Incidence in a sentence as a noun

Let's do a little back-of-the-napkining: Let's assume that this is the first incidence of such.

Within two years, the reported incidence of CCD rose dramatically.

There are mountains of evidence that BMI correlates positively with the incidence of lower back pain.

"When we are talking about a disease with base incidence of only 3 percent even for seventy-year-olds, we are so far talking about a disease that has been a low-priority disease.

If they don't report the incidence to international police forces and assist in tracking down the actual dealers, they are in my eyes guilty of criminal negligence of astronomical proportions.

Conference organizers have a responsibility to emphasize the high incidence of theft and assist them however possible - most people coming from developed countries do not have experience with this type of danger.

Incidence definitions


the relative frequency of occurrence of something


the striking of a light beam on a surface; "he measured the angle of incidence of the reflected light"