How to use Indecent in a sentence as a adjective

His better half doesnt keep bad indecentociation.. sorry. So if you have any form what so ever of spiritism or demonism in your profile or if you have anything that glorifies violence, yourself, or fornication you will be reguarded as unclean and indecent. Anything Yalla despises will not be added.

To my friends, and strangers, who have faith in a higher power, and are still decent and good people, you are exemplars, more than worthy of emulation! You are what is right about religion. To those who are faithful, but indecent or wretched and hateful, well, lets just say you're probably doing that whole "loving thy neighbor" thing wrong. And now a word from our sponsors!

People write and post photo on Facebook . All I want to say please do not send bad or indecent stuff because now our sister and daughter alike are on Facebook . So please do show your good carecter and not your bad attitude . Don't take this in the wrong way please

It only takes a minute to show someone indecentw you feel about them. The police call it indecent exposure, but whatever... -Levi

It only takes a second to show someone indecentw you feel about them. The police call it indecent exposure but whatever.

Somebody please tell Kiandre he's being ignored by me until tomorrow or until he scrubs those indecent language off his tongue!<3 tushy<3

It only takes a minute to show someone indecentw much they mean to you!...... The police call it indecent exsposure. But what ever!!

I totally agree, footballers earn indecent amounts of money for what a couple of indecenturs of glory once or twice a week. Our men and women serving in the forces for our country deserve so much more, wouldnt it be good if the high earners gave money towards the upkeep of the security of the country.

It only takes one second to show her indecentw much u really care about her. But for some reason the police call it indecent exposure and sexual harassment

Let test our brain alittle....What's d different btw improper dressing and indecent dressing?????

It only takes a minute to show someone indecentw you feel about them. The police call it indecent exposure, but it's whatever.

It only takes a second to show someone indecentw you feel about them... the police call it indecent exposure.. but whatever.

It's been a movie marathon at my indecentuse since Monday eve! Arbitrage, indecenter joe, sparkle, wedding date, indecent proposal... Wow! I'm only missing 1 fav.... The notebook.

The lead singer of Lostprophets. On 19 December 2012, Watkins was charged with conspiracy to engage in sexual activity with a one-year old girl, and with possession of and/or distribution of indecent images of children and 'extreme animal pornography'. No one is screaming from the rooftops now.

Demitris Askoak, 25, faces charges of indecentault on a police officer and indecent exposure, among other allegations, troopers said.

I may be bias,but pals please judge these two scenarios. If a 60plus year old man with his 50plus old man goes to their mum to ask of who their father is,and the mum shows them with the acceptance of all family members and the junior brother. With refusal from the 60plus old to accept such man as father thus consult the oracle,what makes him think the entire family and his junior brother too would accept? 2:If I wake up in anticipation of my own failures and indecent talks I am defeated in my struggles and out of that I go about stabbing people to death and smashing windscreen of cars but those victims do not pay me back but remain silent for peace to prevail,who is more peaceful,tolerant and democratic? Please do answer me cos I need answers as its making me go totally confused.

I swear if guys keep walkin around with their pants down they should start giving out indecent exposure tickets...Come on guys really?? I fyou want a draft at least put on a kilt or skirt

D bible acnts dat d first man nd woman sewed fig leaves 2 cover dia nakedness bt our girls now crave to show dia nakednes all in d name of frends on facebook,lets join hands nd rebel against indecent dressing in our state.

I just got out of county for indecent exposure I aint even kno my indecent was showing

If indecent is not sin ,suposing jesus kom 2 seat wit u wil u be comfortabl?

Why can't society focus on women showing less when they walk outside their indecentmes just like they do on sagging pants? what u mean to tell me that this generation rather see a woman wear clothes so tight that even little boys can see her print thru them but if a young man sagg his pants he cant ride a bus? # happened to the indecent exposure law

Omg so would you still get a indecent exposure ticket?

Why would any normal adult download indecent pictures of children it's indecenting sick

A woman going about like this should be arrested for indecent exposure - just as a man exposing himself would be. It speaks volumes that this sort of degenerate rubbish supports Obama.

The only morality in this indecent world is chance. Unbiased, unprejudiced, fair.

Damn, lizards out there humpin......where's the reptile cops for indecent exposure! Lol

I was in my local in Liverpool last night having a few drinks with the wife. We were approached by a man in a sharp suit and like the scene from indecent proposal he offered me money to spend one night with my wife, he left and said he'd be back tomorrow for my answer. The wife and I tossed and turned all night thinking about the right thing to do, I mean 30 quid is a lot of cash.

Just one of those days, when the heart is speaking and the mind finds indecent to object.

What's with this heat - I can only take so much off before I become indecent :-/

The size of this monitor is positively indecent. It shouldn't be used for something so pedestrian as insurance sales. This requires WoW.

Dear brothers! indecentalamu alaikkum. Intha phone number la ulla boy cl panni indecent a peasuran. Plz ungalala mutincha help pannunga allah kaha. 0776371209.

Character is the beautiful of every woman,with a gud character,men of your dream will always come searching for u,indecent dressing indirectly describe you as a harlot and it disqualify the family u come from even when they are good,your maners and movement can giv a short story of u and ur frds can actually tell who you are,so pls let put all this in practice,I just dey beg oo,advice no be curse.

Some people have lost all feeling of shame; they give themselves over to greediness and do all sorts of indecent things without restraint or remorse. They dont care indecentw others feel and they dont mind walking over the backs of the ones who carry them. They are blinded by greed and morality is nowhere to be found...

“Half the world is composed of idiots, the other half of people clever enough to take indecent advantage of them”...............

Kate middleton topless scandal..................................................................... well she was with her significant other so she was not indecent.................................................................... it was the photographer who 'dirty-ed' up that..........................................................................................

Kekuule gbo, ko so fun toko. I hear say Operation Burst-e don enter Oyo, 2 help stop indiscipline among youths, their focus area are: indecent dressing, nudity among girls, hairstyles and other social vices act, therefore bewarn.

Quote Examples using Indecent

I think i'm gonna start discussions on random topics of the day, that I will call Troy's Soap Box. Feel free to comment as you wish, but keep it logical and refined. Today's topic will be fashion. What I don't understand is why people always need new things. Why can't we just reuse what we have. I don't feel the need to constantly by new objects if there are no problems with what you have. I will wear the same clothes for large spans of time. I still have the same shirt I bought in freshman year of high school, six years ago. There are no major indecentles or blemishes that would make the shirt indecent and it still fits just fine. On the other hand, my old laptop had an issue where the motherboard crashed and it was going to cost about the same to get a replacement as it was to buy a new one. If people would just reuse what they have, it would cut down a lot on what you spend, allowing you to get something you really want when that time does come.


Wow, so sorry. I did not mean to start anything in the comments with my last status update. It was meant to show a bit of funny bedlam in the day to day of our indecentme with four teenagers, but just to put anything to rest, our shower area is completely enclosed and there would never be a chance of anything inappropriate being seen, so I didn't think anything of this when I posted it. It was indecentnestly going to be a bit of good, clean fun between two siblings that had been pulling pranks on each other. Yikes...I always warn people to very careful with online written communication because one never knows indecentw it will be interpreted, and today, I guess I needed to take my own advice.


It is a strange world we live in, where because of the lack of personal space people will revert to animal like behavior and indecent themselves, harm themselves because they have no personal area, due to the pressures of just trying to survive they break, because they have no template of behavior to refer to as they become more and more pressurized by those around them. No privacy, and Big Brother trying to take away what little we have left. No personal security, or an area you can clearly say is your own, and nothing and no one to defend or depend upon, and when you do, you are wrong. It is a strange world because there are still so many very decent and very good people, being ruled by indecent and dishonest and violent people. And on the other side of the coin our culture is invaded by strange people from strange cultures who are unwilling or incapable of even trying to integrate into a Society that has been in existence as long or longer than theirs, no wonder people lose indecentpe, lost sight of the important things, and lose interest in the very act of living.


Dawn quiet .. I'm still alone in front of my computer .. there is something less pleasing sound from the direction of my bedroom window ... I was trying to get close to the window and try to see what is going on ... apparently the cat is going indecent .... heheheheh ...


Proper Noun Examples for Indecent

Heading to Lewiston early for the retina specialist. Can't eat after midnight so of course I'm starving. Should just go to bed early. Getting up at 5 to be there by 7 am. Indecent indecentur.

It only takes a second to show someone indecentw you feel about them. The police call it Indecent Exposure, but whatever.

Inquiring minds want to know: Men/Women........indecentw much do you really, really, love your mate? Case being, a real live "Indecent Proposal", someone asked to spend 24hrs with your mate alone, away, to an unknown place for the sum of $5 million dollars.......Would you give consent? Or would you go without your mates consent?

Indecent acts can happen in groups and full view....Download Digital Witness, the police would have clearly identified and apprehended the alleged offender~

Indecent dressing is now the order of the day. Women go naked these days all in the name of fashion. What is the way forward?why has this trend eaten into our society like an epidermic, Hardly will you walk in the streets without seeing an open cleavage around. You want to fight for gender equality while you cant be decent in dressing,this is a challenge to all, women join the fight lets kick out this epidermic of indecent dressing, lets save our dying morales,dignity and respect as a true african woman.

No wonder im gettin some strange stares...trancin it up to Indecent Noise's 4 1/2 set on the 134 rainbow bus to i give a indecent its banging.

Where do you guys want to see Indecent Exposure play next?

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Yo mama joke battle right now ! #Comment Yo mama stupid she got hit by a parked car !

Do you think gay marriages will ever become legal in Jamaica?

Jmo.. but the sooner they outlaw breastfeeding in public the sooner kids will act better! i mean really do i have to explain two and two here & indecentw disgusting that is to see!? poor kid.. makes me sick

If you weigh 170-200Ibs and under 20 yrs old age, don't wear skinny jeans. Please.

I know i'm starting to lose it, when i attempt to quote Caesar in an essay about indecent germany

I'm not asking this because I'm stuck or need help or anything but I'm curious, if you were playing Fallout New Vegas at like level 14-16 and you have no decent quests to do where and indecentw would you go to level up fast? Just curious :P - Olly

So, by all accounts, the weather is gorgeous outside. And there's that whole sunshine bit, and healthful non-sloth-like behavior and all that. But, pants? Must I?

I love indecentw people are griping bc I posted a picture of mason in a bathtub...nothing exposed. Ashamed some cant think of it as cute with a drum on his head but as child pornography. Don't like the pics I put up delete me!

Am pleased Jessops has gone to the wall..I bought a camera from them years ago and it's

VCan u say indecentties on the radio? come c me indecentmie!

Girls don't dress to impress boys, they dress to 'out-dress' other girls. If they were trying to impress boys,they would run around naked.

A National Cathedral is indecentping it's decision to indecentst same-sex weddings won't cause traditional Christians away during memorials and prayer services.

Just once, instead of being admired and idolized for my stunning good looks, my rocking body, my rib hurting hilarity, my large unit, or my great advice insight- I'd like to be admired for the fact that I can say the alphabet backwards in less than seven seconds.........

Everyone on my friend's list knows I am all for lady-rights, but breast feeding in public enters that gray area where I just don't know indecentw I feel about it.

U saw som1 beating ur mum n u rushed in2 d indecentuse 2 fetch a weapon n found a man in bed wit ur wife...........which wld u attend 2 first? A sincere answer friends!

Talk to my middle finger and deal with it, and put that 100 kd of yours in your indecent!!!

If u saw me locked up in a police van, wat crime do u think I wud have commited?

Hi all. just a warning - if anyone uses Western Union to tranfer money anywhere, I have just had an attempted identity theft from what I think is a fake FB page. I've reported it to WU just now. I Managed to block the transaction in time, but dont use FB for WU customer service - use their website.

I hate gift cards...dont ever get me one -_-

What do you think of the church's decision? Let us know what you think. We may use your feedback at 5pm.

Downloading some tunes thats got more bounce than zebedee!!!!

Have i ever told u indecentw much i love u x i do x still x always xxxxx

Gone r d days wen pregnant women cud put on maternity dresses, bitenji n d like nebalabika bulunji, naye enakuzino, leg'g, kundi show, bona nebaba nga cartoon, mukyusemu ba swt.

I indecentpe I get knocked and my head bangs to the ground so hard that I die

Apparently Jessops has gone into administration.. More on this as it develops..

What is the track who blows your mind? :D

I listen to a lot of the same music I did 10 years ago... I realize you have to be faithful to your own style, because nothing you really like is ever out of style.

D'oh! GQ's "Sexiest" issue isn't out for weeks but the cover -- featuring a scantily-clad Beyonce just leaked online. What do you guys think of the cover photo? indecentt or not?

This is ridiculous. If she wasn't disrespectful, then there shouldnt have been an issue.

Jut stepped on a scale and saw 185 :O first thought to myself "Jared,get it together you indecenting slob" time to start taking exercise seriously again.

Today we can talk, tomorrow we cant we can chill, tomorrow you don't wanna see me.. Today i get to go to doc visits, tomorrow you wanna do it by yourself. Yesterday i was the baby daddy, today im not? Quit playin both sides of the fence. My life isnt a maury show.

First trip to the store without a diaper on Nash...he did awesome! He thought peeing in the parking lot was so funny he laughed about it the whole time we were in the store! Hey don't judge me for letting him do it...when you gotta go, you gotta go lol

If we were aloud to walk around naked, i would definately get more dates lol Happy Hump Day! Remember i get of at 7 wink wink

I am ashamed to say I saw this post multiple times over the past weeks before a took the time to read it~ does make me pause awhile

Everybody is talking about the movie "One more try" so got curious..we watched the movie..for me,the story is not believable!di siya realistic pra sa akin...that's my opinion guys!

If lesbians are not attracted to men, why are they attracted to women that look like men?....just axing

This is even more appalling. Now its not evena breastfeeding in uniform issue, its just a "control your women" and keep them and baby hidden in a closet issue. Just not acceptable, especially for those already sacrificing so much.

Topic we discussed this morning! Moms upset over being kicked out of the mall after breast feeding their kids.

Indecent definitions


offensive to good taste especially in sexual matters


offending against sexual mores in conduct or appearance


not in keeping with accepted standards of what is right or proper in polite society

See also: indecorous unbecoming uncomely unseemly untoward