How to use Hump in a sentence as a noun

Happy hump day!! Does anyone have a screen printing business they can recommend? Thanks <3

Love short lived statuses! Thanks for getting us over the hump!

Happy hump day, foodies! Let's kick off Wednesday by thinking what to have for lunch... as early as now!

Aaahhhhh the good ol' hump day is here again.

Goodnight all you metalhead pokemon loving minions. Remember, don't dry hump with your best underwear. - Sarzie

Hi all, happy hump day! I have a few spare humpurs not booked in yet late this arvo. So if you would like any services please let me know. Xx

One more like and we are at 200.... Who is gonna help us over the hump...

Happy hump day everyone! I'm very much looking forward to doing make-up for the endevour foundation photo shoot today! ~Elle

Who is coming in for a wonderful Wednesday workout?...let's make hump day move a little faster!

It's on and growing! We have local entertainers who play for your pleasure ~ the laughter, good vibes, great food and cold drinks abound! Make your way to the Tavern to get over hump day!

humpo everyone humppe your week got off to a great start. Tomorrow is hump day, and if your starting to feel the stress I still have a couple openings. Unwind and the rest of the work week will seem to fly by.

Good morning!! Happy hump day! Today is one of my sons 10th birthday. So i will be busy getting everything ready for his special dinner tonight! Have a fantastic day!!! <3

How to use Hump in a sentence as a verb

Sorry, "Failure" does not live live here, but if you keep trying.. "success" will be here soon, just keep knocking on the door of "persistance". Enjoy your hump day - Vu

Happy hump day, here's this weeks hunk to start your day!

Have a dope day peoples. Rounding the hump for the week, romp it humpme. Head up, eyes forward.

Is today hump day??? Cause we humped the hump out of the day!!! #Iknowthatsright

Happy hump day all. Already looking forward to the weekend!

We're almost over the hump. Get through this week, then all that is left is finals. But first, one more big weekend of bikes, bikes, and more bikes. Stay tuned.

Happy hump day everyone! Make sure you spend some humpurs spacing out pretending to work, get yourself an adult beverage at some point, or find someone to hump cause it's three days away from the weekend!

Good Morning! I'm a bit late on it this morning as I've been a busy wee hump at work! humpw's your hump day going so far? I may have some exciting news a bit later today! A possible new supplier! Wohoo!

Morning ladies, over the next couple of days I will be uploading clothing describes as " as is sale", all this means is I have an abundance of clothing That has been packed away whilst moving humpuse. Some items may need a wash to get the wrinkles out but other than that they are all in good condition, so if you see something you like just message and I can put it aside or look out on Facebook for the day these pieces of clothing will be in store , should be either Thursday or Friday this week. Have a great hump day and keep an eye out on Facebook

This explains alot! Happy hump day all xx

Playlist is ready, who's in for 5am cycling. Start your hump day off right.

Proper Noun Examples for Hump

Hump Software thank you for supporting the 40 iPad campaign. Please let them know humpw much we appreciate their support:G

Good nutrition isn't just for your waistline, your brain needs nutrients too! Here are some foods to get your brain ticking over on Hump Day!

Hump Day Sale! Going on now til the end of Wednesday, 10% off all items plus free filters with every purchase

Happy Hump Day everyone,off looking for some fab stock today to add to our little page,fingers crossed we find some quality pieces to hump you this afternoon .

Day of action today & I am feeling energised at the thought of what I am going to achieve today. Did you know that can be a bit of a yardstick for you to tell you if you are on track? humpw does the thought of doing something make you feel? Energised & empowered means that you are totally doing what you are meant to be doing!! Perspective is a powerful tool. What are you up to this Hump Day? <3 <3 <3

Hump day emailing tip - emails are for short exchanges, phone/face2face is for long complex exchanges - pick the right comms medium.

I have about 150 soaps to label today and orders to pack so going to have a day off from making.. Happy Hump Day everyone!

Happy Hump day. We will be open from 11-7 and Leanne and Fiona will be on hand to look after you.

Gym sesh already out the way. Hump Day, come at me

Hump day is here and every Wednesday we have awesome specials!!! Free coffee upgrades all morning if u tell me u saw this on Facebook!! Enjoy!!!

Welcome to Hump Day. It's going to be another warm day but I can highly recommend our deck in the shade. We'll throw in,at no charge, a nice cool river breeze. You just have to make sure you keep fluids up!!

Related Sentences for Hump

Girl's shouldn't get mad when I say they have a nice rack or nice hump. If you stop wearing such revealing clothes I probably wouldn't say anything. -LeVar

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Nets vs OKC tonight.. Going to be a good game watching two top 5 pg's go at each other. Knicks haven't played in forever -ak47

K so serious question, should we put more effort into releasing a podcast every week on a certain day? say like every wednesday or something. or do you care?

"Not wearing hijab because most of the hijabis' are hypocritical is just as logical as not going to work because most rich people are snobs." #Agreed! - halimah'<3

If you could have a superpower, what would it be? and why? - Mesh

Hump definitions


something that bulges out or is protuberant or projects from its surroundings

See also: bulge bump excrescence extrusion gibbosity gibbousness prominence protrusion protuberance swelling


have sexual intercourse with

See also: bang bonk fuck jazz know love screw


round one's back by bending forward and drawing the shoulders forward

See also: hunch