Infra in a sentence as an adverb

Well, for starters, they might just start saying "see below" instead of "infra" and "see above" instead of "supra.

In fairness, their new slogan is "move fast with stable infra," and an API that's down 100% of the time is certainly stable...

There are bluetooth mice and other peripherals, but there was also infra-red versions of the same a decade previous.

Moreover, infra team is constantly understaffed and thus are a very, very conservative bunch.

For example, police may look at your house from the street in the visible spectrum, but may not look at your house from the street in the infra-red spectrum without a warrant.

Part of the goal is to make the language as simple as possible for analysts to use. Obviously you need to be technical to some degree to write in a functional language, but we were trying to make it a business-logic layer on top of the infra.

"" The government is committed to improving the physical infrastructure.

When the sun comes up after a cold night, it heats the sand, but the sand on top of the pyramid has its heat conducted away more efficiently than the sand far from the pyramid, so it'll show up as slightly cooler when imaged with the infra-red satellite.

An afternoon's Googling found me the OpenCV plugins for Processing and some face detection examples, and I've got a prototype that really disturbs my girlfriend - I call it "Death Ray" for extra creepiness factor[1] - but I've got a infra-red capable camera mounted on a pair of servos to steer it, and another pair of servos aiming a low power laser.

Infra definitions


(in writing) see below; "vide infra"

See also: below