Incredulous in a sentence as an adjective

When I explained they were, quite frankly, incredulous.

The developer saw how incredulous I was, and was amazed at how much **** I took for them.

I read the article incredulous about how close we came to this guy ******* up DNS for eveyone.

Yeah, I'm incredulous that anyone could argue that VIP membership is obvious.

One thing that really struck me was how incredulous non-blacks were when I related my story years later.

To think he could have replicated his career path as a college dropout is incredulous.

The OP reads like someone who has and is utterly incredulous at the statements being made by Bitcoin's proponents.

I, too, would be incredulous of any positive result, but it's not claiming to violate thermodynamics.

It's always been my understanding that he writes that way simply because he enjoys it, and he's perpetually incredulous that he can make a living doing so.

The fans are filling a gap here which, speaking personally, I'm extremely grateful for and incredulous that film companies don't provide themselves.

Beyond that, people start googling their eyes, making incredulous expressions and hyperventilating.

The philosopher David Lewis had a lot of critics, and they would often cite the fact that they couldn't possibly see how modal realism could be true, to which Lewis would reply, "I don't know how to refute an incredulous stare.

Incredulous definitions


not disposed or willing to believe; unbelieving