Intrude in a sentence as a verb

Not to intrude on your fantasy world too much, but a few things:1.

That doesn't mean "so you can bludgeon an intruder with it" it means "so you can shoot an intruder with it".

The regret of our collective ignorance that has built the tool to intrude on everything we do.

Maybe it is us that must get over our desires to intrude supposedly on someone else's benefit.

No, I lie, until that happens the TSA will spend more money, and intrude on our lives more, but won't actually provide any benefit.

None of this is speculation: we can look to history to see what happened when government did not "intrude" on these areas of life.

You can establish a culture of communication within a team that doesn't intrude on personal time.

And anything which does not restrict the ability of a law abiding citizen to shoot an intrude in their home will not stop future school shootings.

I've always detested these "team-building" initiatives that intrude into my own private social life.

We should be telling them that this misguided law is starting to intrude onto the choices that parents make when raising their children, and that it should be repealed immediately.

Those in favor argued that the enumerated powers would tend to expand and intrude on core liberties unless those fundamental rights were also made explicit.

I don't really want to intrude on her life to ask just what happened---it's not any of my business---but I would like to know if, whatever did happen, the technorati/HN/FB/etc publicity helped find/save/help her.

The people largely respected the dragon's right to its property, and when foolhardy wealth-seekers intruded on its lair, people largely allowed the dragon to go about its business, grievously injuring those intruders.

And any law you make that meaningfully restricts the ability of law abiding citizens to shoot an intruder in their home will not fly without a constitutional amendment which is - needless to say - not happening.

Of course, remember that the Guardian was perfectly fine with the government harassing journalistsIt's fairly simple:Journalists who break the law to bribe police and others for information, hack voicemails of private individuals, and intrude on the privacy of individuals should be punished.

Here is a guy who created arguably the largest financial innovation of the century and who only wants to be left to live a humble, private life instead of claiming his riches, and you think that a mass of curious strangers have a right to intrude into his life, jeopardizing his safety and that of his family just so you can have the satisfaction of putting a face with a name?Journalism isn't the same as stalking.

Intrude definitions


enter uninvited; "They intruded on our dinner party"; "She irrupted into our sitting room"

See also: irrupt


enter unlawfully on someone's property; "Don't trespass on my land!"

See also: trespass


search or inquire in a meddlesome way; "This guy is always nosing around the office"

See also: nose poke


thrust oneself in as if by force; "The colors don't intrude on the viewer"

See also: obtrude