Interdependence in a sentence as a noun

With the distribution model, theres no way to avoid this forced interdependence.

I appreciate the sense of community and interdependence that comes from the state taking a back seat in people's lives.

I have a sneaking suspicion that line is a typo and/or they have some whacky interdependence on USB and the lines will be riddled with jitter.

Open source works when the community is able to foster a sense of economic interdependence and people get out and give in.

I view collaboration and syncing as two distinct business lines without a whole lot of interdependence.

Think about the massive interdependence: work schedules, daycare, trains, social activities, etc etc.

This sort of thing underscores how economic interdependence promotes peace.

Any talk of reducing dependence on other countries is liable to rile up people who think more and more interdependence is the cure to everything.

My dotfiles have acquired enough cruft and interdependence in the many years they've been written that I certainly benefit from keeping them under version control.

However, this article is neither empowering through interdependence nor through independence, just a slab of rage press with a bit of correlation without causation statistics.

But with the monopoly gone, with the whole concept of monopoly essentially discredited, how could there ever be a place like that again?...That perceived natural monopoly wasnt only justified by the phone systems technological complexity and interdependence; it was alsoin an argument that telephone executives made over and over againa matter of economics.

Interdependence definitions


a reciprocal relation between interdependent entities (objects or individuals or groups)

See also: mutuality interdependency