How to use Homophobia in a sentence as a noun

Please join the march whoever can! We need to show up against any kind of homophobiaphobiamophobia!

Talk about internalized such a young age, wonder what will happen when he turns 30....

Islam and Christianity are diseases that need to be eradicated. Their "homophobiaphobialy" books Qu'ran and The Bible support slavery ,pedophilia, homophobiaphobiamophobia, rape, homophobiaphobiamophobia, torture.

It's 2014, why does racism, sexism, and homophobiaphobiamophobia still exist?

Proper Noun Examples for Homophobia

I severely despise homophobiaphobiamophobic people. There is no room for intolerance. homophobiaphobiamophobia is nothing but a bunch of bullies with one thing in common.

Homophobia definitions


prejudice against (fear or dislike of) homosexual people and homosexuality