Incubate in a sentence as a verb

Do they really needs to be incubate / raise money?Tealet?

Google Labs is a place where they incubate awesome ideas and features.

Yahoo has the budget and bandwidth to incubate great products.

I've heard PG say in numerous interviews that he doesn't want to incubate small companies.

If you are looking for a place to incubate, as a young company, Montreal might be almost perfect.

But showing support for groups that are fighting these longer battles is the best way to see some real action, even if it takes a while to incubate.

But that's precisely my point: you want to capture customers at birth, incubate them into adulthood, and then charge them a lot of money now that they can afford it.

Basically incubate your own competitors, but hold a minority stake in their companies.

We also invest in, mentor, and incubate local startups targeting the Latin American market.

In cases where hardware ideas are good ones, it makes a lot of sense for the guys with the manufacturing expertise to get in the loop early on. They can incubate, invest, and indulge in some of the wild stuff innovators want but can only be executed with $mm of equipment.

The Apple app store rankings are public though... so couldn't anyone have seen that the app was doing well, and cloned it?Beyond raw resources, Facebook's big advantages seem to be its well-known brand and its ability to incubate new properties.

I would **** the role terminology around: YC engineers the seeds; then the founders--part of the constructed seed System--incubate it, until it no longer needs continuous System Engineering for its ensured viability.

When somebody gets TB, regardless of their lifestyle, is it in your best interests that they get a full course of treatment in an isolation ward in hospital, or that they wander the streets coughing blood all over the place and incubate a new drug-resistant strain?

Incubate definitions


grow under conditions that promote development


sit on (eggs); "Birds brood"; "The female covers the eggs"

See also: brood hatch cover