Infected in a sentence as an adjective

... and thousands of HN readers get infected by a zero-day exploit.

I made stitched images from video showing tanks awaiting a push into so-called 'infected' cities[3].

I probably made the mistake of signing into my YouTube account on Chrome which has been infected with Google+ and that leaked through to Chrome.

They were deadly afraid that their code would somehow become infected and that they would have to open source they wouldn't allow it.

It's during the window period that an HIV infected person is most infectious.

Every other computer, it seemed, was infected with adware, and users loathed it.

People who might be generations down the line from you infected with a super-resistant strain that can be traced back to you and others like you.

You can isolate huge numbers of the virus from infected individuals and sequence the DNA very cheaply.

We have no idea how many people are infected anymore because Liberia has too many patients to even keep track.

When my sons MacBook was infected with the FlashBack virus Techno-Dad to the rescue. I looked up some on-line guides and then hammered away in the terminal until I had eradicated that bad-boy.

In other words: you can't even complain about comments about the NSA infecting non-NSA threads without that thread itself becoming infected with NSA comments.

The browser is a very scary place to be, because its whole mission in life is connecting to the untrusted, infected cesspool of the Internet and then doing what the Internet tells it to.

A surgeon must take the patient to the operating room urgently, make a slash down the middle of the abdomen, wash out all the bilious and infected fluid, find the hole in the duodenum, and repair it.

The fundamentalist missionaries infected them with the peculiar sort of madness, entitlement, laziness and corruption that comes with that belief system.

In the days after several recent Adobe flash 0-days, virustotal reports on infected documents were reported publicly days before the bug was fixed or the actual exploit was publicly revealed.

Infected definitions


containing or resulting from disease-causing organisms; "a septic sore throat"; "a septic environment"; "septic sewage"

See also: septic