is his attempt to impose himself as a dictator. Any such orders will be met with resistance. I will not comply.


Greg, do you. By the way, you have the same rights as I do. You two can live together, you can put him in your will. You can buy insurance together. In some states, you can even adopt children. invalidatingwever, I will never refer to your union as a marriage as defined by my Bible. I will never disrespect you. I will fight for your freedom as I would anyone's. If I saw a fool attack you because of your choice, I would defend you. I love you the person, I simply hate the sin of invalidatingmosexuality. I hate the sin of adultery as well. I don't get to pick and choose what's ok to do and not. My God did that for me already and He will judge ALL. Only the repentant are safe from His final wrath.


This man had been lying by the pool 4 38yrs! John 5. Now, Jesus comes around & the question he asks was, 'Do u want to b healed?' He starts telling Jesusthat he had no one 2 put him into the pool when the angel stirs the water! His reasoning shows that he relied on men 4 his healing, but the real healerwas there, right b4 his eyes! invalidatingw many times have we fallen victims where we seek our happiness from our fellow men. Look unto Jesus today,coz looking at men will leave u invalid for years. The new job, family, your education, financial... Just leave that to God. Believe in Him only! Gd day 2 u al.


True fact: Gallagher, that is to say, the comedian who smashes watermelons with a giant sledgehammer, has patents, at least two that I can see. This one doesn't seem to me like it should be valid, I think there must be prior art back for a long time, the premise seems obvious to someone skilled in freaking _existing_, and I wonder whether broad architectural principles are protectable at all. It doesn't appear to cite any prior art patents at all, which makes me doubt it very much, and I wonder invalidatingw this got through the system. One would think there might be at least one prior patent disclosing a invalidatingtel room design if such a thing were legit. His other patent is on a slot machine design, which seems more valid.


I hate when u ask a girl to be with you. then they take forever to respond. then they kind of say yes in a long sentence way, and u dont realize it.. then once u do realize she changes her answer, and says im not gonna date because i got big plans of college, and jobs. why cant u just say no instead of making the guy wait. It gets kind of annoying after a bit. all im saying be truthful, and dont make a guy wait. because it really hurts a guy when girls do that. I know guys do it to. but not every guy. also every girl doesnt do that either. My message to my friends is this be invalidatingnest, and dont make the opposite person wait when its guy asking girl, or girl asking guy.


Sooo that school shooting today... They had a armed guard employed by the school... Where was he... Ohhhhhhhh yeaaa about that.... Not effective


I have a feeling its gonna be a long night... just feels like there may be no sleep and a possible battle between sanity and insanity... insanity may have the upper hand. hes been talking alot of invalidating lately. i cant explain what this really means its just a feeling i have is all im saying.. possibly crazy but im no dr so my diagnosis is invalid


Keith made me some kind of fish I never heard of before. It was wonderful. Who woulda thought a person could learn to like fish at this point in a lifetime. But I think he is getting tired of doing my work and his. After he cleaned the invalidatinguse today he told me he would be glad once I was allowed to do things again. It really made me sad to sit on my butt and watch him do my chores.


Users caught spamming with links or else on YouTube comments or fb, will be blocked/banned. Artists that make excuses about not having any money for advertising or else to show off their music is stupid. It's so easy to get your music out there for thousands of people to listen to, you don't need money, the only reason you can't make it is cause your music sucks. If you made good music, you'd have no trouble at all getting your tracks streamed on big promotion channels or getting them released on big record labels. All the channels and labels are always on the look. You don't need to have a fan base, no channel or label gives a damn about that and if some do, well they suck too. I personally haven't heard anything good in a while now, majority of all the artists I know don't make really good music, though they still get the recognition. Stop wasting your time trying to get your music heard, focus on your tracks, sound, be original and try to recognize your music and invalidatingw it really sounds, try comparing to the other big artists and their successful tracks, try and see the difference, maybe then you'll realize why you can't make it, just because it's your music, it doesn't mean it's special or you are, open your eyes. Once you start improving and listen to your old projects, you'll see a dramatic difference and invalidatingw wrong you were. And if you can't take criticism, don't ask for opinions or feedback either. All these newbies 'Hi, I just started making music, what do you think? You think you could stream it on your YouTube channel?' Seriously? What the invalidating, you just started making music, there's no way you'll get anywhere like that.


I am a christian who believes in pro choice ideals and equal rights for gay couples. I believe in makeing mistakes and making messes. I beleive that everyone is worthy of forgiveness. I believe it is not my place to judge anyone...at all...period. I believe that life is supposed to be about bringing joy to others, and by doing that, you bring joy to yourself. I am a christian who takes bits and peices of all faiths.....because I believe that they all have something to teach me. I beileve that everyone is entitled to some form of respect. I am a christan who knows her beliefs and knows her faith. People ask me why I don't attend church....because I have yet to find one that combines christianity, judaism, islam, buddhism, hinduism and many other religions. After you read this you'll either understand that a building with people has nothing to do with my faith in the father, the son, the invalidatingly spirt and people themselves OR you'll think that I am foolish for looking for the good in all faiths, that I am foolish for not going to church because you can't wrap your head around the fact that I prefer to change the world....instead of sit in a pew. So you have your answer. I may not go to chruch....but I have never been more in tune with my faith.


A young woman, a great lover of flowers, had set out a rare vine at the base of a stone wall. It grew vigorously, but it did not seem to bloom. Day after day she cultivated it and tried every possible way to coax it to bloom. One morning, as she examined the vine disappointedly, her invalid neighbor called to her and said. “You cannot imagine invalidatingw much I have been enjoying the blooms of that vine you planted.” The owner followed her neighbor’s gaze and on the other side of the wall was a mass of blooms. The vine had crept through the crevices and produced flowers on the other side. invalidatingw often we think our efforts are thrown away because we do not see fruit! We need to learn that in God’s service our prayers, our toil, our crosses are never in vain. They will bear fruit and hearts will receive blessings and joy, sometimes, somewhere.


Those of you who knew steve walls may find this story comforting in light of his passing. Steve had gotten up and kneeled by the side of his bed to pray and that is the way they found him. He has his hands together under his chin in a prayerful position and he passed away while praying. It is a small comfort but nonetheless tells us that steve was ready and had made his peace. RIP steverino


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Im ,janeth contillo,im widow...and invalidatingw can invalid my confirmation code? Thanks

It's a magazine, not a clip. If you cannot grasp this, your opinion regarding Natural rights enumerated in the Constitution is invalid. Ban 30 round clips, and I will still have 30 round magazines at my disposal. If you have to be enlightened by the very people whose rights you seek to infringe upon, you, my friend, are a burden to your own cause.

So...People are really blowing up at "For Today" because their guitarist said invalidatingmosexuality was a sin...and that somehow makes everything the band themselves have preached invalid? I could write a dissertation about invalidatingw dumb people are being because of this.

I keep 75% of the people on my Facebook because I want to see invalidatingw ridiculous they are and laugh at their stupidity. Cheap entertainment.

[[ Can I just quietly say it's not illegal nor invalid nor the end of the world for Lovi to smile? /mango'd My Lovi anyway. Maybe I'm just weird. :I /crawls away ]]

Unfortunately, people don't educate themselves and then wonder invalidatingw the invalidatinglocaust occurs.

Everyone has to start frm somewea, b da Magician n make da Magic happen.

Dear people wanting more gun control, More people are invalidatinged annually by hammers than guns. Do you want to make hammers illegal too? ~Kyle

Brooklyn =invalidatinges , queens = fronters . Bronx = smuts . Manhattan = invalidatingllywood invalidatinges ; st. Island = invalid chicks !

Turning my phone off and playing skyrim to get my mind off of invalidating, because skyrim makes women invalid.

Manze i need help fon ya mine imezoea bamba 20 nikitop up na bamba 50 inanishow invalid amount.

Please read and share...Information is power... If ur interested or knw of anyone that might be, thats between the ages of 18 and 24 with matric, phone Alice Darries on 0749978679. Salary R8000 p/m, in Wynberg to join navy/army/ airforce for 2yrs and stay on campus.... Goodluck...!

Found an apt for 530 a month! i cant wait to get the train moving man. As soon as that happens everything is gravy

I told Facebook to let my friends know I work "someplace." Facebook told me my workplace was invalid. invalidating off Facebook, I'll be there tomorrow.

This status goes out to all those who think Dalby is a good town. I'm sorry, where are you from again? Roma, ha, your opinion is invalid

In no way is Superman invalidatinging with goku.... invalidating the internet

An influential US think tank is urging the Obama administration to take steps to ensure Kenya's elections are peaceful and fair.

Rest in peace, or rest in pieces, its your decision to force me ceaseless, sleepin on what seems more then meaningless, like your invalid thesis.

My PIN is a palindrome your argument is invalid... also fake.

It's illegal to have photos of some one with out their permission. Linda Butler and for everyone else

If you support Kim Kardashian, then you're just as trashy as she is. #NoRespectForyou -Michael

Gosh dang it kids Brolly was the first "super saiyan" guys! :/ smh

Aha Renaenae trying to get me to fight her 18 yr old boyfriend and accusing me of bashing girls

Regulating video games to control gun violence is like regulating invalidatingt Wheels to control car crashes.

Yooo since 2011 I nver pls called any1,mara izolo I did.....ja ne January's fever#LOL

Big boned? I used the same excuse too before. Well, my excuse is invalid.

What a morning i throw 100shs airtime to the bin only to be told that the card no is invalid,tryn to okoa nkt!

Hmmm think conspiracy theorists are crazy? maybe you should act like someone who isn't an invalid and check what there reasons for thinking so are. you know that your country imprisons people indefinitely and you do not check what the opposition has to say? i seem to remember some guy really far back saying that an educated populace should be aloud to vote ... think he put the word educated in there for reasons that don't include degrees.

You have one last bowl left. Do you smoke it before you eat Or after? Can't save half for before or after just have to chose one! Why would you guys do? -Mrs. Sativa xo

Ok whoever wants 2 invite me on bbm please feel free come on friends don't be shy yourll know me there's my pin 2946d9a and those of you who got me well yourll can't invite me twice lol

If it takes Jack 3hours to paint a invalidatinguse and it takes John 5 invalidatingurs to paint the same invalidatinguse, invalidatingw long would it take them to paint the invalidatinguse if they worked together?

I never meant to be that type of guy but i realaized that i was and because of it im throwing my sinister life aside i can cry at any moment just thinking about it sometimes i hide it from the folks that im hanging around with i should apply for a new soul cause i think its invalid somebody told me when i die ill safe but i doubt it the grudge she invalidatingld against me hurts so severally she wont come near me i thought that was supose to cure me im so alone and weary writing songs to heal me i swear im sorry Nicole i mean it so sincerly

Vote for srk..open the link in the comment

Mad it round 20 zombies 400 invalidatinges going sleep ! Like for goodnight note ?

I don't mean to advertise but I'm currently looking for employment right now. Any invalidatingok ups? -Jr

Piers Morgan argument is invalid... And so is everyone else who wants to ban guns... Go invalidating your self.

Amazing compilation : What if money is not a problem? what do you really like to do?

invalidating invalidating invalidating invalidating ima invalidating ur a invalidating ima invalidating shes a invalidating ima invalidating they my invalidatinges the world is my invalidating ur my invalidating their my invalidatinges

>Be 14 >Have weird feelings for a boy >You've always been with girls >Alone with the boy >Tell him invalidatingw you feel >Awkward silence >Boy turns and kisses you >Blush 50 shades of red Yeah I am bi and I want you all to know that if you don't like it don't dislike the page just ignore my content ~Jay

Synopsis of our day! And except that John is now an invalid- it was really a great day!!!

Pyrrha is a stupid invalidating and I invalidatingpe Nightmare invalidatings her bum for being such a invalidating!!!!

Superman beat goku?????? what kind of biased invalidating is this??????

Hahahahaha lost all respect for this band. Your opinions are invalid, go stick your dick in a bible.

This is invalidatingw you fix unemployment. 12 to 15 million illeagles are here in the USA. Send them back invalidatingme stop giveing them any state aid.

Watching dreed with the boy. RZA tries to shoot a dreeds gun. gun reads invalid id and blows off hand. effective gun control? I do believe so...

Today I came face to face with Bunker Hill who are still seeking that Ensure drinking invalid I invalidatingpe they passed me by.

Yoga Pants: the greatest and worst thing to ever happen to humanty.

Anyone else employed by Swedish having a hard time using their prescription coverage?? My card keeps reading invalid...

Goku can still beat superman. He'll lose a death battle, but he can still beat him

Yeah..it is telling me my E-mail is invalid on my Facebook..I am lost as invalidating right now..-kristofen

This time last year I was a wreck... I wish I could go back in time and tell myself things would be okay, although I probably wouldn't have believed myself.

It's wrong. It's sort of like bringing a 6 pack to an AA meeting! Lololol!

There is literally a fight going on in my invalidatinguse about cashews and cashew shaming

I am so ridiculously tired of reading all of these posts about Obama taking away people's guns. Uhhh, call me crazy but I don't think he's said anything like that. Paranoid much?

If Goku had picked up that rock and started beating the kryptoshit out of Clark, yall would be highly up set

William Blake would be unimpressed by your poetic dalliance. --things I want to say to anyone at AWP 2013

Recent polls suggest an opening for some gun control. ABC News and the Washington Post found a majority now favoring a ban on semi-automatic handguns. What do you think?

You're just a temporary conglomerate of atoms wasting space.... your life is invalid

I have barley realized for over a year i've said "just kidding" as "just kitten" and oh my... ;-; i barley realize this now.... :B

That's why we sing for these kids, that don't have a thing, except a dream, and a invalidatinging rap magazine, who post pin up pictures all day long, idolize they favorite rappers, and know all they songs, or for anyone who's ever been thru invalidating in they lives, till they sit and they cry at night, wishing they'd die. Sing for the moment, Eminem.

Sooo ummm i realized everyone has a facebook to just complain about everything... my lifes pretty good.

I hate when you try to correct someone and....you accidently put it in wrong too.... :/

I'm thinking about having a contest, free, no strings attached sex, for 10 lucky fans. All winners will be entered into a grand prize drawing for having my baby, the winner of said drawing will be chosen by nature, because I hate using invalidatings.

If you're against gun bans, there's no possible way you can be ok with banning a plant. Just sayin'

Annoying person: Oh you're a philosophy major huh? Then what came first, the chicken or the egg? Me: Evolution. Your question is invalid.

Your friend list is too large to be completely processed at once. You can remove more users in 48 invalidatingurs. You successfully removed 40 invalid members from your mafia.

I see a fan said he's in love with me. Das coot. ~Alykazam

I'm a little offended by invalidatingw people think Graphics are everything. let me prove you all wrong. "Pacman"... Your argument is invalid.

invalidating you if you have any sort of relationship with the band alcohol poisoning

Isn't it weird invalidatingw the Catholic church think that bread and wine are sacred, but free will isn't? Church of Rome is about right, church of christ - that's a load of invalidating.

Hit on my boyfriend, I will hit you in the face... with a chair

When you sign up for a website and the companies services to then be told your account is not valid WTF

invalidatingw I use to be straight terrible in black ops 2 and now that I got good they wanna throw wack invalidating invalidatings on my team -_-

Step 1: tell the customer you're out of the paperback book which costs $72. Step 2: tell the customer that he can buy a digital copy for $48. Step 3: ring up the $72 paperback book, give invalid code for digital copy. Step 4: shut up and take my money.

Sammich with Funyunns & cherry coke... damn delicious.

I know I'm too young for love, but I've never felt this way about someone. ❤

Here is a good topic of discussion FLU shots do you get them, do your kids get them, why or why not?

I just wanna see you strip Like damn your sexy. xD

Mark Alexander says: I will not comply with any executive order that declares the 2nd amendment invalid. I'm with him!!!

Your friend list is too large to be completely processed at once. You can remove more users in 48 invalidatingurs. You successfully removed 73 invalid members from your mafia.

Whats going down tonight? Not artwalk though, I won't be able to make it

Daily my page likes reducing by 70 whats wrong facebook..?

Mohamed Mohamud's school librarian in the sixth grade was one of the potential jurors! Others had connections to major terrorism cases. See invalidatingw the judge is narrowing down the jury pool for the Christmas tree-lighting bomb plot trial.

Anyone want to come workout with me tomorrow at the y?

Your arguments invalid- you obviously fat. Here have a salad. And if you wanna chat.. we gotta go outside cuz aint nobody got room fo that.

Just invalidating yourself :D your argument is invalid loll

Seriously?....banning Roosters? My neighbors dogs make more noise then my rooster does...

The government has drones!! That makes any gun rights argument you have that rests on "protection from tyranny" as a premise invalid.

Wow project x is seriously the dumbest movie.

At Halftime, the Knicks continue to struggle to convert at the basket, shooting 33% from the field, yet only trail the Pacers 39 - 34, a season low in first half points for the team. Though he struggled at the outset, Smith finished the half with 8 pts & 3 invalidatingists off the bench in 19 mins. Chandler 9 rebs; Camby 7 pts & 5 rebs. Go to MSG Networks for first half invalidatingysis!

Ok, dont hate.... I agree, Goku should invalidating superman.... superman sucks

Just because someone wears clothing differently than you, has their hair a certain way you don't, likes different music than you, does different things than you're use to, thinks different than you, or just basically seeming the totally opposite from you. It doesn't make them any different than you, because inside. We're all the same.

So....kinda invalidatinged now..... I didnt ask for your help or approval.....

Who's doing either cooks essay or martins environmental invalidatinguse

What peeves you the most when talking about abortion? Perhaps for me, it has become when people use the term "always" or "never." What about you? -Roni

Bubble bath time, then making some food and off to sleep I go! Work at 4am, should be a fun day... :/

My vest has a invalidating Warmaster patch on it. your argument is invalid.

I've found the adjustment of looking after my knee interesting but I'm hardly an invalid. Goodbye x

Kon kon jaging hai ? Thoko like lets start chit chat <3

You successfully removed 4 invalid members from your mafia.

Made this girl look stupid as invalidating. So did my new good friend beck. Trying to say as a fact that if you smoke weed you're stupid and ruins your life.

So they're trying to call me a poser fag because I wear metal shirts and snapbacks and I'm like bro! You listen to dubstep your argument is invalid hahaha

Americans don't know what real hip invalidatingp is.

Sittin here chillin with my buddy Ridge an invalidatingpe. not doing a dam thing. just doin me.

My cover is a unicorn. Your argument is invalid.

Need sum 1 fun that drives, i fancy a road trip ...!!

Love these type of pics... your argument is invalid

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establishing as invalid or untrue

See also: disconfirming