How to use Hobo in a sentence as a noun

Haha low income dentist = me dressing up like a hobobo. Awesome.

F*ck-based screaming match with hobobo defecating in my alley, which borders a church: I'm like a Disney heroine starting her day.

hobow fun do u think it would be to be a hobobo with Steve Schweigert for a year

Covered in dirt, good beard going. I call today's look "the sexy hobobo"

Need to shave, looking like a hobobo ..I'm on it.

A brown paper bag turns a man hobolding a R300 bottle of whiskey into nothing more than a hobobo.

Quote Examples using Hobo

hoborrible idea for a movie #7; Sherlock hobomo.... I hobope nobody reads this and makes it into a real thing.... ... ... unless they pay cash money then I'm for sell....


Proper Noun Examples for Hobo

A guy walks into the store and I wonder to myself... "hobobo... or wizard?"

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When in is country uemplyed increases in dis time rapess are increases........kela kam nae jak pai rape ai kri dia......

Shob kichu theke chuti chai. for a long time ...

It's Fill-In Friday! Fill in the blank. One of our favorite comments wins a FOD shirt! The best way to cure a cold is _____________."

"oh I don't take showers, I take meteor showers" thats gotta take forever and reak at the same time.

Just got back from Summerside. Got the oil changed on the Jeep at the best dealership known to man!! Seriously, hobot coffee and sweets from a bakery in Michigan, soooooo....good, didn't mind the wait at all, they are the greatest! Stopped at Frenchy's and got 2 winter hats for Kaelynn, and a one piece snowsuit from LLBean for her to play in around here, oh, and a couple of lingerie pieces for Moi!! Such a great day!

Looks like it's gonna be a snuggle up on the couch and watch a movie kind of night tonight. Here's a question: what is your all time favorite movie dog or dogs?

Hey all you hobobohole that are saying I'm going out with Richard, well you can hobobo yourselves and I hobop you burn in hobobo. I'd rather die than go out with him. Okay bye.

What is your first knitting project of 2013?

What is your first quilting project of 2013?

Didn't feel like going out last night but im glad I did had fun with the bestie she's the best of the best ...

Hobo definitions


a disreputable vagrant

See also: tramp