Hoopla in a sentence as a noun

You know the whole 10x engineer hoopla that's thrown around on here?

There's a big hoopla about it outside the company.

With all the hoopla around him, it's easy to forget sometimes that Jobs was just a normal guy.

This method requires some measure of spectacle, hoopla, and even a bit of ballyhoo.

Fair enough, but can you imagine the press hoopla had Apple introduced this feature?

So there will be lots of hoopla, then a big check gets written to a pet PAC, then it all goes away -- until it's time to pay up again.

And remember HB Gary?I am sure this hoopla would've cost Samsung some real damage in sales and they might be considering legal action.

Even if they didn't take advantage of the algorithm, I bet the $1 million paid for itself due to the all the press and hoopla surrounding the prize.

In fact, if whoever is responsible for this fiasco had asked on Stack Exchange how he best store passwords, this whole hoopla could've been avoided.

What is masked by some of the hoopla around cancer is exactly this, gene therapy is advancing, and it can rewrite your DNA in-situ.

All of this mixin, traits, monkey patching hoopla is completely nonexistent in functional programming languages.

Not every company that ended up competing with us did so because the USV hoopla introduced them to the opportunity, but a handful did.

Hoopla definitions


blatant or sensational promotion

See also: ballyhoo hype plug