Indulgent in a sentence as an adjective

Yes, it's a bit indulgent, but it will be over in a day or two.

Daisey's whole approach just struck me as slapdash and self-indulgent.

" My god imagine listening to this self indulgent tripe at 1 am while keeping your cool.

It's twee, self-indulgent, and pseudo-science - I want more from my developers.

What's so bad about delaying adulthood, be self indulgent and just enjoy learning for a couple of years.

This entire blog post is self-indulgent elitist drivel.

Yes: become tougher and more ambitious, and less self-indulgent.

I think that this comment bears a certain indulgent mixture of patriotism and navety.

The stories of the successes sometimes come off as self-indulgent, the stories of the mistakes sometimes come across as bitter.

Imagine, walking into a room of self-indulgent, Wall Street pricks, knowing that they're tripping over themselves to get in on the action.

MBAs vs. CS. Instead of just arguing the merits of whatever point one has, it's become all too common to just lob ad hominem insults, call each other self-indulgent assholes, declare each others' views to be "*********", etc etc.

We can call it other things if that's less offensive: petulant, self-indulgent, self-aggrandizing, perhaps.

Whenever I pick up a maths book, I read all these symbols that have no explanation whatsoever - it's obviously self-indulgent wanking.

Refusing to "believe" that fireplaces is bad is simply indulgent and intellectually lazy.

A lot of Russians still view Americans as self-indulgent, somewhat ******** know-it-alls, bathing in life's luxuries that make no sense.

Will they contribute meaningfully to anything at all or just represent an indulgent waste of time and intellectual masturbation?

These have nothing to do with actual zen koans anyway, they're just programming lessons obfuscated by self-indulgent "i'm so wise" writing with a "and then the student was enlightened" at the end.

In my experience this often comes from others having been burned by their prior proposed projects, where they've wasted 6 months doing self-indulgent refactoring that went nowhere or introduced bugs or made it hard for the rest of the team to contribute because of a bunch of new abstractions "to make the system flexible and generalized".

Indulgent definitions


characterized by or given to yielding to the wishes of someone ; "indulgent grandparents"


tolerant or lenient; "indulgent parents risk spoiling their children"; "too soft on the children"; "they are soft on crime"

See also: lenient soft


being favorably inclined; "an indulgent attitude"