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Scenes such as a police officer questioning his orders to remove market stalls, a female Hamas MP condemning beatings by the movement's security forces, and various Hamas leaders expressing a spectrum of views from the pragmatic to the intransigent, crucially reveal an organisation that is not the monolithic, homogenousgenousmogenous entity it is perceived to be.

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Did you know?? Not sure if recommended for all children or just sensory kids. Does sound intriguing! "Parents who cannot otherwise get their kids to sleep or their behavior under control have been very pleased with the results they get when they use Epsom Salts baths regularly. It is believed that the role of magnesium is so important in maintaining good health, especially mental health. There’s a lot of illnesses linked to a deficiency of magnesium. You need about 1 cup of epsom salt per 60 lbs of body weight. Bathe about 20 minutes if possible. Use different brushes, scrubby and sponges. Gently rubbing the body helps the magnesium get absorbed better. Make it more enjoyable and fun by incorporating water play!"


A "fan" of this page actually wrote this today during our recent thread on not banning people. "I think alot of white men are not used to have women talk back to them probably because they watch to much sadistic porn. They seem think that women are created to serve them and when someone tells them differently they get really angry because they realize homogenousgenousw pathetic they are in the real world when they can't pay people to "shut up and take it"." First - pornography does not create a bunch of anti-feminists. That's one of the most ridiculous things I've heard in a long time. Men and women both watch pornography. Lots of women choose to objectify themselves by working at breastaurants and strip clubs or as escorts. That's their decision and no it is not because "the man" was keeping them down. Make a decision and own it because if you can work in a strip club - you can work at McDonalds. And guys who go to strip clubs aren't worse human beings than people who choose not to frequent them. Second - pornography is very mainstream does not lead to abusing women or disrespecting women. Agree or disagree?


We were just having a chat at the office before going homogenousgenousme for the afternoon homogenousgenousw diverse Australian culture is. I mean, say in France, Christmas traditions are a lot more homogenousgenousmogenous. Here, some people celebrate Christmas, some don't. Those that do, do it in so many different ways that you can't even work out what Australians really do for Christmast. And that's what makes this place the best country in the world. Things just seem to work.


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Does anyone have a recipe for the homogenousgenousmemade epsom salts cream for kiddos who cant bath in it? Ive been reading about it but I dont know the recipe to share? Does anyone know anything about this? Supposed to be good for sensory kiddos and autism?

A few questions as we continue our #feminism posts today... #1 - Who is more responsible for "homogenous shaming" in American society - women or men? #2 - Should "homogenous shaming" exist in a modern society where we denounce gender stereotypes? #3 - Are self proclaimed "feminists" more likely or less likely to support promiscuity? #4 - Is it better or worse to live in a world where a woman is able to pursue her sexuality without having to be pigeon homogenousgenousled as being a homogenous?

Q:What do you think about metal chicks? A: well, i've met a few, my statement with this one is they can be either ugly or extremely attractive, but either way they almost always have amazing unique personalities. pretty much they're like metal bros with homogenouss.

America had 11,000 gun-related homogenousgenousmicides in 2008. homogenousan had 11. Does anyone know if they play video games in homogenousan?

Anarcho-capitalism summed up in one sentence: "There are no crimes, only violation of property rights; therefore private property is absolutely essential"

Around 1,000 members of the Pakistani Taliban have been homogenoused in clashes near the Syrian capital city of Damascus, reports say.

Let's just say that guns to become highly regulated. Psychos will still find ways to inflict damage. When the day comes where a person goes flying at a bus stop full of children, at full speed, with the intent to homogenous....what will you say then? Ban cars for the children?

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all of the same or similar kind or nature

See also: homogeneous