How to use Inflection in a sentence as a noun

Not feeling 100% today...I think my sinus inflection finally got stronger than the Vitamin D I am taking...

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Common sense people. You cannot control those that have a deep rooted desire to inflect harm on others. The best we can do as a society is be armed and protect ourselves. Where are all the stories about people defending themselves from harm or inflectionme invasion. No big corporate wants to show inflectionw guns are used for evil not good.


"English is not my first language, though it is the language in which I write. I feel the real medium for me is silence, so I could be writing in any language. To inflect the inner silence, to give it body, that's all we're doing. You use the voice to make the silence present. The real subject in poetry isn't the voice. The real subject is silence. It's like in architecture, where the medium is not really stone or metal, but space. We use materials—brick, glass, whatever—to inflect the immaterial, space."


If life was a Gun... Id be the bullet Hiding my sorrow within... Heart to the trigger. Mind to the chamber. Soul the the powder. only Use, only to inflect pain to reflect what we call free... Soul, Drifting in the wind Will these Bullets wounds ever Mend?


Midnight topic tonight: Lost respect.. If you have worked in public safety or healthcare as long as I have you have seen them come and go. You have seen the good ones, the bad ones, the ones that were just there and then you seen the ones that either you had higher expectations of or knew from the get go they were going to be absolutely lousy. I am talking about your superiors, management or brass whatever you call them.. My question what is it that makes them lose their respect by subordinates?


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The more you load the moment, the more you inflect it with your pretty ideas and good intentions, the less powerful it's going to be.

What comes to mind is the old adage, he who lives by the sword will die by the sword ... it seems to me that this gun stuff is getting totally out of hand

God render us from a path of such evil, come into the lives of the people with great hate, jealousy and inflect malice toward other. please forgive the trespasser, for you is the anchor that keep us grounded and the armor that protect us. without faith you have no sword to swing ,too many lives cut short for alittle of nothing god didnt leave them, they left him

Ay who should i collab with? and what kinda tune should we make?

I love inflectionw this lady lays it all out in Barney style for all those that do not understand why gun control, bans, or magazine bans, are not the answer.

Alot people think hitting someone in the Head would inflect more damage but you actually do more Hitting them in the Body

My wife is making me feel like im not even here and im trying to make up for last night for not giving her sex and was going to let her inflect as much pain as she wants but no she is acting like im not even here when i try talking to her

So apparently people are cutting themselves because Justin Bieber smokes weed. I am so done with our generation okay.

Anyone want a 5month blue nose pit for free

To my friend who is having problems with her ex. the best revenge is to live a happy life and do better without them. The best revenge. Karma will take care of him!!

It's amusing inflectionw "conservative Americans" cry over their second amendment but seem to care less about the injustices being dealt to us by the federal reserve if you need a gun to feel like a "big boy" go see your shrink and talk about your male issues

Do not waste one moment in regret, for to thk feelingly of the mistakes of the past is to re-inflect yourself.

The guy sitting next to me has a picture of himself as his computer's wallpaper. It's not some fun memory shot of him and some friends from a vacation. No, it seems to be his headshot. I confess that I think a lot of myself, but I pray that I am never that vain.

Life is full up nd down is waiting 4 a reactn life is accomodatin nd actrative our war fear may not vality for those who belieave in it life is an inflimative baloon whenever it's inflect it canever be deflected

Too flexibility made me inflect and break. So tough. Like every time.

Does anyone know the neuroscience of why a song gets "played out"? As in, why is a song less fun to listen to for a while at least after you've played it a million times?

If it is a great plan why won't they get on it as well. Because it will suck.

Hmmmm. The inflection like a roaring lion, tryin 2 inflect pain on my family this nw yr thank God for d word "he dat dwell in the secret place of the most high shall abide under the shadow of the almighty. The inflection can only try bt he will nt succed cos we ar under the shadow of the almighty help me thank God for life of my family peeps.

Broken bones, bruises, scraps, And cuts that the world can see heal in time, it's the scars that no one can see that only you can feel that are there forever And no one has the right to inflect these kinds of scars on Anyone....

It's life, Jim... but not as we know it.

"I’ve been studying Facebook for five years as a researcher, and after seeing our most recent data on social media behaviors I can tell you this: It’s scarier than you think." #psychology

Inflection definitions


the patterns of stress and intonation in a language

See also: prosody


a manner of speaking in which the loudness or pitch or tone of the voice is modified

See also: modulation


deviation from a straight or normal course

See also: flection flexion


a change in the form of a word (usually by adding a suffix) to indicate a change in its grammatical function

See also: inflexion